Keke Palmer: My Dad Embarrassed Me!

Keke Palmer: My Dad Embarrassed Me!

Keke Palmer looks stunning at the premiere of 17 Again held at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on Tuesday night (April 14).

The 15-year-old Nick starlet updated her MySpace about her night. She wrote, “Last night I went to the movie premiere of Zac Efron‘s movie 17 Again and it was really good! I had a lot of fun, but it would have been better if my dad had not brought his camera because he really embarrassed me. We were sitting in our seats waiting for the movie to start and Nick Jonas comes and sits right next to me.

“Now I have met all of the Jonas Brothers before on many different occasions. I even knew them before they were so famous so I am not all hyped up to see them or anything like that, congratulations to them but I was not trying to take a picture with them or anyone for that matter, just came to watch the movie. Well, when my dad had other plans, he whips out his camera and yells, ‘Hey Nick can I get a picture of you with Keke?’ I could have died — first of all he made me sound like a groupie, and second of all right after the picture Nick got up and moved like we were bothering him! That’s cool, but again I did not want a picture with him or anyone in that room, it was my dad and this is not the first time he has embarrassed me in this way.

“Once when we were at the KCA’s about 2 years ago we saw a very, very famous person bigger than the Jonas Brothers, and my dad yelled, ‘Hey my daughter Keke loves you!’ I could have died because he not only told this famous person but everyone else in the room!!”

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Credit: Nikki Nelson/WENN; Photos: Jason Merritt/Kevin Winter/Getty Images, Juan Rico/Fame Pictures
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  • leesauer

    first :D

  • DANa

    Her dad is having a JoBromance xD

  • priscillala

    o gosh. that is embarassing. lol

  • carla

    aww lol well if it was me i would ask for a pik too lol x

  • BJay

    OMG… I would have slapped my dad in the face if he ever done anything like that to me… lol. Sike, jk

  • dundies

    lol she has a great sense of humor

  • amy

    haha OMG she is sO funny !!! but i would ask for a picture too :D!!

  • KJ

    She sounds a little stuck up to me. “I didn’t want a picture with him or anyone in that room ” and “two years ago I met someone much more famous than the Jonas Brothers” aren’t really quotes I’d want attributed to me when these are supposed to be my peers. She isn’t exactly really famous in my book and even famous people who are friends like to take pictures with each other. Embarrassed of not, Nick probably left because she was being a jerk to her dad.

  • luila

    her dress, colour wise is so similar to vanessa’s- pink with a black belt.
    but unlike vanessa hers is so strange- its quilted? and the bow belt is far to low to accentuate her waist.

  • ANN

    who is this girl?? I dont even know her….

  • Angelica

    pssh i wouldn’t be embarrassed to take a pic with nick

  • Gabrielle

    she sounded a bit mean like the Jonas brothers were there who cares I knew them first….

  • trish

    @KJ: i thought she might of said that because he blew them off. kinda defending herself cuz Nick moved like they would keep it up all night. guess the Jobros split up inside. just thinking is all.

  • ariana

    @KJ: i agree with you

    and how she was like i wasnt all hyped to meet them or whatever iv met them before they were even famous (snob much?)

  • imcrazycoollike that

    i agree with you

    and how she was like i wasnt all hyped to meet them or whatever iv met them before they were even famous (snob much?)
    i used to like her but now im not sure

  • violeta

    she is a snob apparently, just laugh it off, dads are like that

  • sana

    Wow, nick is really rude to have life. I completely agree with you trish.

  • sana

    * leave not life..

  • cic

    daam guys. she is famus making money. just becos u dnt know does not mean we all don’t i love keke. jonas re snobs y will u leave so who are u to do dat. if i’m a celeb i wont want to bring a camera and start taking pics with my fellow start she’s right. i can take with them on red carpet .

  • lalal

    “right after the picture Nick got up and moved like we were bothering him”

    ^ that’s because nick jonas is RUDE
    why is everyone making out like SHE’S the rude one? she was just saying that she’d met nick before so it wasn’t like she was going to freakout at seeing him, how does that make her a snob?!

  • Um.

    @cic: Stay in school, kids.


    @KJ: Okay KJ Im saying this because I KNOW. Keke was not a ‘jerk’ to her dad. She didn’t flip out on her dad about not wanting a picture in front of the boys.

    And she is famous. She has an album out, been in numerous films, and has her own hit show which is #2 on CABLE, it topped all the Disney shows ratings wise (TRUE JACKSON, VP)

    And she was not being a snob, she was just applying and stating that she really wasn’t starstruck with the jonas brothers. She came to see the movie, which Im sure the JB came to do as well.

    So please don’t nit pick her words out. Thank you.
    And remember to watch True Jackson, VP on Saturday Nights on Nickelodeon right after iCarly. Check your local listings.

    Have a beautiful day!

  • ilykeke

    Keke is not a snob . I ♥ her ! buht it does sound kind of mean that Nick jus got up and moved :-/

  • mattygirl

    wow i noe the feeling… my dad loves cow boy hats and im fine with him wearing i9t…
    but he has one that is really smalll for his head and is this weird green color… me and my lil sis and him were walking down the streeet n he put it on i was like omg…
    we were trying to get away from him but he kept calling after us it waS SO EMBARASSING../

  • Meepzy

    I used to like her, but after reading this, no way. She sounds so stuck up, lol. She’s trying to push it like they’re no big deal; Well, Keke, if you did knew them before they were famous, then why did he move away from you? That’s what I thought.

  • bam

    I personally think, that she thinks shes better than everyone else.

    Ever think he could have moved to simply sit with his brothers?

    I love how she thinks he moved because of them, and that just shows how she thinks so highly of herself.

    I think she is somewhat of a snob, because of how she worded it. Maybe she should have thought and worded what she was saying better to not come off as a little snot.

  • nickj0nas

    its not a shocker she sounds so rude she has said rude stuff about demi,miley,selena,now jonas brothers and she said all disney girls like to start drama i liked her and her show before but she has problems she thinks shes better then everyone and such an amazing actress when shes not amazing

  • Oksi

    Nick is RUDE as a mofo for doing that. I can’t believe you guys are calling HER rude.. she was explaining that she wasn’t star-struck…and the other celeb was ‘Will Smith’ btw.



    @nickj0nas: Please be quiet. You guys are taking this out of hand seriously. When has she singled out Demi, Selena, etc? She said that Disney has too much drama, and its true. If you can’t handle the truth. Go listen to the Jonas Booches.

    And how does she think she is better than everyone? Please tell me how you know exactly how she is feeling when you NEVER met her. Has she ever told you. “Hey I think Im better than everyone?” No!

  • msfreek93

    yeahi thought that too

  • http://jazy109@gmail.cim Jazmin

    I understand where shes coming. My dad would do the same thing. She wasnt being stuck-up. Nick probably didnt want rumors leaked that they had a thing going on. So he moved and i think they get tired of getting they’re pics taken everywhere. I wasnt saying they were dating, just that someone could start saying that.
    Go Keke Palmer!!!!
    Go Nick!!!!
    Go Keke’s Dad! (kinda)

  • brooke

    I don’t think Nick was rude. He probably thought he was going to be bothered the rest of the night and wanted to enjoy the movie. I like Keke too. I think we just trying to express that she isn’t starstruck by them.

    I like them both and I don’t see any reason to throw out all these negative comments about them over this one thing.

  • ThatLittleThingTheyCallcute

    @sana: No. Nick seems really sweet (Ha-ha, how am I supposed to know?) It may have just seemed really akward and uncomfortable. I would probably move, too. You can’t really start a good conversation with somebody who’s dad just had you and that person get a picture together like paparazzi. Anyway, I’m just saying she is taking this way to far, and making it sound like he like-likes her or sumthin. Ugh.

  • ThatLittleThingTheyCallcute

    @lalal: Snob. Get a life for heaven’s sake. Where have you been? Under a rock?@Oksi: Sigh. When will you learn? They call him “Mr. President” because he wants to run for office in 2038. Geez. She’s the one that has problems complaining publicly.

  • ThatLittleThingTheyCallcute

    @brooke: AMEN!


    I know this post is from like 2 days ago but I felt like giving some more insight.

    I never liked Keke to begin with. You have to admit that from this quote, she’s making HERSELF look bad. If I was a celeb and that happened to me, I wouldn’t talk about it. The way she worded it shows she is a little on the immature side.

    I like the Jonas Brothers, but I’m not so sure about what happened. So I can’t decide whether or not Nick was being rude. Overall they seem like polite guys. If he got annoyed that her dad was taking pictures, I doubt he would show it. He may have just wanted to sit with his brothers.

    That’s pretty much all I have to say. :)

  • Sarah

    how is she a snob? i think it was more rude of nick for leaving… i mean seriously, i would’ve thought he’d get that a lot, but NO he just leaves.. WTF is that?! I would’ve been more pissed at nick than my dad if it happened to me
    just cuz u all think nick jonas is going to marry you.. WHICH HE ISN’T… doesn’t mean he’s not a rude a**hole

  • anna

    Keke I luv u sooooo much!