Jonas Brothers: 17 Again Siblings

Jonas Brothers: 17 Again Siblings

Jonas Brothers step out in style at the premiere of 17 Again held at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on Tuesday night (April 14).

The musical trio — Nick, Joe and Kevin — just tweeted, “At the 17 Again premier supporting our good friend ZacJB.”

The JoBros have tentatively titled their new album Lines, Vines and Trying Times, due out June 15 and have just put the finishing touches on their upcoming album.

Kevin wore a t-shirt, vest and scarf by All Saints UK, Dior Homme jeans and John Varvatos boots. Joe opted for a Neil Barrett leather jacket, LnA tee with Acne jeans and All Saints UK boots. Younger bro Nick kept it stylin’ in an All Saints UK jacket with Dior Homme jeans and tee and John Lobb boots.

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WHAT DO YOU THINK of their red carpet look? They styled themselves this time!

15+ pics inside…

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Photos: Jason Merritt/Kevin Winter/Getty Images, Gabriel Bouys/AFP/Getty Images
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  • Mandyluv

    first? they are amazing!!!

  • dancedance

    i love theeem……I think they did a good job with their clothees

  • vulgarity


  • Mandyluv

    omg I am first for once in my life well i was first. I love those boys SSSSOOOO much!!!! They looks great!!!!

  • rissa

    joe is getting less and less attractive while nick is growing in his hotness.

  • harmonygrace

    they look GORGEOUS as usual. haha i hope they’re having fun!

  • Mandyluv

    god those boys are great!!
    they make me think thoughts!!!

  • Nydi


    they look so good!

    I love them so much!

  • Cheyanne


  • jessica

    they look great, as always. ;)
    i think joe has changed since he started going out with camilla. she mocked some JB fans at the recent dodgers game… but silly joe joined in. =(
    please, joe. we loved the goofy guy you used to be. don’t let camilla change you.
    love you nick and kevin <33

  • Leah

    @rissa: i agree with you 100% i dont like joes hair like that at all! i think it makes him look a lot younger and it looks like he didnt even bother getting ready and nick just keeps looking older and hotter everyday

  • Luis

    Its really great to see all the moves that the JoBros do… I cant wait to see the day that I would be in one concert… Im from Guatemala so you can imagine… I hope to see them here in Guatemala…. until then I would have to wait and wait…

  • bubbless bubble

    The JB look great as always but they style is getting different by the day. Dontcha think?

  • monique

    So cute!(:

  • jonas

    if joe straighten his hair, he’d deff have his camp rock look, omg i love his hair back then.

  • Chelsey Martin

    They look amazing, as usual:D
    I love Joe’s new hair cut!

  • Brianna

    :) YES!
    Hopefully we get some Efron + Jonas pics!

  • Joan Slade


  • ruby

    Joe looks like a 3 year old girl, he kind of resembles suri cruise.

  • Alicia

    I love the casual look!

  • arantxa

    Wow :|
    hahah (L)

  • Just Me

    Nick and Joe are wearing what they wore to the studio today. = ]

    They look really nice tonight!

  • JaNae

    they styled themselves?
    they should do that more often.
    this is the nicest i’ve seen them in a while.
    love the way their dressed tonight.

  • demiandselenalover(:

    i am so sad joe has let camilla change him. and i totally agree with @jessica i mean. seriously if he know whats best he’d do whats right. but i think he is “under a spell” but thats my personal opinion.
    plus joe looks like he is waering a turd.
    nick and kev look hot though!


  • alysse

    I love Nick and Kevin’s look…


    i love you but please dont let her change you.

  • Shirley

    Lol, I spy Zac behind Joe. :)) I love Zac. I just like the jo bros singing.

  • Madison jonas =)

    They are so amazing.
    I am wishing i was there right now…
    Hah hah.
    Ohhh God Bless them<3

  • gezzz

    miley enough with the jesus stuff,we love him but you dont need to be a fatatic,its going over broad

  • Abbie

    not a good look for them…
    but i went to a screening tonight and the movie was super good and absolutely hilarious so everyone go see it!!!

  • jessie

    hahha JB support zac!!!!!!!! so as vanessa!!!!!!!!!!
    Zanessa rock!!!

  • Miley & The JoBros ROCK!

    OMJ They are sooooooooooooooo
    HOTT! I love them sooooooooooooooooooooo

    It takes a minute to like them.
    It takes a hour to like their music.
    It takes a day to fall in love with them.
    But it takes a life time to forget them.

    Cute right? I found a picture
    that had that saying on it and
    it was absolutely adorable L :P L


  • Alex

    MMM mmm mm Kevin. That’s all I got to say.

  • Marissa

    i actually like joes hair like that lol

  • chloe

    I love Joe’s hair now, but he always looks hot no matter what his hair or clothes look like!! I can’t wait for JONAS!!

  • brooke

    Wow… Nick just gets hotter every time I see him! He looks so grown up and mature… it’s HaWt! Lolz love them!

    Joe is def different. We need the old Joe back… not the messy hair/serious Joe =[ I like the new Joe, but I love the old Joe haha.

    Kudos to Nick (Hawt!) and Kevin tho! <33

  • jennyJONAS

    I LOVE THEM! ;)

  • gabby,


  • trish

    i like what they are wearing. I love joes hair, have since the KCAs I think he looks his age,,,, they all look some what tired but still cute…. they actually look the most alike in the face, smile and all that kind of stuff tonight more than i have noticed before… how tall are they???

  • ivanka

    im super happy to know they are friends to zac and by that means with vanessa tooo=)
    definitely camilla is changing him and for bad.. i miss his hair like in hold on.. short and i cant wait to see maybe a pic of them with zanessa or vanessa..

  • cc27

    Why Does Nick’s Hair Look So Uncurly!!? :( It Looks Poofy O: lol XD

    I Dont Care what you all say about Joe Changin, He is and will always be HOT.

    And I Dont Think Their Wearing any Tight Pants Here! :O

  • Laura

    Not only do I think they look great, I personally love Joe’s haircut. It was getting too long again.


    nick is just tooo cuteee he has no facial hair his skin is so nicee

  • cc27


    thats becuz he’s young? :) lol xD it does look nice O: lmao.

  • Anna

    1. Their tops are almost matching. :]
    2. And oh gosh! No tux?!
    3. Joe’s hair, GRRREAT!
    4. Kevin’s style is always to envy.
    5. Nick’s new hair. SAHWHEEET.
    6. I wonder if it was windy in SoCal like it was in NorCal. <3

  • Laura apatiga

    OMJ!! they look great! nick look so hot!! (like always)

  • delani

    I’m trying hard to like joe’s new hair but I can’t adjust to it.. i loved it straight..

  • nicole

    joe did take pictures at the dodger game


  • kj

    They looked great!

  • marilina

    OMG!! they look so hot…love them…!!!<3

  • marilina

    fortunatelly camilla wasn’t there…