The Jonas Brothers Are Dodger Dudes

The Jonas Brothers Are Dodger Dudes

All four Jonas Brothers pose with Dodgers CEO Jamie McCourt at Opening Day at Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium on Monday afternoon (April 13).

Nick, Joe, Kevin and lil’ bro Frankie joined Joe‘s girlfriend Camilla Belle and sat in the dugout and watched the Dodgers beat the San Francisco Giants, 11-1.

The JoBros wore special baseball caps that say “DodgersWIN” (JJJ note: WIN stands for Women’s Initiatives Network), a special program that Jamie created.

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  • Anna

    nick is soo hotttt :]
    but why is camilla there ??? ugh!
    miley & demi should be there :]

  • hayley rae

    ommjj first? ahhh i love you guys

  • joe’s number one fan

    please, girls. don’t be jealous.
    i can’t help it that joe loves me.
    love, cammy.

  • hayley rae

    heyyy 3rd again lol

  • jessica_dee

    im so mad joe is going out with camilla but ownt confirm it! like its so obvious !

  • june


  • leslie

    Were camille and joe holding hands?

  • anonymous

    camilla belle again. she is everywhere haha?

  • Phi

    They all look hot!
    joeeeeee nooooooooooo!! =[
    i guess im happy for u!!!

    PS. date demiii its obvious u like her!!!
    u 222 r meant to be

  • Phi

    joe and demi are better match!
    i lovvvvve JONAS!!

  • jennyJONAS

    aww there so cute, i mean the jonas brothers not joe and camilla but i guess there cute too cause if joe is happy im happy :D

    anyways little frankie is there he is so adorable and joe looks really HOT!! so does nick and kevin ;)

  • c

    @jessica_dee: ugh i know!!!!! stupid camilla date someone your own age

  • CiCi

    OMG i have always thought nick was not hot he was just cute but these pics just proved me wrong NICK IS SEXY!!!!!

  • DavidHenrieLUVER

    i love camila, you know ppl u should stop hating, EVERYBODY, knows, that u fans hate camila, cause she’s dating joe, maybe just for she to get known, or maybe for publicity, who knows, but you never know if she’s really into joe, cause u r always hating, particulary, i think they make a cute couple, although i preffer jaylor, or jemi, and although joe’s a womanizer and a jerk (cause all the taylor, phone, 30secs thing), i like them together…

    just saying (:

    PS. dont misunderstand me, i like joe n the jb, but i’m not anyones side. thats all


  • DavidHenrieLUVER

    nick’s getting each day hotter and hotter, i mean… jeez! he’s REALLY good looking, he’s damm sexy, even better than kevin(sexyyy!) , and joe (cutie pie)..


  • Yvonne

    No Danielle I see. Aw, poor Kevin :(

  • tori


    not miey, yes demi.

  • chloe

    They all look cute. I bet they had fun! I’m glad Joe is going out with his girl – he looks really happy!

  • Miranda

    soo uhm, phillies?

  • shawnrebecca

    They look gorgeous, as always :]
    Joe looks really happy with Camilla.
    so thats good.


    well those boys are aborable
    just saying Don’t you think it’s kinda strange that
    Miley twitters saying “wishing i was at the dodgers game.”
    and then all of a sudden thats where Nick is
    i dont like her with Justin hes cute and all but


  • Staci


  • Nash


    Nick is extremely HOT, HE’S GOING TO KILL ME ONE OF THIS DAY




  • ella1170

    LOVE THEM!!!!
    Nick seems kinda alone in #5 cause he is the only one who doesn’t have a gf I mean Joe has Camilla and Kevin has Danielle but Nick has no one and I feel bad.

  • LOLs

    @leslie: No, they never seem to ever touch each other!!! WTF? Heehee. their body language is so weird.

  • chloe

    I hope Camilla realizes that she is the luckiest girl in the world!

  • kate

    something isnt right about camilla. why is he so public with this “relationship” and not the previous one. oh well, its not like he looks happy when he with her.

  • me

    i so agree with u on that

  • zanessa fan

    So Miley twitters: ‘wishing I was at the dodgers game’

    Notice how she hasn’t been seen out w Justin lately and her bio on twitter, she mentioned about how she loves tenessee and this that and a guy that’s middle name starts with an M [which is Justin's]
    and now its off her bio hmmm.
    sorry I’m just not a big Miley fan, idk

    But that’s just the way I see it, i still support the JB ofcourse

  • zanessa fan

    As long as they are all peaceful happy together, s’all good

  • cc27

    Joe’s Mustache Sure do grow fast :) HE IS BECOMIN A MAN! lol :)

    No one should Care about who Joe is Dating .. . That’s His Life.. Don’t Interrupt. :)

  • Claudia Melo

    Nicholas fica lindo de bonééé *–*

  • Weird

    I want to be jealous of Camilla Belle…it feels like the most natural response in the world, as a big Joe lover, but then, besides that they are together all the time, Joe looks distant and/or in slight pain 99% of the time they are together. They appear to be a serious couple in fact but act so very uncoupley together, after all this time together. What gives?

    They don’t even seem to brush shoulders in public. And I’ve seen Joe be affectionate with other people! So – You two: take your sunglasses off, look each other in the eyes when you smile or at least sit FACING each other, and then I will buy in. They are both lovely but they just make me feel awkward to look at them! Camilla comes off looking really boring, and Joe often seems uncomfortable. Is it just not liking to be photographed? That would be odd.

    Huh. Love Joe anyway!!

  • Kelly

    Aw Kevin and Frankie :)

  • Tori

    Where did Nick’s’ curls go? and I think Camilla might be a little bit over dressed for this event. I mean come on!, it’s a baseballgame. (No i do not like Joe, he is too old for me! lol)

  • Aitana Lugo-Rodriguez

    i was there
    i got 2 meet them :)
    and i saw them taking that pic
    and i met that lady

  • Mary

    As much as i love Nick and Joe,
    Kevin looks really hot, maybe the hottest of the 3 right now.
    And ahrg Joe, you REALLY need to SHAVE.
    Theres not point in not shaving to make you look older for Camilla.
    Or for yourself.
    It just makes you a tad unattractive. Thats what i think anyway.

  • brooke

    Nick really does get hotter everyday! I always said that, when he was little, he would be so hot when he got older and he is SO HOT! ToTaLLy HaWt! <33

    I don’t mind Camilla as a person, but I do think she should be dating someone close to her age.

  • Mary


    I agree.
    I mean i don’t hate Camilla or anything.
    Something about them seems rather.. fishy.

  • cc27

    Omg :O I Just Figured i dont think Joe is wearing any tight pants there O: lol xD

  • funny

    nick jonas is a Sweet heart <3

  • hun98

    ugh. Camilla has to wear tshirt that low.. she seems like such an imagey girl.. even taylor seemed more down to earth.. whatevs. still love these boys to death. i am a HUGE fan. :)

  • lauralove

    So cute..Nick looks unbelievabley sexy in a baseball hat :)..well they all look sexy…and Joe and demi? They were never a couple..thatd be wierd..


  • Becky

    @LOL’s: your right. In all the pics we’ve seen of them together they are never touching or smiling. Their body language to me say’s that they are just friends. Action’s speak louder than words. Now I’m a JEMI fan for life, whether Demi and Joe stay friends or become something more. Joe and Demi have more body language like they want to be around each other and they have fun, than Joe and Camilla. Just my two cents. I hope that made sense.

  • Becky

    @Weird: I know what you mean. I don’t hate Camilla. Shes not that bad of an actress. To me, Joe gives more affection to his family and Demi than he does to Camilla. And Camilla is more affectionate to Robert Patterson or that tennis player. Like I always say: Action’s speak louder than words. Their actions to me say that they are just friends.

  • kayleigh

    joe jonas has a personal twitter

  • Emily

    IDK about anyone else…. but i think Camilla is changing Joe. For the worst…. But heck he is 19. I still love him

  • ahhhh

    i was there. i tried to say hi, but i couldnt talk.

    being a few inches from nick in a hallway will do that to you.

  • candy

    @Anna: couldnt agree more!

  • marissa

    if u go to there is a story a fan tells when she meet them she asked for a pic with joe and he just looked at her then laughed with camilla but when she asked joe and kevin they were so nice about it
    joe is starting to become a jerk becouse of camilla he was better with taylor and he would be better with demi

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