Zac Efron Uses His Noodle

Zac Efron Uses His Noodle

Zac Efron channels his inner Wiggle in this still from a comedy sketch that was cut from this past weekend’s Saturday Night Live.

According to SNL blogger aspirationsofolyvil, “Use Your Noodle” was a kid’s show hosted by Zac, 21, and “Greg who is Not an Alien, as we all know from the Dwayne Johnson episode. He sucks the life out of the youth to survive. It was pretty funny. Bill Hader as Greg is just thoroughly entertaining. Bill Hader as anything, really.”

Another skit that was cut: “Gator World: A few white trash folks drive to see the 18 foot gator at Gator World, but first have to be entertained by Gator World’s owner’s chicks and flamboyant stepson. They sing and dance and do choreography, and it was pretty hilarious to me (at points), overall it was a weak sketch and I knew it would be cut, though I did want to see them sing the classics rewritten to be about Gators again. The Zef really does have a strong voice. The gator was dead at the end, so nobody got to see the gator.”

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  • Katty

    That so does not like look the ‘do for him. I really wanna see his movie tomorrow, and I had plans and all, but it looks like my nephew decided he’s coming around now, bah! he can’t want a day or two? Really! Ugh, I love him though, and if I have to I’ll see the movie next week, still though, I’m hoping for a Saturday morning birth! ha ha, I love Zac!

  • layla

    oh i thought “noodle” ment something else …
    but now i know that its a brain. xD

  • steph

    you can pull off everything…
    even a bright yellow shirt and a green pants….

    i loove you!!

  • lucy

    Wow, wish I could have seen that.
    Sometimes it fustrates me because of how hot he is, he can pull of anything so can vanessa
    They both beautiful! That sounds weird calling zac beautiful but it’s true

  • maichi

    I love him so much. xD
    Ya’ll look wondurfurl.

  • tina

    aaah, i wana see these! =D they should air them anyway (: ahaa.

  • i

    zac efron is soo hot

  • i

    zac efron is soo hot !!!

  • zanessa4everr


  • Steffi Radnan

    hes a triple threat!

  • luv ya nessa

    look at vanessa viset zac after the ny she look soo cute >>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • luv ya nessa
  • ivanka

    too many skits, i wish a have watched this two.. i want the sketch of the foot but is removed from everywhere

  • nikki

    AAWW what a hottiiee<3

  • melissa*

    lol! when i first saw the picture i thought this was something from sesame street! :D like when he was a kid! rotfl. zac is just awesome! (: love him! x3.

  • mrsefron.

    haha cuttteeeeeee! I wish they showed it.

    zac looks good in green pants, he actually looks good in everything i noticed.

  • Marie

    I wounder why they cut out.

  • zanessa/ashnessa

    Aw, why did they not put both sketches in it !? ..OhEmGee..I would have LOVED the skit where Zachary has suspenders. …*drools* ..Zachary in suspenders are soooo hot. Oh, and his hair is very nice there too. :D

  • Jenny

    zac looks really hott

  • Steffi Radnan

    @Jenny: doesnt he always?!?!?!

  • Marie

    I wished they would have left this in.

  • athena

    I wish we could see the skits that were cut…anyone has any footage?

  • Bradley

    I am going to see 17 again tormmor. I am a huge fan of Zac Efron.

  • athena

    @Bradley: Me too…I’m going to see if I can order my ticket on line…the theater where I usually go sells out the latest movies really fast..

  • athena

    Has anyone noticed that some people, well, more like critics are starting to make remarks about Zac’s height? All I know is that he’s taller than me and that makes him tall in my book.

  • zac is a rat

    Notm only did Zac not do a photo with Vanessa but he did’nt even bother to walk into the theatre with him like it has been reported as there is a video amongst many on Youtube from the Premier and it clearly shows Zac walking into the theatre on his own.

    How great a feeling that must have been for V from her bf knowing that only did he not want a photo done with you but also did’nt want to be seen walking into the theatre as well.

  • http://jjj miley

    he is awesome! love him!

  • nicki

    heis reallyhot and sexyBUT green is definitly NOT his colour

  • emma

    @zac is a rat:

    Wow Really!!!
    Who gives $2 about what you say anymore.
    You cleary do not know what a mature relationship is. Zac and Vanessa do not have to be joined at the hip all of the time. I saw the video you were talking about. Did you not stop to think that maybe he did not walk in with Vanessa because of the big crowds outside of the thearte. Grow up please and stop this. JUST GO AWAY. NO ONE CARES.

  • Ann

    This was about Zac and not that reject from the garbage dump.

    Leave him alone.

  • MrS.3froN

    Omg!Ima bigger fan than all you wannabez!!! I actually met him,and not only dreamed about him like you girlz do!!! I camped outside 17 Again to see it,and you call yourselves big fans and you dont EVEN go to his movie the day it comez out!!! Wat a shame…..You probably dont know his birthday and you call yourselves his #1 fan?!?! That is bullcrap!!! I DESERVE HIM! Not you ugly people! Ugh! Bye, LOSERZ!!! See ya on the flipsie.!!! Peace!

>>>>>>> staging1