Miley Cyrus: John Lennon is Genius

Miley Cyrus: John Lennon is Genius

Miley Cyrus shares a tender moment with papa Billy Ray on stage during their AOL sessions early last month.

The 16-year-old actress dished to BFF costar Emily Osment on her dream collaboration. She shared, “If I could work with two people, it would definitely be John Lennon and Johnny Cash. I’m out of luck both ways. I would want to write with Johnny Cash and I would want to perform a song that John Lennon wrote. I don’t think I could…He’s just too genius and I would end up messing it up.”

Miley Cyrus – Dream Collaboration

Miley Cyrus – “Full Circle”

Miley & Billy Ray Cyrus – “Butterfly Fly Away”

Miley Cyrus – “The Climb”

Billy Ray Cyrus – “Back To Tennessee”
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Photos: Collin Erie for AOL Music.
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  • jjlova

    Seriously. I am in love with Miley Cyrus lately. She is doing EVERYTHING right. Keep it up Mile.

  • jjlova

    Sure she’s made mistakes but its part of growing up and finding your way.. and I feel like she’s now done that.. found her way. She’s really been making fans proud. Plus, shes looking and sounding great!!

  • jo

    Omg. Butterfly Fly Away was FANTASTIC!!!

    When shes just singing and focused, her voice is beautiful. It upsets me that people dont know that!

  • arantxa

    i love her :)
    she is way better than Ew Selena Gomes 8-)
    Miley ! (L)

  • izabella

    she’s so amazing!!
    too bad that her dream collaborations are both dead :S
    the best thing about Miley is that when she sings live she sounds almost exactly the same as she does in the studio versions, she’s so awesome!! :D ♥

  • Casey



    I choose Selena any day over Miley
    just not digging her like i do Selenaita

  • Elsa

    wow miiiley ! she got an awesome future in her hands !! i agree #3 & #1! she’s given us her best, definetly ! keep goin’ girl ! i can’t live without knowing i’ll have news about u ! (X Don’t give on what u believe, don’t give uo never , u’re stronger than anyone else ! u know it very well ! u feel it ! :D



    i got majorrrr chills!!!
    at :50 on butterfly fly away
    her gulp is adorable haah!!

    i love mileyyyyy

  • blake

    i hope justin kicks nicks baby butt all over la

  • jo

    HOW DOES THIS RELATE TO SELENA? Save it. Besides, Selena can’t perform even remotely as good as Miley can. And that’s coming from a big Sel fan.

  • Elsa

    i just can see ‘the climb’ :(

  • Bad… NOTTT

    your just an dilustional fan of mileys as are all her fans they dont talent if it slapped them in the face because all their use to is hannah montana
    which is filled with hillbilly actors so yeah they dont know any better..poor things

  • katie

    she’s been on a beatles kick recently. weird.

    anyway, her voice sounds FANTASTIC. i love her so much. <3 keep your head up, gorgeous.

  • jo

    @Bad… NOTTT:

    LMAO. Maybe if you could spell, we would take your more seriously.
    If this isnt talent, I’m not sure I know what is.

  • I can’t see anything :(

  • lili

    she looks and sounds great :)
    love her, she is incredible

  • lili

    @Bad… NOTTT: also, that was the most fail-tastic insult i’ve ever seen. congrats.


  • jt

    her teeth look… larger?

    haha whatevs. miley’s been doing great lately. i love her :D

  • Holly

    I got chills too, Jackie! LOL.
    You guys that are dissing her, really. Do you have nothing better to do?
    She’s just a girl living her life. You don’t need to bash.
    She’s amazing and she’s proving to you that you’re wasting your time. :P

  • Sweetie

    Miley you are amazing! i love yaaa!!!

  • Can someone please give me a link other than this where I can see it?
    Because it won’t open here…

  • Julia Mccartney

    I’m laught about that.. Please, thats a joke! Yes, John Lennon is THE man, but miley, you sucks.. NOW SHE LIKES THE BEATLES? Don’t try to be who you aren’t. Fuck you Miley
    PS: i give a shit about the crazy fans of miley


  • Ally

    that was beautiful

  • tasha

    I cannot view all of them, only the climb which miley is on top form for so im desperate to see the others, would someone be able to put them on youtube perhaps?

  • billythekid

    @Bad… NOTTT:

    I know this is the internet and it’s not school, and people feel like they don’t need to take the time to try to add proper punctuation or spelling, but that statement of yours was one of the most incoherent posts I have ever read on JJJ. I don’t even sense that it’s the result of English not being your first language, but rather the result of you just not being very intelligent. At the very least, try a little harder the next time and I will try to take you seriously.

  • billythekid


    She has already said she couldn’t do anything to his music to make it better; all she could do was make it worse. But does that mean he is off limits for everyone who wants to cover his songs? Or, do you feel that way just about Miley? Personally, you should care less about who covers whatever song, so long as they do it with respect. She obviously respects this guy, more than I can even fathom, but that is her business.


    Try Movietones. Or try youtube itself with Miley Movietones. something will work I am sure.

  • tellie

    @jo: Selena haven’t even perform anything yet besides acting and music videos!

  • miley cyrus supporter

    i cant watch the videos!

  • udvardy dorina

    miley i love

  • http://miley udvardy dorina

    miley i love

  • udvardy dorina

    love miley

  • Peace Love Miley

    Message to Miley’s Haters:
    Just Ignore her if you hate her! Mind your own business! she’s only living her life as a person! please also respect her! she has feelings too! if you were in her position, you’ll be hurt too just like Miley! just live ur own lives and not hurt other people’s feelings!

  • Peace Love Miley

    @Bad… NOTTT:

    hey! hannah montana is not filled with hillbilly actors!!! and they are good actors! and you have nothing to do with it! they hired Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus to do Hannah Montana because they are good actors and they have a good attitude!

  • D

    I was really suprised to hear that Miley loves John lennon, and even did a cover of Imagine with Emily.
    Seeing that she is super Christian… it just seems like a strange match.
    John Lennon is a genius though. I idolize him.

  • nbs168

    i love u miley! keep it up!
    u are 100 million times better then selena!
    ur amazing live! selena sux and cant sing!
    I LUV U!

  • Holly

    @billythekid: Amen!

  • Prih

    Love the climb,is realy great!!

  • fergie

    I think MIley should learn some respect for people coz she likes insulting and mocking people(remember how she and her best friend Mandy mocked Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato on their webshow on youtube?).She’s not childish and immature,at all when she’s posing naked(mostly intended for her boyfriends)again and again in front of her friends(and the whole world) but,is wild,shameless and character-loose.And after that she says she is innocent and doesn’t know who leaked her photos on the web and then again,she poses naked in a few days!She can do anything for publicity.Kids should never be encouraged to be like her or else,they will lose everything in life!No Offence to any of her fans but,she simply sucks and doesn’t deserve all that attention she gets.

>>>>>>> staging1