Ryan Sheckler Skates Into Season 3!

Ryan Sheckler Skates Into Season 3!

Ryan Sheckler does a sick trick on his skateboard in this promo shot for his MTV reality series, Life of Ryan.

The 19-year-old X-gamer will premiere season three of his show THIS Saturday, April 18.

Life of Ryan will make it’s much-anticipated return to MTV for a Season 3 marathon starting @ 2PM ET/PT. There’s no need to wait week after week to watch your favorite pro-skateboarder when you can watch 3 ALL NEW hours of the various twists and turns of life as a skater.

Get pumped for the LoR marathon!

“Life Of Ryan” Season 3 Trailer
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Photos: Ewan Burns
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  • http://www.justjaredjr.buzznet.com juiylynn

    he is so hot i love him

  • http://www.justjaredjr.buzznet.com juiylynn

    he is so hot i love him

  • Nikki

    this boy should not be considered a celebrity. he is such a joke. why do you even cover him??? he is so arrogant and cocky it is sickening, and his show is pretty much blatant lies and fabricated story lines for the sake of good tv and money.

  • p

    pshh hottie

  • Bella


    Really? He seems very sweet in his show. He’s very caring for his family. It helps that he’s cute and talented too.

  • zanessa/ashnessa

    …I wouldn’t know how he really is…I don’t watch his show, but I do consider him a cutie pie !! His eyes are like those puppy dog eyes. :D Cute !!

  • Anna

    he’s so hot!
    video unail, ?

  • Nikki

    seriosuly, he can’t even pronounce the name of his home town right. he is like the punchline to every joke in San Clemente, where he is from.

  • amber jonas! (:

    YAY he’s coming back for another season! L O V E him!!!

  • Lexi

    YEAHH!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!
    i´m sooooooooo happy that he´s back on MTV!!!

  • nichola

    yay im so happy its back. i love his show and i like that it involves his friends and family and ryan really does seem like such a sweet person. i will definatley be watching his show =]

  • Emmaaaaaa

    Oh my goodness he is out of this world beautiful, does anyone know when it premieres in the Uk !?

  • ariana

    this looks good but why all in why day?

    mtv probably didnt want him back but he begged and cryed like the little spoiled bitch he is and they broke down and gave him a couple hours to air it haha

  • arantxa

    He is american , not every american can pronounce that
    its like spanish & not everybody has the ability to pronounce well the spanish

  • arantxa

    Ryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyan ♥
    Aw , i remember when he was just 13 & became a pro :)

    the video didnt show :(

  • Nikki

    we don’t pronounce the name in the correct accent. and he has lived in the town his entire life, and trust me it is not that difficult to do. that is just one thing that gets on everyone’s nerves.

  • http://www.fotolog.com/iloveryans tizi


  • mz Sass


    Tell us what you know and how you know it. Are you the one who said Ryan was really a man-slut?

  • Nikki

    i never said he was that. just that he was cocky and arrogant. and i know because i am from the same town as him. its a pretty small community, and everyone knows all the stories about him.

  • justme

    he is arrogant. He only dates blondes

  • lauren

    @Nikki: i like right next door to him, you know nothing about him just because you live in san clemente. he went out with my friend and he is one of the nicest guys ive ever met.
    hes one of the busiest teens in the world. just lay off give him a break. jesus christ.

  • http://Google Brittany

    Ryan sheckler is the most hottes guy ever Iam his #one Fan

  • aLEXIS

    shut up he’s a celebrity whether u lik it or not

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