Tiffany Thornton: Born To Be A Cheerleader

Tiffany Thornton: Born To Be A Cheerleader

Tiffany Thornton shows off her pearly whites at the Radio Disney studios on Wednesday afternoon (April 15) in Burbank, Calif.

The Sonny With A Chance starlet answered some exclusive questions for JJJ about her upcoming DCOM, Hatching Pete, her dream vacation and how she loved 17 Again. Check it:

On having cheerleading experience before Hatching Pete: “Yes! I do have some. I did gymnastics and I’ve been a cheerleader my whole life basically. I remember when I was little, I would go to my step-sister’s games and she was a flag girl. I would have my own colored cheer costume for her games that I wore. I was born to be a cheerleader.”

On her favorite skit on Sonny With A Chance: “‘The Wicked Witch of the Web’ is my favorite. I got to be Dorothy and I used to watch that [The Wizard of Oz] with my dad when I was little and we would chop a cantaloupe in half — he’d get half and give me the other. We used to watch The Wizard of Oz and eat cantaloupe together. It was special.”

On if she liked 17 Again: “It was incredible. Zac [Efron] is so talented. Matthew Perry is amazing. Sterling [Knight] was so cute in the movie and Josie [Loren] was in it too. It’s neat to see my peers on the big screen and to be there to support them is great. It was freezing cold outside, but once I got [inside] I thawed out.”

On the last CD she bought: “Demi’s [Lovato] deluxe CD. Her voice is just incredible. I just can’t get enough of it. The CD is incredible. Everyone should go get it.”

On her dream vacation: “Anywhere with a beach. I love the beach. I skied when I was little, but I’m not a good cold weather person. I get really whiny and all I want to do is drink hot cocoa. I”m probably not that fun to be around. So, anywhere with a beach is where I want to go. Aruba — I’ve never been there, The Bahamas.”

On the funniest thing that happened on the set of Hatching Pete: “I don’t think anyone really saw it happen, but I tripped really hard core one day. It was over one of the cables and almost fell on my face. I caught myself on my hands and knees and I was looking around, no one saw. Later on, an extra came up to me and asked, ‘Hey, are you okay?’ I was like, ‘Yea, what’s up?’ She was like, ‘I saw you trip earlier.’ I was like, ‘Oh my gosh! I thought no one saw me!’”

Tiffany tweeted after her appearance on Radio Disney: “Just finished radio disney!! Loved it! talking to the fans was amazing! Hangin’ at the Disney building.”

Tiffany Thornton Chats “Hatching Pete”
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