Selena Gomez is Beret Beautiful

Selena Gomez is Beret Beautiful

Selena Gomez models a pretty white beret in this new shoot last week in Los Angeles.

The 16-year-old actress, who just jetted off to Canada to start filming Ramona and Beezus, recently chatted up JJJ about the upcoming Wizards of Waverly Place movie. She shared, “It’s a lot more serious [in the movie] and you get to see a new side to all the characters. I think if you take someone out of their environment and put them in a new one, it’s really shocking to see how different they really are. It’s much more serious in a sweeter side. We still try to bring in the comedy.”

When asked on how filming the Wizards movie compared to filming Princess Protection Program, Selena said, “I don’t have Demi [Lovato]! I miss her so much. Actually, in this hotel, we used to go through the kitchen and go up the stairs because she’s afraid of elevators. We would have to go to the stairs everytime I would go to her room. I was so irritated. It was a good workout but I’m not that kind of girl. But she wrote in the stairwell, ‘Demi + Selena = Best Friends.’ I went to go take a picture of it and it’s still there.”

So there’s a staircase etched with Selena and Demi‘s names…. forever!

10+ pics inside of beret beautiful Selena Gomez

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Photos: Albert Ferreira/Simon Images
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  • Angelica

    First! I love Selena!

  • chelsey

    Selena is so pretty! But Taylor Swift sings better :P

  • anonymous

    demi she’s the best!

  • jo

    she a a big nose

  • http://Justjared Fan

    Aw that is the sweetest story i’ve ever heard!! I love Selena and Demi i can’t wait for PPP!! I also love Miley!! Im seein the movie today!! I love how Demi said if you have a team Demi and Selena shirt Burn it haha that shows you how awesome they all are!!

  • tara

    I love selena <3 im so happy she is in canada now :) :) i wanna c her sooo bad….but she isnt in toronto…:(

  • Shirley

    She look cuter in straight hair and a smile on her face but this photos aren’t that bad.:]

  • tania

    selena rules, she’s beautiful n soooo is ashleyyy


  • Matingas

    wow.. she is beautiful :P

    love her

  • http://jjj miley

    love her and she looks really beautiful!

  • marg


  • Jung

    She is verry beautifull!

  • Shaniah

    Yeah,but the media better keep their mouths shut before they become lesbians like lindsay and samantha who just broke up. I’m hot,you’re like not. Lol!

  • lhfohaf

    dey prolly didnt rite bff, they prolly wrote lesbo
    hate them

  • yessica

    wowww she is perfect love selena(L)(L)

  • funny

    boring Girl =|
    ashley Tis
    taylor s
    jo Bros

  • Identified

    what’s wrong with her eyes?
    they seem so tired ..
    not one of her best photoshoots ..

  • Toriana

    Selena looks beautiful in these pictures. She kinda looks like from the 1940′s with a Paris twist. Very cute and vintage. Love it!!

  • Toriana

    Selena looks beautiful in these pictures. She kinda looks like from the 1940′s with a Paris twist. Very cute and vintage. Love it!!!

  • lola

    selena looks soo beautiful in these photos, but she looks tired! love her, i loved it when it was only demi and selena, and miley would be with someone else!

  • leigh

    Lol. “I’m not that kind of girl” Me either, Sel. I feel ya. I gotta force myself to go to the gym. haha. Anyway, she looks gorg as always.

  • leigh

    I saw her Borden Milk commercial. I didn’t know it was on because I wasn’t paying attention, but my mom goes, “Look it’s Selena Gomez!” lol. My mom loves her. I made her start watching Wizards with me a while back.

  • jjlova

    Dont love these. But she’s stillcute!

  • leigh

    What happened to the interview where we sent in different questions so they could ask her?

  • christian

    i personally think demi has more talent then selena, i think she’ll go farther.
    demi acts her age, selena doesn’t seem to in my opinion.

  • DemiFan


    I soo agree with you! People stone me when I call Selena obnoxious but people are finally start to see it now! And Personally, I like Miley and Demi togther Selena liks to be the center of attention.

  • laura


  • LANE

    selena is beautiful and so tlented,but she looks sad and tired in these photos,but she has been in puerto rico working non stop for 7 weeks



  • Anna

    she looks reallly bad here!

  • hate her

  • Janey

    @DemiFan: Oh please, just shut up! Selena is a sweet, talented young girl who has done nothing wrong. Give her a break! Jeez…

  • whattttt??

    but they girl DOES NOT look 16
    she looks as if she was 18 or 20.

  • v’

    if you are haters, don’t comment here!
    c’mon it’s NOT difficult.

    btw, love sel <3

  • leigh

    lol @ the ~haters.

    She looks tired because she had just come back from working in puerto rico.

  • whatever

    selena is just amazing !
    i mean a hit tv show with marchandise to start selling
    2 disney movies coming this summer
    and album & maybe a tour

    wow 2009 is so Selena’s year =)


  • Jerry#1

    @DemiFan: Uhh are you kidding me? People are finally starting to see what a fake ass biyotch Demi is now. All her posts are now mostly negative. Her fake tan and new “Miley” attitude. That girl may sing well but people will be tired of her REAL soon. Selena is getting a little more popular. I think all Disney girls are a waste of time really.

  • ashley

    i love her!

  • TV

    @whatever: Disney is really gonna make her , not the next Miley, but the next Hannah Montana. The movie, merchandise, soundtracks, clothes. Hannah Montana is slowly fizzing out and Disney NEEDS Wizards to survive. Hannah Montana will always be my favorite show but Wizards is ok I guess.

    and I tried watching Sonny with a Chance last night. HORRIBLE.

  • rock00

    wow she looks really grown up in these pics!
    she’s gorgeous!

  • Meagan

    @DemiFan: OH STFU! Demi is the grossest thing to hit Disney Channel. Her smile is worse than Ronald McDonald’s. It scares kids. and her performance on DWTS was horrible. Selena is cute and can act like hell. Face it, Selena is damn pretty.

  • Zekemaster

    Look at what Demi twittered Miley:

    hahahahaha geez girl! I’m hurrying! BUT who’s got your back? me. Who’s the best listener in the world? me. Shoooooot

    Ugggghhh. I HATE Demi now. what a fake wannabe.

    Oh yeah, Selena looks pretty good in these pics. She looks tired though.

  • anonymous

    i love her, wow she’s been busy filming movies.

    i love her hair!

  • niczzz_14

    I love her!!but she doesn’t look that pretty here…
    I didn’t know that demi is afraid of elevators
    can’t wait for PPP and WOWP MOVIE!!!!

  • mina

    kinda reminds me of Bonnie and Clyde (1967 movie). a classic style people seem to keep going back to. BTW, for those interested check out Hillary Duff who’s doing a remake of the movie.

  • Duma

    #37, #40,# 41

    You guys took the words right out my mouth. I used to like Demi, but now she is just so fake and a Miley wannabe that I don`t like her anymore. She is a real biotch now too. I mean Miley twittered her “who is the bestest friend in the world” and if Selena was her BFF since they were 8 should`nt she have corrected Miley and said you are ONE of the bestest, but not THE bestest. I feel as if Demi is using Miley and that`s not cool. I love Selena and Miley, but Demi bugs me big time now. I think she is kinda in the way of Selena and Miley becoming good friends. Because she is always hogging their times. Sometimes she is ALWAYS talking about Selena and then she gets with Miley and she wont give her a chance to breath like Demi stop being a famewhore. I`ve also noticed that the Jonas Brothers don`t talk about or hang with her as much. And Selena has been outta the country (she just left to Canada) so now she has to leech onto Miley. Smart thinking Demi (sarcasm). I`m done rambling now. Just had to get my thoughts out there.

  • Zekemaster

    @Duma: You ,my friend, speak of truth. :)

  • tweetyjobro

    @Duma: wwwwwwwwwoooooooooooowwwwwwwwww you just wrote a pargragh of bull shit, so demi is fake b/c she is friends with miley!!!@!!
    your only saying that b/c you saw pics of them hanging out together (while selena was in P.rico)did you notice that when selena was in califrona they all hung out !! GOd you act as if demi only can have one best friend!!!! and why do you act like demi is the only one benfitting from this friendship miley is benfitting from it as well!! in a mag miley says she couldnt live without demi ! oh but demi is so useing her(sarcasm) and demi acts like miley lol just b/c they made so stupid face to the paps OMG she is so much like miley!!!! (sarcasm)
    and about the tan thing ummmmmmmmmm if you do your research you would see she has been since b4 she was famous!!!! so wow get you facts right

  • Gerardien

    I love selena what ever it takes ;)
    She ROX

  • dani

    Ugh, I hate how everyone is hating on Demi now. Just because she’s hanging out with Miley now and got a tan she has suddenly become fake? Demi seems like the realest disney star to me. All of you think she’s changed and everything, but if you watch her interviews, she is still the same way she used to be. She is not using Miley for anything, you know she can have more than one best friend. She has her own talent that is making her famous. She is a whole lot more talented than Miley and Selena, I mean honestly? She will go far. All I see in Selena is ‘cute’, ‘pretty’, whatever, her actings okay, but really? I can’t see her doing anything else except kid’s tv shows and movies. Demi is not a wannabe, fake, ‘biotch’. She is incredibly talented with an amazing personality. She will be big one day, just wait.

>>>>>>> staging1