Miley Cyrus Courts Simon Curtis

Miley Cyrus Courts Simon Curtis

Miley Cyrus gets her flirt on with guest star Simon Curtis in this new still from Hannah Montana.

In the upcoming episode “Once, Twice, Three Times Afraidy,” Miley tries to convince Lilly (Emily Osment) and Oliver (Mitchel Musso) that she is content being single, but when she meets cutie Adam (Curtis), she is excited for her friends to meet him. However, when Adam cancels at the last minute, he sends his slimy roommate Ralphie (Phil Daddario) to take his place. Determined to look happy to Lilly and Oliver, Miley pretends that Ralphie is her new boyfriend but when he refuses to leave, she must figure out a way to get rid of him without blowing her cover.

Meanwhile, when Jackson (Jason Earles) gets injured at Rico’s, Rico (Moises Arias) starts being nice to him but Jackson has a hard time believing his sincerity.

“Once, Twice, Three Times Afraidy” airs Sunday, May 31 @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

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Photos: Dean Hendler/Disney Channel
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  • listen to mayday parade

    i love this show lol

    and the movie was jokes

  • jimmy

    How come JJJ know about this? He is on set?

  • TRLfan

    Jake is the most talented person ever he is sweet and always comments back. His EP is coming out on May 12 and is full of hits and did I mention that he is cute? Well he is
    im not lying his songs are full of love. The Record Life is going to be playing in Arizona tomorrow so go to to find out more about Jake.

  • mileyfan

    miley #1

  • winnie

    were u on set JJJ?

  • ali

    Why do some many Hannah and WoWP stills come out, and no Sonny ones? This is disappointing. Bring on Sonny Stills! =]

  • mileyrox

    can’t wait:D

  • berrypunch

    @ali @ali: there r some sonny stills…. ive seen probably 3 till now..

  • jamz

    @ali:I agree with you, I happen to enjoy watching Sonny with a Chance better than Hannah, at least with Sonny you can actually lol, it’s alot more enjoyable to watch and tolerate.
    And please enough of this Miley kid, she’s not role model, a 16 yo with a 20 yo that her parents approved, what kind of message does that send out to these youngsters that follow her and the parents are just as stupid for allowing that! Disney is so damn blind that all it’s about is money..

  • miley cyrus supporter

    cool cant wait

  • sean84

    well i wasant happy when i read the tittle cuz i dunt want her 2 flirt wiff any guys lol butt dats 4 the tv series so i fink dats ok finally lol

  • billythekid


    It would have been enough for you to say you want to see some stills from the Sonny sitcom, and just left out your snide comments regarding Miley Cyrus. Whether you like it or not she is the worlds more recognizable teen. If you want to be a judge, how about judging her on some things that really, seriously matter with todays youth. While some people may have trouble with her dating someone 4 years older, more people should be commending her for being chaste, not doing drugs, drinking alcohol, smoking or constantly using foul language. With the millions of drug addicts, teenage pregnancies, alcoholics and innumerable people dying to smoke related diseases, I think she is setting a fine example for today’s youth.

  • yoooo

    @jamz: ohh hun
    you need a reality check! miley has done TONS of amazing jealous people just like to bring out the bad things..and FYI you’ll be hearing more of her, she’s MILEY..duh! if you wanna stop knowing about her than stop coming to stites like this one.

  • me

    can’t wait!
    the episode seems fun.

  • rii

    @jamz: idk… im 17, 4.5gpa and got into uc berkeley, ucla, uc davis, and uc santa barbara (rejected from stanford tho, damn you!). im president of our recycling club, a tutor in out reach and teach tutoring program, lifetime member of the california scholarship federation, and i was in mock trial this year. and you know what, i dont have a role model. i honestly dont need one and dont get why other people need them. if you wanna achive something in life, work hard for yourself and do it! im a fan of miley, doesnt mean i have to replicate her at all. so f*ck you. lol
    but back to sonny with a chance vs hannah montana. … im sorry but people say hannah montana has bad acting, sonny is seriously horrible. i love demi, great voice, but she should NOT act. and i know disney has a tendency to overuse the laugh track… but they definitely overuse it on sonny. i thought it was overused on hannah, but its overkill on sonny.=/

  • Chelsea

    @jamz: why are you here? as long as you are paying attention to her, jj’s going to give you what you want. If you really don’t like her don’t research her and make her more popular. You should stand your ground and refuse to hear anything that about her. Otherwise you are forcing jj and other sites like these to acquiesce and show more of her.

  • Chelsea

    @rii: i love you right now for everything you just said. I don’t know why people are obsessing over miley “not being a good role model for kids.” When I was young (I kinda still am…i’m 15), my parents were my role model. Now that I am older I used what my parents and teachers taught me and applied it to daily life and here I am with my 4.0 gpa. Celebrities should never be “role models.” It’s high time PARENTS take over that role…the role that was meant for them.

  • Chelsea

    @billythekid: You are so right! people need to look at the positives instead of the negatives. We live in a very negative, very sensitive world today. The fact that people chastise her for not being a good role model is alarming. When i was younger my PARENTS were my role models.

  • alanah

    wow.. this is interesting.. we moved from talking about hannah montana.. to sonny with a chance.. to miley.. to demi.. then to miley.. now to parents.. lol

    anywys.. shes awesome and everyone dont hate her unless you have a good reason.. hate and love are strong words and should be used without a REAL reaosn.. you cant hate someone for having a boyfriend.. you cant hate someone just because.. there has to be a reason behind it or your just as immature as you put the person out to be.. you haters need to look in a mirror and figure it out :)

    hehe wow.. that was long.. aha lol

  • alanah

    srri it should say
    “strong words and SHOULD NOT be used without a real reason”

  • jimmy

    Of course Parents are the ultimate role model, in a good or bad ways. Miley is the role model for all celebrities and she is the entertainer for all of us. She lighten my day when I watch her. Lesson of life, good grades doesn’t mean you have successful life but it is a good sign. What really matter is how good you interact with others. Still learning…

  • rii

    @alanah: lol its because when miley is the topic someone always has to bring up role models. and f*ck it. i take back my earlier statement. i do have a role model. my f*ckin television is my role model. thank you cartoons, disney shows, the old mtv, seinfeld, friends, and many more tv shows for raising me instead of my parents lol.

  • rii

    @jimmy: i have good grades, goals in life, and pretty good people skills. a good group of close friends and a rather large and diverse group of… acquaintances you can call it (friends but not best friends i guess). so heres one example of children not needing celebrities as role models. =) and if im one, im sure there is more in the world just like me.

  • jen

    FOLLOW ASHTON KUTCHER on TWITTER @aplusk NOW!!!! he’s almost in 1 millon!! GO!

    FOLLOW ASHTON KUTCHER on TWITTER @aplusk NOW!!!! he’s almost in 1 millon!! GO!

    FOLLOW ASHTON KUTCHER on TWITTER @aplusk NOW!!!! he’s almost in 1 millon!! GO!

    FOLLOW ASHTON KUTCHER on TWITTER @aplusk NOW!!!! he’s almost in 1 millon!! GO


  • jm

    I agree with # 11,12, 15, 16, & 17 – Bilythekid you said it right. Miley is so talented & famous – some people can’t stand it. And as far as JAMZ comments on Miley’s boyfriend & parents – so uncalled for – sounds like one of those Jonas freeky fans that think that only the jonas’s are the best & they walk on water. As far as Demi & Sonny with a chance – I will say this – I don’t think it is that Demi can’t act – I think it is the show itself – needs better material/stories & maybe better writers. But the Hannah Montana show is far superior – great material & the cast is great toghether

  • Mary

    IM READY FOR THE PREMIERE FOR JONAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Abby

    What hair color does miley right now have?? BLOnde !! don’t say its light brown thats not true =))

  • Victoria

    hahah looks great!
    so excited, love Hannah Montana…
    and miley too ;)

  • carly

    cool pics

    can’t wait to see it

  • anonymous

    -gag- Lilly / Oliver. ICKYY.

    but, I guess that guy is pretty cute. :) Miley always gets the good looking guys. -giggle- x]

    Speaking of which – WHEN IS SHE GONNA GET OLIVER, HMM?!



  • e

    are lilly and oliver still together in these?
    i want them to stay together foreverrr :))

  • Mileyrocks

    he is hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Miley u go girl
    i must admit i’m preety jealous of her.

  • Cady

    I don’t hate Miley at all, but why is it that everytime Lily gets a boyfreind people always want Miley to date him instead can lily have anybody of her own? I love seeing Lily and Oliver together they fit each other very well!!! And if Miley tries to steal Oliver away from Lily shame on her besides Jake is coming back so yaw don’t have to worry!!!

  • Cady

    I don’t hate Miley at all, but why is it that everytime Lily gets a boyfreind people always want Miley to date him instead can lily have anybody of her own? I love seeing Lily and Oliver together they fit each other very well!!!

  • Cady

    I don’t hate Miley at all, but why is it that everytime Lily gets a boyfreind people always want Miley to date him instead can lily have anybody of her own? LOLIVER is the best!!!

  • Cady

    Loliver are the best!!!

  • marissa

    Loliver the best!!!

  • http://hhhhh miley

    love you

  • maddie

    i LOVE this show.
    And i am 18.
    I just started watching it and love everything about it!

    I think Miley Is a great role model, everyone makes mistakes just like her.

  • susanne

    we exstence Gillian and Susanne and we exstence a biga fan. And we have a question: The do you ice cream freez mail me fast back.

    Susanne and Gillian

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