Ashley Tisdale Gets Personal

Ashley Tisdale Gets Personal

Ashley Tisdale shows off her kissy face as she gets ready for a charity event in NYC on Thursday afternoon (April 16).

The 23-year-old singer/actress wrote, “Getting ready for a charity event, listening to my girls The Veronicas!”

Jessica Origliasso of the Veronicas even tweeted back, saying, “Hey beautiful!! You are so sweet! We are lovvving your new song! Lets hang soon when wer [sic] all in the same city!!”

Ashley will premiere the video for her new single, “It’s Alright, It’s OK,” on MySpace next week, April 21. Be on the lookout for it and enjoy some behind-the-scenes shots below!

10+ pics inside…

Ashley Tisdale – “It’s Alright, It’s OK” Trailer

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  • mimi

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    looove heer
    and love the veronica’s music

  • zanessa/ashnessa

    YES. April 21st baby !! :D And yeah, wow, trailer looks SO good. I have to say, I love this side of her. ..She does get personal this time. GO ASHLEY !!

  • Gabriela Aroca

    ooooh Ash,you’re soooooooo beautiful and pretty!!!!! *—–*

    Good luck,I love yoooou ♥

  • ivanka

    zac said that he doesnt have a twitter because he doesnt understand why people care what his doing all the time, its like calling attention…. well i guess ashley has joined the other celebrites to get noticed.. and call atenttion

  • Rashley24

    0ooh La La..!!! ashley rocks… I

  • athena

    Wow, she’s back in the states…too bad she had to miss the 17Again premiere in LA with the rest of the HSM 3 cast…it would have been great to see her there.

  • melissa. *

    she looks awesome! (: x3

  • jen

    FOLLOW ASHTON KUTCHER on TWITTER @aplusk NOW!!!! he’s almost in 1 millon!! GO!

    FOLLOW ASHTON KUTCHER on TWITTER @aplusk NOW!!!! he’s almost in 1 millon!! GO!

    FOLLOW ASHTON KUTCHER on TWITTER @aplusk NOW!!!! he’s almost in 1 millon!! GO!

    FOLLOW ASHTON KUTCHER on TWITTER @aplusk NOW!!!! he’s almost in 1 millon!! GO


  • listen to mayday parade

    Seriously I love her but enough is enough.. There are like six posts a day on her and her new single. Clearly Jared is crushing. But this isn’t celebrity gossip this site is turning into the new Ashley site (which is silly since hers just got revamped)

  • sheila

    #9 i have to agree. is jj being paid to be her personal spokesperson? we don’t need to follow her every waking moment.

  • kara

    how can you say jj is crushing when it’s blantantly obvious he is a homo?

  • Hmmm

    Whats Ashleys twitter `? i cant seme to find it, they all look fake to me.

  • ashlee

    “I’m on the toilet. Still on the toilet. Guys, dot-dot-dot, out of TP. Still on the toilet.” :P :P :P :P :P

  • Grape

    #4: Not to mention ur Vanxxxa has a twitter, too. POOR THING!

  • crazyi


  • http://jjj miley

    the video looks awesome!

  • tizzfan

    ashley’s twitter is not really new…
    she always have it since like last year…
    however it was done by her management

    why she decided to start twittering personally now? I don’t know…
    and neither do you…

  • Identified

    come on J ..
    this is a countdown !! u are posting sth about her everyday if not many times a day ..
    what’s the big deal !! yea we get it ..
    her video is in april 21 !!
    no need to remind us everyday !!

  • palak

    she is luking veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice in her new video. ASHLEY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST LUV HER. SHE IS THE BESTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. LUV U ASHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. U R MY FAVOURITE……….

  • Courtney

    What’s wrong with Twitter? Lots of celebrities have it. It’s fun.

  • awurbii


    Get your facts right. Vanessa doesn’t have a twitter. Zac said it himself. oh and by the way if you want to use that lame joke (Vanexxa) you can go on perez’s sleazy site. i’m sure you’ll get a lot of praise over there.

  • kathy

    here just like a a place to talk about Zanessa Haha…
    i think this video is suck i did not saw any screen is relate with her song
    she moves like an prostitute chick

  • awurbii

    ashley’s awesome but i’m going to give an honest opinion. don’t worry i’m not insulting her just wondering if anybody else is thinking the same thing:

    this looks like a great video but i have to agree the song and video are derived from recycled concepts. not only have we seen it before but ashley’s voice doesn’t carry the song very well. i think ashley’s video will carry her single more than the single itself. i’m pretty sure that her album will be great and it will do well but am i the only thinking that ashley taking a break from acting. i don’t know about you guys but i’ve always thought that acting was ashley’s sharpest talent. her voice is ordinary. i would love to see her do more acting projects because that’s her strength. in the end, it’s her passion that influences what she wants to do but i was just wondering if anyone else was thinking the same thing.

  • charlene

    ok first ashley twitters so that she can give us fans what we want and let us know whats going on its lal for us no biggie second ashleys voice is amazing and this single will do greta esp if your a fan dont insult her i do wonder if she will do more acting tho id love to see her in more stuff

  • Jerk


    she’s So So poring

    everday i mostly see the same video

  • ash rockz

    How cute she’s BF with the Veronicas :D
    I love their music.
    Omg Haters just SHUT UP!
    You know how annoying you are?
    If you don’t like her video why you’re watching it?

  • chloe

    The preview looks the same as her other music video, except she’s not a blonde anymore. Fail.

  • mileyfan

    I think she is getting to much into rock music.But the song is great!

  • Emily

    I love her and I love The Veronicas ♥
    awesome girls!

  • zanessa 4ever

    love you ash!!!

  • CARL

    OMG! The trailer!! EPIC <333333333

  • Lucy

    Im so excitied about this song and her new album!!! I luved Headstrong and cant wait 4 Guilty Pleasure to be released!!! Ashley rocks!!! x

  • ivanka

    @Grape: poor loser, get your facts, she doesnt have a twitter.. please first research and then say something.

  • listen to mayday parade


    Gay guys can still crush on people of the opposite sex sil!

  • ashfan

    Wow haters say that they dont need to see every step of ashley but they comment in every post of her… And the girl or boy that said that is a fan and is insulting her you’re not a fan you cannot call yorself a fan of ashley becus the song and her voice ROCKS so STFU all the haters… -.-

  • funny

    cool =)

  • Nina Caplan

    am sooo fraking exciteeeeed

  • stephanie

    she looks beautiful in that picture! gahhh, she’s so awesome!!

  • annie

    It reminds me of a Pink song…

  • Ellie

    it’s called beign promoted.

    since her new single’s out and her album and video are coming soon; jared wants to promote it. duh, that’s what celebrity sites are for.

    god; you guys make such a big deal out of everything

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    maybe zac doesn’t have.but it doesn’t mean ashley musnt have some.
    i mean
    she writes at her twitter new album it wrong ? she doesn’t cheat every second in a day like little miss stupid miley cyrus ;]

    i can’t wait for the vedio.sounds amazingg !! <3<3

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