Zac Efron is Seventeen's #1 Guy

Zac Efron is Seventeen's #1 Guy

Zac Efron stands next to a giant cover of his Seventeen magazine cover at a private screening for his new flick, 17 Again, in NYC on Monday night (April 13).

The 21-year-old actor was just named the #1 Hottest Guy in Hollywood in the May 2009 issue of Seventeen. Zac shared in the mag about his high school days, love, and relationships. Check it:

On any love advice he’d give his 17-year-old self: “(laughs) I would go back and say, “Take your time.” You have to figure out the difference between love and lust. It’s hard to tell when you’re young.”

On what he was like in high school: “I wouldn’t call myself hot. I looked about 10 years old until the summer of my junior year. I also used to go shopping at Goodwill. I would always come home with some ugly flannel that was too big for me – but I felt rebellious wearing it. My mom hated it. I look back now, and I think I just looked like an idiot.”

On how he deals with relationship drama: “I tend to diffuse situations. When I’m uncomfortable, I laugh.”

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Photos: Dave Allocca/StarPix
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  • listen to mayday parade

    Thats because he is #1 – look at how hot he is! Shoot!!

  • awurbii

    wow ok. i really like zac but this is zac overkill. he’s everywhere and he works too hard. how many magazine covers is he on?? they need numb him down a bit and let him rest. we don’t won’t people getting sick of him.

  • DavidHenrieLUVER

    OVIOUSLY, he’s the hottest guy in hollywood!
    he’s P-E-R-F-E-C-T perfect!!

    damn! (6)

  • feebz

    yay, another point for Zac! and Vanessa who ain’t doing bad herself with cover after ad, etc.

  • nikki

    WELL OF COURSE he is the hottest GUY EVER!!!!!! he is amazing!!!!!
    and this isnt the cover, this is inside of a mag so he isnt on the cover!!! I LOOOOVE ZAC EFRON!!! i will never get sick of him!!!! <3

  • De De De

    He is Amazing!! :)
    HE IS SO HOTTTT!!!!!
    rise to the top!!! :D!!!!!!

  • Bradley

    Zac Efron is the best.

  • ZDAE#1~

    AAAHHHH!!! i love zac so much! i am glad he is the hottest guy, i mean look at him! i love his body! IT IS SEXYY!!

  • krystal

    haha he is on every magazine i swear ! LOOL.
    but it’s okay i love it : )

  • luv ya nessa

    cool vanessa in the self cover and zac in this cover i wanna see them togather coz when i see them them togathe i feel happy and i need to see them now cozz i feel so sad now

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    *sigh* He really is number 1. Smart, talented, hot…what more can he do ? I love you Zachary !!

  • lola

    can someone tell me who were the other people on the list! :)

  • marie

    Zac looks hot.

  • marie

    I can’t wait to see Zac Efron tonight at the LA Premiere of 17 agin.

  • sweetnessa

    awww zac !!!

  • Lucy

    Wow absolutely stunning, and in many interviews I have seen him laugh lol, he must be uncomfortable then lol
    Bless he is so hot, and so cute, and sooooo dreamy

  • dani

    when is the premiere of 17 again?????????????????????????????????????

  • marie

    hahaha cute

  • Jessica

    haha your 17 year old self Zachary??
    thats when you started dating Nessa ;)
    haha, they GOT CHA!!

  • delsy

    So so hot and trust me i am a very moraled person(blame my parents) i do not usally say that except about about brad pitt awww

  • Zanessa Fan Forever

    aww he has such a perfect face!!!!!!!!!! x

  • http://justjared shamilah

    AW zac soooo HAWT!!!! love him—-x
    im going 2watch 17-again tomorrow again lol i wathced it last week on friday it’s really GAWD & FUNNY FROM START TO FINISH! )


  • cc27

    You KNo At First I didn’t Think he was this Hot :O

    But Kno He is super Hot and Amazing haha xD
    I Agree with shamilah #22 xD

  • http://justjaredjr Jordan

    One word.
    His GQ interview is amazing. He swears so much! ha!

  • nikki

    zac doesnt swear like that, the interviewers twist up the words to make it more interesting!!!!



  • christine x3


  • Zanessalove

    Isnt that when u started dating vanessa ???
    Anyway.. Zanessa rules <3

  • ryanefron

    Zac is sooooo amazing!!!!

  • ouch

    I like him onscreen for the most part. I think he’s got talent and he’s going to go far. His interviews are starting to grate though when he starts talking about love and relationships. For a guy so intensely private he sure has no issues airing his views on them when they point toward him being single.

    Feel really bad for Vanessa though because it seems quite clear from his recent interviews he’s itching to be free. His comments about not knowing about love vs. lust and not knowing the difference between the two, which is when he started dating V, are really telling in light of his comments in GQ about never considering marriage to her. Sort of gives the impression that if he had to do things over he realizes that it wasn’t love but lust with V. I wonder if V sees things the same way?

  • Cindy

    Zac is so hot and sexy. I wished he was my boyfriend.

  • zanessa•lover•2489

    I have that article (:
    Hes so hot!
    GO ZAC!

  • athena

    Wow, he sure was busy yesterday…and on top of it…there was a preview of 17Again, and he was there…booohoooo….wish I could have been there too. Oh well, could’ve should’ve, would’ve, but didn’t…lol…
    Great to see all this promotion on him…this will continue until 17 Again makes it’s premiere in LA, then the rest will be looking at the ratings and money it will bring in….and this will be a deciding facture if Zac can pull in the big bucks as a lead for a movie…in which, I think he can.

  • miley cyrus supporter

    zac efron is hott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • piola.efron

    he is so hot, he’s just amazing
    i want a boyfriend like him

  • zane

    Zanessa are both very young. What do you expect of their answers about marriage?

    let them enjoy their life being young and in love.I’m sure both of them doesnt think about it yet!

  • gracemarie


    You may need to take reading comprehension again. He said if he could talk to his 17 year old self he would tell him to know the difference between lova nd lust-it’s hard to tell when you are young.

    He has now been with V for 4 years so he must know the difference. Also this idea that he can’t walk away if he wanted to is ridiculous-just like any other guy if he want to walk he can AND so can she.

    You need to go through the other posts and read the other articles during this promo tour where is more open than usually including having no trouble tell the Aussie press he is still in a serious relationship.

    Also the GQ interview was in early March so Vanessa already knew what he said and why he said I would assume.

  • ilovezanessaxo

    GO ZAC!!

  • aw



    Seventeen chose well.

  • Benji

    OMG so true SO HOT!!!!!!!

  • twilight__bitch

    the thing with love and lust…hmm

    i guess that means he often had sex when he was 17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karen


    You really should get a job somewhere like Star or National Enquirer magazine. They would love the type “spin” you put on celebrities’ words. I can’t say I’m very impressed but then again, I don’t read or listen to those type publications either.