The Sprouse Twins are Bulldog Boys

The Sprouse Twins are Bulldog Boys

Suite Life on Deck‘s The Sprouse Twins show off their bulldogs to People Pets.

Cole, in purple, is holding Curry the French bull dog (age 1), who loves to cuddle. She was named after Japanese curry, which both boys love to eat!

Dylan is holding onto Bubba (age 3) the English bulldog, who has a big appetite. He was a Valentine’s Day gift from the boys’ dad.

WHO’S CUTER — Bubba or Curry?

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Photos: Peter Yang/People
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  • Lucy

    I remember when i could never tell the difference between them two.
    I love their dogs, i have one really similar to them

  • mine


  • mine

    ”Suite Life on Deck’s”? Jared everyone knows them. lol, love ya!

  • BB

    I absolutely love them till death! :D they’re amazing.


    SO CUTE!!! dylan and cole are so cute!!

  • mine

    Bubba is cuter than Curry! BUBBA ROX!

  • hannah

    Cole and Dylan sprouse rock… :)))))

  • roory

    I didn’t know cole had a dog, i thought it was only bubba

  • Scarlet from the UK

    I think curry is cuter, the one that cole is holding. Absolutely loving the sprouse bros.

    I love watching the suite life on deck & these two are just remarkable, they are two lovely young chaps. Extremely funny & talented.

    I don’t think they get the credit they deserve, these boys deserve a whole lot more. Disney makes shows like hannah montana & the next thing you know, she has a movie that tops the box office.
    (Not that I have anything against hannah montana, it’s a great show) But where is the movie that tops the box office for these two?

    Suite life has been around longer. I think it appeals to a larger audience than hannah montana as mainly girls look up to miley, and with the sprouse bros, they can be looked up to by both boys and girls.

    Come on Disney, work a little harder with these two. They have massive potential more than ever as they are more grown up which means they know what they are doing and they are more hotter, girls would really fall for them and boys would like them as they are funny. :)

    ps. sorry for my long comment. I just think the sprouse bros deserve a huge amount of success.

  • hanni


  • mandy

    neither one of the dogs, the sprouse are cuter

  • Justin G. and Camilla b. 4ever

    curry is cuter. but the boy holding him is even cuter! lol!

  • mine

    @Scarlet from the UK: SLOD beat Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place and Sonny with a Chance in the ratings in the United States in 2008 according to Business Wire:*A1227531600000*B1230163366000*DgroupByDate*J2*L1*N1000837*Zsuite%20life%20on%20deck&javax.portlet.prp_0b2c9a4dd5f89b80977dd367cc87b42f_newsId=20081223005687&beanID=202776713&viewID=news_view_popup&javax.portlet.begCacheTok=com.vignette.cachetoken&javax.portlet.endCacheTok=com.vignette.cachetoken

    The only problem is Disney do NOT care about the Sprouse twins. They barely promote them, The SLOD cast is the most underrated cast in history. Brenda is starting to get media attention but very little. Debby and the Sprouse twins remian beyond underrated. The media just don’t care. I thought it was racial discrimination with the Brenda underrated thing.

    The media is abusing everything, it is unfair how JB, Miley and company get all the attention. The Sprouse twins and Brenda have worked their asses off for the past 17 years to get where they are today. IN the end its worth nothing, the SLOD cast will end up like the One Tree Hill cast. Underrated, and under appreciated. While the Gossip Girl cast gets all the attention. I DEMAND A WAR!

  • SLODfanatic

    I heart dylan sprouse !!!! love from heaven

  • kiki

    they are awesome

  • Lolo

    I love the Sprouse twins, they pawn the Olsen twins.

  • lizzie

    ahhh i love them to death!!! sprouse foreva

    Debby Ryan’s fav band

  • SOS

    I loooove cole and dylan

  • be


  • Kelenafan

    I am obsessed with their shows! :D :D :D

  • mine


  • lily

    the sprouse twins are so effing cute!

  • lily

    both of their dogs are equally cute

  • Scarlet from the UK

    I’m glad to hear that they had high ratings. It just makes Disney look really stupid as if the show had the highest ratings of all the other shows, imagine what would happen if they decided to make a movie or something, fans would go absolutely crazy. Also sorry to pick on hannah montana but I think that show gets all the good guest stars that are really famous, also they promote it more, espeically here in the UK. The sprouse bros have never been in the UK promoting their show or appreared on UK chat shows. I agree with you that the SLOD is under rated, they work so much more harder. It really makes me think that is Disney promoting hannah montana more than SOLD becuase of her famous dad, and more importantly did miley get the part becuase of her dad? I have nothing against miley, it’s just Disney are really favouritising her over other disney stars. I even hear that wizards of warely place will have a tv movie. A TV MOVIE??? Why don’t Disney make a movie that gets a cinema release?? I am sure it will be a huge success as the hannah movie. I do agree with you. We should start a war!!!!!

  • Brendasongfan4eva

    I love Dylan, Cole, Bubba and Curry!!! BTW Curry is cuter than Bubba

  • Karma Couture

    Cole = sexxyy

  • luiza

    like them sooo much.. but in this pic they are kind of gay.. no ofense

  • roory

    bubba is so much cuter than curry

  • GG


  • miles

    OMG! when is their people magazine edition coming out? when will the boys people mag cover come out? its says in the article ”Read more about both boys in PEOPLE’s special issue Zack and Cody: All About the Sprouse Twins, on newsstands now!”

    can JJJ post scans of that? please!!!! i wanna see the cover
    do brenda, debby and phill lewis appear in the edition?

  • lauren

    cole is sooooo hottt
    he is the cutest sprouse no lie

    the magizine has better pictures!!!

  • mine

    @Scarlet from the UK: Agree!!! You are so right. Nothing against Miley/HM. It’s just HM is way too overrated. Miley is everywhere and promoted so much, while better shows get nothing. No promotion. Dylan and Cole and the SLOD cast are barely promoted in the US too. Dylan, Cole and Brenda have been on talks shows, Regis and Kelly, Good Morning America etc. But rarely, once in a year. While Miley goes on these talk shows every 2 months. Disney are taking this way too far. SLOD deserves some ”attention”. The world doesn’t revolve around Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers. Miley is talented, but this she is getting way overrated especially since HM’s ratings are decreasing. WOWP movie would do great, I would die of happiness if a SLOD movie gets released.. I would go crazy!!!! LOL!

  • Dalal

    i had a huge crush on dylan in the 5th grade.. i still do

  • LOVE

    @Kelenafan: me toooo

  • baby

    I adore those twins.

  • leyton

    they r really grounded unlike silly cyrus

  • Sel

    Love Dylan/Cole

  • rin

    I love japanese curry!

  • Scarlet from the UK

    Lol. Glad to talk to someone who agrees with me. You are a really nice person. Thanks, See ya around. x

  • haylee

    omgg cole is love
    they pics in the mag are soo hottt
    they have one of cole prank calling miley or talking to her
    i think COLE LIKES MILEY first he pranks calls her and gave her the BIGGEST hug ever at kca
    what to you guys think

  • mcftd8

    I love Cole Sprouse so muchhh!
    Im gonna marry him ;)
    He is seriously the love of my lifee<3
    I luv him since i was 12, and now im 15.
    I have such a big crush on him L)

  • briannaaa

    I love them now!! lol

    Cole is wearing the same jacket “Sam” wore in iCarly. It looks good on both of ‘em. :P

  • http://deleted lola

    all ‘re so cute
    I love those twins
    I love TSLOD

  • Jordy101234

    I LOVE Cole i use to love Dylan when i was younger but now Cole is HOT and Dylan is NOT! Who agrees with me… And i toatally agree with you about the Miley\HM (mine\Scarlet from UK )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jordy101234

    Sprouse twin if you read these logs, are you dating anyone and has anyone ever owned a Inglish bulldog? They are way BETTER than French bulldogs!!! SORRY Curry u r still so cute, way cuter then the twins!!! OMG! i cant believe i just wrote that! Cause i have a Inglish bulldog named Husker and she is so toatally AWSOME!!!!!!!! so Bubbu you ROCK!!!!!!

  • cayla

    curry is ugly, but i love you cole! bubba is way cuter. i love that he’s a little fatty. lol and i was just thinking how come disney doesn’t make a movie with the two, i would just die, they are really extremely hilarious, and i just to some day join the cast! everyone friggin rocks my socks! lol

  • http://13 margarita

    hi dilann!!!! :* i love you.. ;) …… how are you? :* :* ;) ;)

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