Nathan Kress: Rumor Control!

Nathan Kress: Rumor Control!

iCarly‘s Nathan Kress finally took a break from his hectic schedule to update his MySpace and debunk a big rumor circulating around the Internet.

Here’s what the 16-year-old had to say: “First off, I want to thank you all for voting for iCarly at the KCAs!!!! You guys are awesome, and we love you and your feedback sososososoooo much! We love making iCarly, and we’ve got plenty more for ya! It was an honor to win the Favorite TV Show award. Next up, I wanna fill you guys in on what I’ll be doing this month in regards to appearances/autograph signings. On Saturday, April 25th, I’ll be in Rockford, IL to do a signing at a Rock River Raptors football game! So if you live anywhere near Illinois and can come to the game, I’d love to meet you!!

“Okay, so I hate that I even have to write this, but I’ve gotta clear up some rumors that have been going around recently about me and an actress by the name of Mackenzie Vega. According to certain websites, she’s having a baby and I’m the dad. LET ME ASSURE YOU, THIS IS A RUMOR!!! And there’s multiple problems with this story. The biggest one is that I’ve never even met Ms. Vega! Also, according to these sites, we had been dating for two years prior. The math just doesn’t add up there!!! I wasn’t even allowed to date at all until I turned 16 (just six months ago), so how does that work?!?! It also says that I wanted to take the baby to my hometown of Glendale, CA. Just a warning, that’s an EASY way to tell if it’s fake. Glendale was where I was born, not where I grew up. Whoever thought up this rumor just looked at my IMDB profile. So anyhow, I just wanted to clear that up.”

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  • listen to mayday parade

    he should be flattered that he is part of a rumour since i have no idea who he is

  • http://!!!!!!! Mileylover



    FIRST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brianna

    Why is he being so defensive? :P
    As if people actually believed such a ridiculous rumor…

  • asdfghjkl;

    who would make a rumor about him
    hess ugly and weird

  • jessica

    lmfao wow who the hell would make a rumor about him? no body knows who he is, i don’t even know who the chick he ‘got pregnant’ is. haha.

  • http://jjj Ryan LaPlaca

    Nathan you and I both know this, when it comes to someone as famous as you are, magazine writers go bisurke on celebs, and catch every glimpse of what they’ll do, and then write about it in magazines. This is proofing something, that anyone will write about anything just so they can get more people to buy and read their magazines. It’s the unamerican thing to do to celebs.

  • camila

    i love u Nathan (:

  • ivanka

    @listen to mayday parade:

    i agree HAHAHAH

  • ariana

    why the heck would we care about a rumor about him?? barely anyone knows who he is nor the girl who was supposedly pregnent

  • kayla

    don’t know about this rumor nor i know him except he’s from icarly but the rumor was hilaroius lol

  • pup

    uhh…who rlly gives a crap? o.O

  • mirandacosgroveislove

    His parents’ fans’ give a crap, for God’s sake.
    And people who don’t know who he is honestly need to get out more.
    God damn it.

    Miley lover, I’m sorry, but only Miley Cyrus CAN’T be on this website.
    Other people’s opinions matter too, sweetie.

    And, he’s not used to this rumor sh*t.

    Obviously, he was shocked and didn’t want anybody thinking that.
    Omg, would you allow someone to say you are having a baby?
    I hope not.
    Otherwise your sort of messed up. (:

  • jeje

    awww thats sucks but he needs to get used to people talking if he’s gonna be in the public eye

  • jenny

    Uh, I think this kid needs to be less worried about a rumor that he got a girl pregnant and more worried about the fact that he looks like a gay woman.

  • jenn!

    nathan kress lovers ♥

  • keN

    . . twitterNathantwitter so you can post pics
    and music and junk. Like your style,keepon.

  • esperanza

    I want that they raise mas photos of nathan kress want to know if it is true that nathan kress walks with jennette mccurdy raise mas photos of nathan kress please

  • keeleym

    i love nathan kress he is cute i would reall like to meet him

  • http://nathan ariana

    hoooooooo yo ni sabia pero creo que todo es un mal entendido

  • Hannah

    hi how are you. you dont know this website my days lol love ya

  • gizem

    ı love you nathan ı’m turkey and no speak english and ı love you so much its a baby .:D

  • xNaminamoox

    iLuv you Nathan :] you’re so cute.

    And really, people. If you don’t know who he is you…you’ve got to be shittin’ me. You’ve been living in a box for that past year.

    jeez. You are all so such Miley and joe-bro fans,