Jordan Pruitt Joins Demi Lovato On Tour!!!

Jordan Pruitt Joins Demi Lovato On Tour!!!

Jordan Pruitt will be joining Sonny starlet Demi Lovato on her summer tour!

The 17-year-old “One Love” singer wrote on her MySpace, “GREAT NEWS…. I’m going on tour with Demi Lovato and David Archuleta starting July 24th! I’m super excited, Demi is so sweet and super talented! And I voted for David on American Idol, So I’m very excited to meet him! I will be opening for them, and I’m so ridiculously excited about this tour!!! All the tour dates will be posted in the next few days!! If you are in the area where I’m singing, I hope you come! It will be an amazing show. I feel very blessed right now!

“Ps I bought My new car! Like me, I changed my mind at the last minute. I got a 2009 IS 250 Black Lexus! It’s the coolest car I’ve ever seen! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I’m also going to be writing a few more songs for my album before it comes out! Super excited and lovin’ life. Love you guys so much, Jordan.”

Check out when Demi, David and Jordan will be coming to your city!

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  • meelia

    .. cool

  • B

    she seems cool

  • B

    demi rocks can’t wait to see her

  • B

    demis tour is gonna rock can’t wait to see her

  • gloria

    oh cool! she voted 4 david??? YAY
    I <3 DAVID ARCHULETA SOOOOOOO freaking much! that’s why i’m going to this tour! but i’m so happy to see DEMI she is amazing n jordan( aww david loves jordan sparks) sorry that was random!!

  • listen to mayday parade


    is thi jordan chick country?
    and demi cant sing she just screams (and not in the good styalized way like a day to remember)
    and david is just pop pop
    and david is like 3 years older than demi and yet he looks younger

    ill pass obvi

  • LJ

    This tour seems so random haha..
    But no doubt i’ll be going to support Demi : )
    She’s incredible, I love her to death !
    But oh man.. Demi headlining, the JB world tour with Honor Society & new albums coming out all in one summer !? This summer is going to be epic..EPIC !

  • melissa.*

    i agree! (: i think it should have just been demi & david. cause i don’t really listen to jordin. -__- lol. but still, she has a great voice! i can’t wait. COME TO NYC. (: x3.

  • melissa.*

    jordannn* xD my baddd.

  • Karen

    I’m going to at least one concert coz I’ve GOT to see David again!! (I’ve gone to see him sing five times, have travelled over 10,000 miles and was it worth it? Oh, YEAH!!) The concert I’m going to for sure is a 300 mile drive one way. If I go to the only other concert within driving distance, I will be doing over 800 miles (in a huge loop) over a two day period. If I can swing it with work, I just might do it though. David is THAT good. And, he’s not just pop. The guy has soul and lots of it.

    Hopefully, the other two are pretty good. I’ll give them a chance.

  • janiece

    i think jordan and demi have the best voices in disney right now. it surprises me that jordan isnt more popular than what she is because she has a great voice. i like all three of them and i would go but i think im too old for a concert like this. that would be a little akward for me lol :)

  • prettyinpink

    how many people mention their car and their tour in the same sentence. Gee, isn’t it all about the music? I guess not. By the way, buy American next time.

  • listen to mayday parade

    great 17 year old bi.tch rubs it in her fans faces that she can afford a lexus


    hahaha David and Jordan make a great couple idk why lolz they have the most prettiest voices
    #13 she deserves that Lexus :P

  • Jon

    Jared, When is Selena’s tour staring?????

  • anon

    ah whatever i’m just going for demi!!!!!
    can’t wait Glendale Az oh yeah!!! me and this other college friends are going!

  • ontherun

    -.- i’d hope they (whoever they are^^) would pick someone better

    well, jordan is okay

    but.. her and demi together on tour ???

    demi isn’t just one of all these typical, ordinary disney girls – jordan is -.-

    who the … decided that!?

  • falloutgirl


  • lucy :*


  • CDK

    I’m going to Demi’s July 25th concert in Cincinnati! I can’t wait! I could care less about Jordan and David. I just wanna see Demi!!!

  • Janice

    Reply to #13…. that was a very rude thing to say about Jordan. She earned that car by working hard! What have you done lately!

  • Lindsey

    Selena’s tour is early 2010

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