Ashley Tisdale: 'It's Alright, It's OK' Out Today!

Ashley Tisdale: 'It's Alright, It's OK' Out Today!

Ashley Tisdale gives a tiny sneak peek inside her music video for her new single, “It’s Alright, It’s OK.”

The 23-year-old singer dished to People all about her new album and her starstruck celeb encounter.

Ashley shared, “I actually met Angelina Jolie in an airport in Germany. We were both in the VIP room and I thought, ‘If i don’t do this, I’m going to regret this for the rest of my life.’ I went into her room and the woman I was with was, ‘Someone wants to me you.’ She asked, ‘What are you here for?’ I said, ‘I’m going to Rome for the High School Musical 3 premiere. I’m the blond one, I just darkened my hair.’ She was like, ‘Oh my gosh, Zahara loves your outfits!’ Because the kids were watching the movies. I was like, ‘I love Zahara.’”

“It’s Alright, It’s OK,” is available for download now on iTunes. You can even pre-order Ashley‘s new album, Guilty Pleasure from her official site.

TELL JJJ: Have you bought Ashley’s new song? What do you think of it?

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  • funny

    awww her song is AWESOME!!

  • dani

    i don’t like it

  • GuilTY pLEAsURE

    WHOO!WHOO!first! i love the song! i heard it on kiss fm it was really good i got really exciteted….i love you ASHLEY! and she is really lucky to meet anjelina jolie cuz i love her too…

  • keira knightley fan

    Her song’s hot! How gorgeous does Ashley look with her hair darker?! She’s one of the most beautiful celbs now. She, Vanessa H, and Victoria Justice are just stunningly gorgeous.

  • Nativenyker

    She looks like that Kelly chick!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • mine

    i dont like it.. its too pop and too cheesy, its really kiddie tweeny bopper material… when will she mature into real music? its something hannah montana would sing, and she said that it will be ”mature and sexy” there nothing mature about it… LMO

  • dani

    #4 mine totally agree

  • bintk

    I don’t like her singing!

  • grace

    love the whole angelina jolie experience

  • emma

    her single reminds me of pinks song So What and katy perrys hot n cold. She has also said several times that she is a fan of pink and katy perry.

  • zanessa4ever

    can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!

    love ash!!!!!

  • Sarah

    I actually quite like it. It’s catchy.

  • Kiki

    I don’t like her song, it’s really childish and tween-pop. Its not even pop-rock, she told MTV that it’s pop rock when it’s just normal tween-pop. We’re not kiddies.

  • miilla

    i kinda liked it… but i kinda thought the verses were a bit weak. the ‘it’s alright, it’s ok. i’m so much better without you’ parts was the most enjoyable part of it..

    i think she was going for the break-up song girl rocking out like kelly clarkson’s ‘since you’ve been gone’ and pink’s ‘so what’ and the song kinda reminded be alot like them but i just don’t really think the song or her voice achieved that. her voice isn’t really rock out material. you know ??


  • BB


  • .

    I like it… It’s not amazing or anything, but it’s okay.
    I think she should have stuck with the pop genre though, it suits her voice better.


    I love it!!!!!!
    what r u guys talking about???? ITS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it has its own style ash is always unique and different!!!!
    im in love with IA,IO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    AAHHHHH!!!! GO ASH I SEE A # 1 HIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hanni

    The song is weak, not worthy of 99 cent. It’s bad her vocals are weak and it sounds like every pop song. It’s unoriginal. I doubt it will top the charts, maybe in a million years.

  • serena

    I like it…..didn’t really at first because of how the music randomly goes from slow to rock/fast, but I listened to it again and I actually love it. Way to go Ashley <3 Don’t listen to the haters, your albums gonna be a smash hit! Iloveyou :’)

  • carl

    Amazing song!!! :D

  • TotalyTizzy

    I love Ashley <3

  • shannon

    i like it! i think once we here more of her songs i will like it better. i think she might have some other songs on her album that i will like better. but i LOVE it!! go ash!!

  • danii

    i liked it. i didn’t think it was that bad.

  • emily

    ehh. its alright, its ok.

    seriously. nothing special, but i love the tiz so i will still probably buy her album.

  • emmaxx

    nah.. i didn’t like it that much.
    it did remind me of So what.

  • lolo

    Nothing special, it is boring and really tweeny bopper ish. She is nearly 24! GOSH, mature! she will never be taken seriously as a real actress and singer. She will always be that tweeny bopper from the suite life and musical. I feel sorry for her!!! the song is nothing special.

  • Josh

    i love ashley awesome!

  • Laila




  • KJ

    Don’t like it…

  • Hannah

    it’s the worst song ever, no offence to ashley. Its not great at all. No offence, not trying to start a fight it’s my opinion. I think that it is the worst song ever.

  • It’s Alright It’s ok

    @hanni: “maybe in a million years.”

    So what? It will always be enjoyable for million years. <3

    I accept ur comment. No hard feelings. It’s alrite it’s ok. ;)
    Btw, I luv it!!!:D

  • .

    @Hannah: you’ve apparently never heard sneakernight….

  • ZJ

    OMFG! what are you talking about????
    And it IS pop rock!

    I love it
    I bought it and I can’t stop listening to it! lmao

  • ZJ


    hahah yeah u’re right lmao

  • Lara

    THE SONG is amazing .
    Its one of the best I heard im so inlove with
    it . Cant wait for the video <:D

  • jÜLIde

    i think `he said,she said´was much better than this..

  • ivanka

    its not alright, its not OK!

  • Dr. Smilez

    @BB: Thank you for listening to the song.

  • maider


  • brian

    This songs sucks even with a synthesizer.

  • Leah

    I LOVE IT! :D :D

  • ashleytfan

    the song is AMAZING!
    Its definitely gonna be a hit!
    I can’t wait till her music video & CD!!


  • funny

    its HOT

  • Colette


  • ladygaga

    you can actually hear where she stole the pieces from other artists. thats kinda sad. tizz grow up

  • jane

    man you people must be deaf if you didnt like the song! its amazing and it is pop/rock! seriously, you’re here just to give an overall bad review to the song and seriously, IF you’re vanessa fans, go listen to sneakernight if you wanna hear what a bad song sounds like! yeah, i had to go there!

  • jane

    man i dont know what the hell is wrong with you people! you guys deaf or what!? i mean, seriously! the song is amazing! and it is pop/rock okay? I guess you guys just dont know what pop/rock is if you didnt get it! IF you are a vanessa fan and you wanna know what a bad song is, then listen to sneakernight okay? yeah, i went there!

  • awurbii


    why does everybody bring sneakernight into this. it wasn’t the best song , that is right but it wasn’t a real single. it was kinda of like a jingle for marc ecko sneakers. and did any of you take the time to listen to the rest of her album. her actual songs. i think not.

    don’t think that bringing the song up will justify ashley’s single. its childish to use that excuse. back ashley up properly like a fan’s supposed to. vanessa song came out ages ago. it won’t excuse the fact that ashley’s song is not that great. love ashley, really do but the song is very typical of a pop/rock artist. its not amazing. but its good.

  • jane

    i wasnt bringing sneakernight up for the sake of it, i just brought it up because some people were treating this song very badly when it aint that bad! and i did listen to the other songs by vanessa, they’re good.. i never mentioned any of that.. i was only talking about sneakernight… and fyi, i like vanessa okay? and i respect the fact that they’re both best friends and everything! everyone has their opinions and im okay with that, but simply bashing it saying its horrible and all, is just not justifiable you know?

  • Identified

    jeez .. i don’t know how is she still in the singing industry !!
    she knows how to do one thing only .. croaking .. !!
    she struggles alot in her songs .. she has nothing to do with singing ..
    no talent at all ..
    not even with all the effects and enhancements on her weak annoying voice ..
    just like over photoshopping can’t make her look any better ..
    she should find sth else to do other than harming people’s ears !!

>>>>>>> staging1