Zac Efron Does David Letterman

Zac Efron Does David Letterman

Zac Efron keeps his head down as he leads the way for dad David and younger brother Dylan out of Brooks Atkinson Theatre in NYC on Monday night (April 13).

The trio took in a late night showing of new Broadway show, “Rock of Ages,” while Zac‘s girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens landed at LAX.

Zac, 21, appeared on The Late Night with David Letterman yesterday night and shared with the host about getting a little bit tired of hearing the HSM songs. He shared, “Just the other day a mom came up to me and said, ‘You must’ve got sick of the songs,’ and I was like, ‘Yeah, we sing them for two months straight.’ She grabbed my by the shirt collar and pulled me in really close. She was like, ‘Two months? I’ve had this in my car for two years!’ And I realized that it’s gotten completely out of hand.”

15+ pics inside of Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens

Zac Efron – “The Late Night with David Letterman” Part 1, 04/13

Zac Efron – “The Late Night with David Letterman” Part 2, 04/13
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Credit: Edward Opinaldo, Matingas, Jose Perez, SplashNewsOnline; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, BauerGriffinOnline
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  • bintk
  • Zane

    Sweet! that is so nice of Vanessa giving time for Zac to spent time with his dad and brother .

  • Danielle1918

    Love Zac! His dad looks so young.

  • jessie


  • jessie

    3rd!!!! Zanesa forever!!!!!!

  • Danielle1918

    Where’s my comment?

  • jessie

    they will go to the permierre of 17again in LA together!!!!!!
    i can’t wait to see those pics!!!!!!!!!

  • mhay

    I Love Zanessa!!!

  • Zane

    i love them both

  • lslsharon

    love nessa!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BabiiVfanforeva

    love them :D

  • miilla

    @louise: Aww jealous much ??
    i think vanessa looks soo hot and beautiful` and that’s just not fare at all
    that she can look soo good after being on a plain for hours. DAMN HER.. hahah
    I REALLY REALLY hope that she goes with him to the LA premiere..

    Ohh and zac looks hot to, :b
    And dylan really needs a haircut Haha..

  • Identified

    Nessa is AMAZING ..
    she looks amazingly stunning *.*

  • Rosa

    Awww Vanessa ..
    she looks so cute ..
    love her hair .. love her too <3

  • Rosa

    o .. and her butterfly necklace is awesome ..
    i love it when she wears butterfly stuff .. so adorable ^^

  • louise

    not jealous at all actually! i never said she was ugly or anything, i don’t like her because she seems incredibly smarmy and self obsessed, i also dont like the fact that talking to people that have been at hsm premieres she doesnt bother talking to the fans whereas zac and corbin always do.
    i’m not stupid, i can see shes gorgeous – doesn’t mean shes a good person

  • tiff

    v is nominated 4 best supporting actress in mtv movie awards and so is hsm3 so vote!!!!!!!!!!!
    u have until the 20th and after u have 2 vote 4 the ones that are actually nominated so lets try 2 get her in that list

  • Lizz

    i love zac and i love vanessa! ya know what i just love zanessa! Milla you are right Dylan does need a hair cut! its funny how zacs bro and dad both have wavy kinda curly hair but zac doesn’t…well i don’t think he does!

  • luv ya nessa

    where is zanessa now in LA ????

    and why zac not with vanessa ????? and why i didnt see any paty there ?

  • miilla

    @louise: There’s milions of fans at at the hsm premieres SO obviously she can’t talk to everybody` Theres a thousands videos of her going to the fans Signing pictures and talking to them’
    i don’t think that you got your fact right sweetie, also because almost all of the reporters, those who interview them AND just those who are there `fans , haters averybody almost always says , that she’s def one of them who signs and talks to the fans most out of the hsm cast` you can also see that when theres live Streams…
    it’s probably a hater who said that to you or someone who didn’t get to talk to her and is upset…

    AND it’s not like she’s perfect, she’a a human being She could have had a off day or something :)

    I respect your opinion though` and i don’t wanna argue with` :)
    ohh and sorry my bad english heeh :b

  • rosileee9

    There’s pictures of Vanessa at the NBC studio with Zac and they are both having photo’s taken with fans prior to her seeing him on the SNL show, so considering she’d had a long flight and gone to see her man and give him support she still fiound time to say hi and to have photo’s done not just with one but 4 duifferent people.

    And she does go and talk to fans at the premiers obvuioulsy like it’s been said she can’;t go to every one and neither do Zac or Corbin they do a few then move down the line just like she does and even Ashley does the same, just think how long they’d all be there if they talked to every single fan it’s just not plausable to be able to do it.

    Wonder if Zac’s dad and brother came back with him for the LA. Premier, cause I bet his dad would get a laugh out of seeing his son pay a husband and dad, I’m seeing the film Sunday with my kids and personally can’t wait from the clips I have seen it looks very funny and I can’t wait to see Matthew Perry he cracks me up.

  • miilla
    yeah you should totally VOTE for VANESSA, ZAC AND HSM3..:D

    And If you scroll to the bottom of the Best Kiss category… it says something about not seeing your choice… click on go now and you can put Zac and vanessa’s names, the category and select the movie
    soo they can win the best kiss category It would be awsome if they won..:b

  • jessie

    if you hate vanessa then don’t ever leave a comment on zanessa’s post. face the fact and grow up kid.

    @luv ya nessa:
    yea they’re in LA right now, and they’ll go to the premiere of 17again in LA TODAY. zac wasn’t with vanessa because he had the interview, and vanessa went to NYC to support zac :) how cute it was!!!!
    Zanessa forever!!!

  • louise

    ‘if you hate vanessa then don’t ever leave a comment on zanessa’s post. face the fact and grow up kid.’
    just because i’m not like :
    doesn’t mean i can’t leave a comment, i can post whereever i like, thanks:)

  • Sarah

    The fact is, is that when you post a negative comment about the celebrity, you have to expect someone to disagree with you. Look at all the comments. Most of these people are fans. But whatever. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  • miilla

    Does anybody know what time the LA premiere starts ?? (:

  • emma


    The stars start to arrive at 6:00pm for the premiere.

  • jen

    love them 4everrr!

  • It’s Alright It’s ok

    I love Zac. :]

    Vanessa really likes to be with him. That’s what couples do. <3


    awww I love them both but most vanessa baby girl!<3<3<3

  • Dr. Smilez

    I’m getting sick of seeing something that involves zanessa and Vanessa.

    I like them, I really do but the same thing repeats again and again..

    But I let you go this time. ;) it is a zanessa thread..even though vanessa just went out with him. .__.

  • dani

    VANESSA i think you back to LA awesome ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • miilla

    @emma: okay thank you (:


    I Love Zanessa!!! yeah

  • gracemarie


    How ignorant to print what you don’t know. THere are pixs on top of pixs of V talking to and signing autographs for fans and she’s very sweet.

    At least talk the triuth

  • bibian

    nice cuople

  • rosileee9

    Love how Zac has his phone in his hand must be xpecting a call from someone. Hope he had a good time with his dad and brother.

    Somebody said about how come Zac’s hair is straight but his dad’s and brothers hair is wavy it’s not unusual, my daughter and son both have staright hair like me but my youngest has really curly hair just like his dad’s used to be. I always used to get asked if they had the same dad as I have a blond haired son, a ginger haired son and a dark brown haired daughter so it all goes back tocertain past family mebers I think, as my oldest son has lovely blue eyes and only the other day got told by a girl that he has georgous eyes and his eyes ahve always been commented on from when he was a baby, my daughter has hazel eyes like me and my yongest again has the bklue eyes.

    Just had to say and this is’nt meant to start anything but I had to lauigh at the comments about Zac hooking up with Nikki all becuase he was in NY yet the pictures that we have seen of Zac have either been with his gf, dad and brother or his normal people that accompy him on things like this but strangely enough no sign of Zikki so it seems that he can go to NY and not go running to her after all. It just made me smile.

    Loving the picture too of Vanessa at LAX she looks radiant and I’m guessing that seeing her man has a lot to do with that and a few days out of LA. and all the hassle has obvioulsy done her the world of good. Even though it was only a week when your partner goes away it’s only natural to miss them wheather it’s a week or a month it’s always good to reunite.

  • ivanka

    aw vanessa is so gorgeous and she is very considerated to leave zac have quality time with his family..

  • miilla

    im really freaking hoping that she goes with him to the premiere`
    because im Stuck in BED because im SICK :!
    So i have nothing to do AND that Sucks big time.. :/
    Even though my day have been pretty good so far (apart from the fact that im sick) Because i GOT A PUPPY !! yyaay .
    But it would just make my day even better if she did`:b

    ohh and here’s a LIVE STREAM for tonight’s 17 again PREMIERE in LA..:D

  • dani

    she looks happy

  • Zanesa4ever

    Yay!! She has her ring on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pokerface

    I wud also b sick of those songs. I cnt even sit throw da whole movie wit out getting bored wit it. Zac is much more gud looking then da guy frm twilight

  • sefora


    thanks miilia i will see from paris france i think i will be late here :-)

  • dani


  • ak

    Zac did great on Letterman last night. He came across as articulate, funny and well-grounded. Good job, Zac. Let’s keep in mind that tonight’s 17 Again premiere is a night for Zac and his costars to shine. It’s not about a Zanessa sighting, although I have no doubt she’ll be his guest. Let’s focus on Zac’s accomplishments, not on his relationship.

  • athena

    His dad looks great, and doesn’t seem to age…I’d seen pics of his dad a few years ago and he looks the same…way to go in the gene pool for Zac…and that works for the ladies too…meaning Zac will be a keeper and good for the genes…lol….Wow, he really did spend time all over NYC…I wonder where was his mom, guess she wasn’t with them? He never seems to travel with his entire family…meaning mom included (at least whenever you hear about one of his parents or relatives being present).

  • marie

    The Efrons looked like they had fun!

  • Kelly

    rosalieee Thanks for that!! I get the same question with my children. One is blond curly hair and blue eyes and the other is dark brown straight hair and brown eyes. Some people have never heard of recessive genes.

  • athena

    @rosileee9: Yeah, I wonder if his family will go to the Premiere in LA with him…I bet it will be a blast for his father to see Zac playing a dad. Don’t have kids, but am planning to see it on Friday. I guess his mother didn’t come to NYC with them.
    Each preview snippet that’s shown from the film is even more funnier when they show the full scene…Can’t wait.

  • miilla

    @sefora: your welcome (:
    and it will be very late where i live too when it starts.. :(