Ashley Tisdale is Single Again

Ashley Tisdale is Single Again

Ashley Tisdale chats away on her phone as she returns home after appearing on Ryan Seacrest‘s morning show in Los Angeles on Tuesday morning (April 14).

The 23-year-old singer/actress dished to cohost Ellen that she is indeed single again, confirming her split with V Factory’s Jared Murillo. Ashley shared, “I’m single right now. I’m not jumping into anything.”

Ashley premiered her new single, “It’s Alright, It’s OK,” today on the show. You can pre-order Ashley‘s new album, Guilty Pleasure from her website,

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Credit: PR/SS; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • haris

    ashley is awesome

  • Lyca

    awwwww poor her
    i actually thought they looked good 2gether
    hope her album does well, although it’s kinda mainstream

  • Lisa

    Aww, I can’t believe they’re over!!

  • ashleytfan

    Aw poor Ash.
    She looks beautiful & I wonder who will be her next boyfriend.

  • ladygaga

    thank god. Jared’s the reason why i couldnt stand her.

  • emma

    for once the rumors are true!!!
    I actually had a feeling it was true though before she announced this.

  • Emma

    Aauuwww… I just hope she’s happy <3

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    …Uhm….this totally ruins my name. …I don’t want to get rid of JASHLEY !! ..*cries* ..I can’t believe it’s true. ..I was so hoping it was FALSE.
    ..Ashley…I hope your ok though..It’s Alright, It’s Ok….that song is in my head !! I love it. …Hm, I agree with ashleytfan, who will be her next boyfriend ? …Or, or…maybe her and Jared will get back together ?? *sighs* Who knows…I still love Ashley though !!

  • Dee

    Well I hope she is okay with the split. She will be just fine she seems to be a very strong woman.

  • ashley tizz truefan

    OMG i cant belive but i always will support her!!

  • nessa

    i feel bad for ashley tisdale..
    she isn’t very pretty.

  • Lucy

    Awe, They are so cute though, and #8 Zanessa/jashly/ashnessa it’s a shame i like reading your name lol, random, cause when i come on ehre i always see your name somewhere and it’s cute
    Just makes you think if they can break up… Could Zanessa? I know they are still going strong but it made me think… Anything is possible

  • qwerty

    That stinks! I loved them together, but they did look so distant so maybe it’s for the better that she can figure herself out and spend some time with friends. Props to Ashley for setting things straight.

  • Vfan 4ever

    #11 WTF?! Ashley IS gorgeous!

    I sooooo want her new album!
    And about the break up with Jared, She has her family and her friends to keep her strong.
    Loveeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeeer to death!

  • serena


    Now I just needa get rid of Zanessa.

  • serena

    That DARN Wesley Quinn guy can blab and gush about Jashley all he wants, I knew he was a stupid slimy little liar. So long vfactory!

  • Marcella


  • J x

    omg i so agree with you serena!!!
    its like u can read my mind – now
    its just zanessa, ugh. I have been
    thinking they broke up in about
    feb since they are like never together.
    v factory didnt want to ruin their rep,
    cause i mean to be honest I think most
    people only heard about them cause of
    ashley. god v factory is so over, & they
    don’t even look good together!

  • kelli

    thats totally sad about her and jared. They never seemed like they were having an problems! also whats up with the outfit? I mean seriously whats with pants. dont get me wrong i love ashley but it looks like she was playing with paint or something..

  • GuilTY pLEAsURE

    i knew it! i saw the interview before i even saw this post… i feel bad for her but she will find someone so much better! i cant wait to knw who her next boyfriend is going to be….i already have someone in mind but he is taken and NO IT ISNT ZAC!

  • ZJ207

    I LOVE HER! She deserves more than Jared haha
    wait, so she’s single now… umm.. does anyone have her phone number?? haha lmao

    anyways, I LOVE IAIO! I Can’t stop listening to it lol

  • dance2thisbeat.

    You lied big time. she is miles better than vanessa ugly hudgens.
    she is beautiful as well as talented. she deserves better than Jared. & hopefully she will find a guy who sweeps her off her feet soon.


  • britney

    lol i totally agree with Jx and serena
    anyways she is freaking gergous
    on and heres a little article about ashley that is everywere dat she hooked up with scott speer
    Tizzie has hooked up with music video director Scott Speer following her recent breakup with Jared Murillo.

    As previously reported by Gossip Girls, the pair are said to have been spotted out arm-in-arm at Hollywood hotspot H. Wood, where the PDA was “anything but G-rated,” according to an onlooker.

    and in ryan secreast she said that his really hot

  • mzindochick

    i’m happy that shes unhappy:L

  • peggy


    Give it up Serena. Zanessa’s not going anywhere . a one year relationship is nothing like one in it’s 4year.

    Maybe if you spent sometime wishing people well you’d find someone who might actually love you though I really don’t it. Nasty people usually die alone.

  • L

    @GuilTY pLEAsURE: Ooo, who do you think it will be?

    I was always a Lashley fan (Lucas Grabeel) but I highly doubt that will ever happen. Lucas doesn’t seem to hang around with any of the HSM cast. But I like that he’s not always in the press but the few times that he is, it’s not something random like buying a cup of coffee.

    Hope Ashley’s album does well!

  • emmy victoria

    I agree with J x and serena.
    J, why dont we do my evil plan? Haha can’t you just picture it?!
    ugh i cant stand zanessa….. shes like a.. i dont know, something bad :P lmao

    aww poor ash! but everything will be amazing for her cause shes got her fans!


  • J x

    @peggy: actually jashley started dating in March 2007 which means thats a 2 yr relationship. ugh come on, like zac can stand vanessa his whole life.

  • GuilTY pLEAsURE

    @L: hmmm can’t say
    i dont want to spill cuz i have an opinion that people might think it’s weird i am hoping they get together someday all i can say is that he is really famous and his personality is changing as people are saying

  • emmy

    Hahahaha Zac couldnt stand V for the rest of his life.. her voice is like a 10 year old!! i feel like dying just from watching HSM! i still love it cause of ashley and zac.

    @peggy, i hate zanessa, i love zashley, you cant be rude to us just because of our thoughts. we dont have you for your thoughts. zanessa fans are always so rude. god… and hey, im what you would call ‘nasty’ but still im in an amazing relationship with an amazing guy and i couldnt be happier!

  • Alyssa

    Sorry for the Jashley fans but Ashley and Jared weren’t mean to be together.
    But Zanessa, plizz haters open your eyes because everyone noticed that chemistry on-screen and off-screen.
    Girlies hating Vanessa are jet jealous because her man is one of the sexiest alive and love her. This girl is gorgeous, she’s got an amazing style, she is down to earth, she’s trying to keep her relationship low-profile.
    Leave her alone and take care of your online, because you only live once, so don’t spend your time hating people, it doesn’t make sense.
    Ooh and Btw hatazz don’t answer to my comment I won’t read them, I don’t give a damn about what you think.

    Lmfao peace

  • ashleytfan

    Jared and Ashley have been together for like 3 years and Zac and Vanessa for like 2 years I believe. Jashley seemed very happy to me and Zanessa does too, lets just see what happens.

    I honestly think Zac and Vanessa won’t last.
    He doesn’t seem like the type of guy to get married.
    Please don’t hate, its my opinion.


    This is so sad that Ashley and her Boyfriend Broke Up.

  • Solie

    Ashleytfan, Zanessa has been existing for almost 4 years now…

  • zanessahater

    zanessa havent hsm come out 3 years ago not 4 so zanessa were dating before that?
    stupid couple i really could stavb Vanessa

    Ashley can do better then Jared he’s ugly so’s Vanessa on that level ew surrounded by ugly people

  • Scarlet from the UK

    Jared and ashley have broken up, ashley is now dating music director scott speer. If you don’t believe me go to perez hilton. There is a picture of scott picking up ashley at the airport and he even gets her flowers and pushes her luggage. They both look really happy together. Lucky her. It’s not just on perez hilton, it’s also all over random internet sites.

    ps. the guy that she is dating looks really hot and he looks absolutely sweet.

  • zanessa•lover•2489

    Why are people comparing Jashley to Zanessa? Obviously Jashley ended maybe b/c they just didn’t feel the samefor each other, but that doesn’t mean Zanessa will break up. They have a strong connection and chemistry.
    I hope Ashley is okay, and can’t wait for her album (:
    You Rock, Ash!!

  • ok serously is ashley’s post so can we stop talking bout zanessa
    no body cares bout them here
    dats sad
    may i add that iaio is the SH*T
    sick song
    cant wait for more songs

  • ashleytfan

    Ashley is not dating Scott. She said that they were good friends and she is single for now. He might of given those flowers to her in a friendly way. Don’t make a big deal out of it.

  • funny

    I LOVE Ashley i wish her the best !!

  • Purple

    Well be careful coz what goes around comes around

  • lottie

    Love Ashley, Hate the jeans.

  • lara

    i’m sad right now D:
    I want jashley again

  • CARL

    Beautiful Girl!

  • Jess

    Love her…I’m sure she’ll get over this.

  • ivanka

    she is not single,, she maybe is hooking up with her producer…

  • zanessahsmxoxo

    aww,sad to tell`ll be waiting for soooooooo me! cuz they wot be over..get used to it babe,iand if u dont like it…cover your eyes!!

  • tiki

    ashley and vanessa are best friends and would never date zac even if they break up u never date your friends ex
    Zac and ashley are good friends and vanessa knows that and are now like family ashley would never hurt her

    LUV ASH N’ ZAC N’ Nessa

  • zanessahsmxoxo

    awww,i didnt want them to be over,,but welll..she seems to be…its her life and we can support her with or wothout himm…hope she someday find the love of her u ash!!!!

    zanesssa is lov·3!!

  • kim

    30s music vid sneak pick
    its friken SEXII