Mandy Jiroux: 'Age Is Just A Number'

Mandy Jiroux: 'Age Is Just A Number'

Miley Cyrus‘s dancer BFF Mandy Jiroux called into Blog Talk Radio yesterday afternoon to talk about her friendship with the Hannah Montana starlet and her girl group, The Beach Girl5.

Mandy, 21, told host Zach that their age difference is nothing but a number. She shared, “That’s been said for like a year now, since we’ve been really good friends, and it’s not [an issue]. Age is nothing but a number, and as long as you have stuff in common with that friend, I don’t think it really makes a difference.”

She continued, “Miley‘s really mature for her age and we have a lot in common and we care about each other. So that’s all that really matters. [It wasn't] until the last Best of Both Worlds tour when we started becoming really close. She was going through a rough breakup [with Nick Jonas]. And I was going through a difficult time with a friend. So we just kind of like found one another and just became best friends. I helped her through a breakup, she helped me with the rough time.”

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Mandy Jiroux – Blog Talk Radio, 04/14
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  • heeeey

    follow me on twitter:)

  • Lisa

    aww soo cute <3

  • kim-kim

    i totally agree haha im 22 and want to be friends with miley. i have friends that are all different ages from over 25 to 15. i have god sister who is 16 and she love hanging out with me and i like hanging out with her. shes mature for her age. miley is mature for her age…i was even mature for my age at 16…i was the “mama” of my group of friends haha….still am. nothing wrong with mandy and miley being best friends.

  • tina.

    mandy is 21?! lol, i didn’t even realise (: who cares tbh.

  • lili

    i love miley but i’m not too fond of her friends. and i don’t really like the fact that she seems to have gotten close to all of these twentysomethings while she was very vulnerable. idk. i don’t really think miley’s mature for her age, either. she acts like a teenager and i like that about her.

  • yaima

    ur damm right age is nothing but a number =)

  • http://jjj miley

    i really like miley and i am now somehow used to them being best friends, however for me age matters. it’s not something REALLY important but it is in a way. especially about miley i think that age differences aren’t supposed to be discussed about mandy, i think more about justin on that topic.

  • la shaka

    so tru i hang out wit 16 year olds wen mi myself im 12 =P

  • sean84

    well hey miley is relly mature 4 her age nd well am almost 31 yrs old nd i fink miley is more mature than me lol nd well miley nd mandy rocks bye the way nd i cant wait 4 anoffer miley & mandy show on utube lol

  • Christina

    @sean84: i doubt your really thirty seeing as you can’t form a proper sentence their are so many spelling errors it makes you not want to read it.

    anyway i agree age is just a number im 17 and my freinds range from 15-23 and i don’t see the problem at all. when i was 16 i had 21 year old friends it’s all about who you trust and how mature you are.

  • billythekid

    I think this is the 3rd time I have heard this guy on JJJ with an interview. It’s sort of an odd radio station, and he is somewhat of an odd interviewer, but he is ok :).


    I have learned to live with it, and now just occasionally snipe at those I take pithy shots at. :)

  • http://WZAP.NET zACH FROM wzap rADIO

    @billythekid: I kinda think I am a cool cat and I love being on JJJ ahhahah oh I am Zach by the way the host of this beautiful show that you all have been listening to!

  • billythekid

    @zACH FROM wzap rADIO:

    Cool. I have heard this interview, the one with Moises (spelled correctly?) and the one with Jason Earles. The interview with Jason was great, but the interview with Moises was only so so. Compared to his Hannah character, he is way laid back. And Mandy was ok. You need to get the rest of the cast on now.

  • Jen

    ummm hello who is this girl???

  • joana

    money rules… friendship!

  • Izzy

    gosh there both ugly,gay,sluts hate them both i don’t know how people can like them there not even good rolemodels now selena and demi are AWSOME ROLEMODELS UNLIKE MILEY AND MANDY and if you go on youtube look up the video of the pics. of miley BEING A SLUT!!!!!!!!! IS THAT WHAT PEOPLE LOOK UP TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alice

    Stop hating…
    Don’t be jealous

  • http://coolcat123 kylie

    i don’t like mandy because shes always hanging out with miley. Also she is miley’s backup dancer

  • ellie

    Hiya guys! My bestie is 18 , im 20, my boy friend is 24 , my besties boy friend is 21 , we get on great ! who cares about age ! A friend Is a friend even if they were ten years older then you! Age is just how long you have been on the planet , it shouldnt change your friend choice at all . my little sister Noah , is five , her best friend is seven they dont care they laugh , play, joke around just like a normal friendship . my friend ( 16) is besties with a 8 year old because she always loves helping her out of her wheel chair and taking her to rebel wheelers and everything so age doesnt matter to any one i know and if it matters to you then your to bloody perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!