Zac Efron: GQ Outtakes!!!

Zac Efron: GQ Outtakes!!!

Outtakes from Zac Efron‘s cover shoot with GQ have arrived!

In the May 2009 issue, he addresses rumors that he and girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens were getting married in Kauai (he attended his manager’s wedding). He shared, “That was such bull. I’m definitely not getting married. In this business, you’re either getting married or they want you to be pregnant. I’m not getting married until I’m 40. If ever. The thought never crossed my mind.”

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Photos: Peggy Sirota/GQ
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  • YayMe

    sooooo hot XD

  • Lucy

    Shame they aren’t getting married though lol, that would be so cool
    Vanessa Efron :D

  • brianna

    oh why oh why does he have to be
    this gorgeous!

    Screw hot he’s

  • i

    HOOOOTTTT !!!!!!!!!!!
    SEEEXXXYYY !!!!!
    GORGEOUS !!!!
    AMAAAZING !!!!

    I LOVE HIM SO MUCH !!! <3

  • gerty

    love his eyes, and … everything

  • -

    UNTIL HE IS 40 ?!?!?!?!?



  • http://jjj miley

    he looks really hot! love him! :)

  • SO HOT!

  • luv ya nessa

    i hate why he wanna get marry when he be 40 am sure that vanessa gonna be marry some guy and have alot of kids when he be 40 and why he doesnt wanna marry vanessa now ? i think they gonna break up when he be 40 and he gonna be soo old man and not hot

  • lottie

    Yes but then like his next line in the interview was “Or maybe 30!”

    And thirtys probably a perfectly acceptable age to want to get married, especially in the showbiz world of celebrity. Hes just trying to make the point that hes definatley sure he wants to get marie, because divorce in the limelight can be immensley brutal.

  • susan

    so !!!!!!hott!! love him !!!

  • Cals

    ehhh .. hott… hes come a long way from summerland! :D

  • nikki

    wow!!! i love the one where he has a tanktop on!! HIS MUSCLES ARE HUGE!!!!!!! I LOOOOVEEEE HIMMM<3<3!!!

  • tee

    @lottie: Yeah, its strange how JJJ always forget that second line. I really think they’re both tried of everyone asking them when they are getting married. Like he would tell someone in a interview.

  • gracemarie

    Of course the rest of the quote where he changes 40 to 30 in the next line isn’t quoted in the blurb above. No surprise

  • VAshFanForLife

    30 is defintetely the best time!!! I think he’s gonna marry V sometime..
    JJJ can you pls upload the new vanessa candids from april 15??? that would be awesome..

  • pink sugar

    @luv ya nessa:

    Zac does not use his relationship with Vanessa for publicity so take his answer with a “grain of salt”. He’s not lying just he prefers to keep his personal life private. He knows that any response about marriage or dating will be analyze to death by fan so don’t take his magazine or newspaper interviews to heart.

  • asq



  • nikki

    his hair looks weird here. his head looks like it’s too big for his body

  • zanessahsmxoxo

    ha! he says that for now,haha…they are getting married soon =P himmmm

  • 2o0m

    Zac Efron good man and he is my best actros.

  • just me

    wow ,, he has a big head
    i just realized that ,

  • Abdulla

    Zac Efron is good and i like to see him acting

  • adcgordon

    Why didn’t they use the other pic of him balancing on the parking meter. Talk about showing off his muscles, his six-pack is more than obvious in that one!! Whew! :)

    The marriage comment is getting old. Us Zanessa fans are just gonna have to give them time and see what happens 10 years down the road! (Okay, 9 years, Z is 21 already…and yes, I’m hoping for ’30′ not ’40′ for their wedding!)

  • nancy

    His comments make me wonder if they have an open relationship, free to see others, etc. I think it’s obvious from their pictures that they think the world of each other, but they both seem to understand that they have a lot of living to do while they’re still young and Zac doesn’t seem like the type who wants to be linked with just one person. Thoughts?

  • nicole

    I LOVE ZAC!!!! i will marry zac efron!!!! i wanna be MRS.EFRON!!!!!!<3<3!!!!! he is like sssooo HOTTT AND SEXYYYY!!!!!!!!

  • wen

    omg, he looks so hot!

  • tiff

    jj u did this AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!
    uggh now we have 2 go down this road AGAIN!!!!!!!!
    honestly i have a serious feeling that zac was just joking and saying this cause he is fed up with ppl asking him this question over and over

    think about it…

  • ivanka

    oh jares you get on my nerves when you dont post the whole thing.. he said OKAY MAYBE WHEN IM 30=) which is a perfect age in this bussines.. it would be so cool

  • zanessa/ashnessa

    The first picture makes me want to faint. *faints*

    30 is a good age for people to get married. Or maybe around 27. I’m hoping they’ll get married somewhere there.

  • Katty

    Dam he looks fine. I’m going to see his movie tonight!


    I LOVE ZAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    i love zac

  • sophie.x

    OMG…seriously..Okay at first i was shocked Zac had said that…but thinking it over i think he just said that!! He may have got a little annoyed becoz he keeps gettin asked about it!!

    He and Vanessa seem wrapped up in each other, but they have their own personal lives..that we dont do we know those two havent discussed marriage?? …They must talk about the future..but it is possible to be commited WITHOUT marriage!!

    Sure Zac SAID he wud wait till he’s 40 if ever..but he quickly changed his mind to 30..its obvious he’s discussed this before..they both may want to..but their still young…i would LOVE them to get me!! but i think its a good idea to wait..makes them stronger!!

    btw Zac looks hot in these pics :D

    With Love ;)


  • Bri

    Hot. Oddly enough I love his hair in a lot of these photos…sorta RPatz-esk to me…
    Annoys me the “maybe not 40, maybe 30″ comment wasnt in there though…

  • melissa.*

    40?! :O i can’t wait that longg! xD lol, zanessa would have probably broken up by then, but who knows? (; zanessa keep on going strong, but i still can’t imagine it? i mean they dated like at 19, or 18? idk, imagine like 20 years from now? STILL dating? that’s like un-real! (x but true love can last a life time, they’ll get married when their ready. ;D

  • miss zanessa

    wOW!!!! my eyes are burning LOL not really
    but wow!!! this man is soooo frigin hOOOTT
    makes me meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelt hehe

    zac looks so grown up and so damn sexy
    my fav pics are the one where he´s on the top of the truck with white shirt and the one with the stripped shirt… that one is so funny IDK why maybe his face or the fact the people is screaming at him XD one thing is sure this man could cause a traffic jam anytime everywhere LOL

    ooo and i think people is misunderstanding zac´s quote (maybe cuz jared cut it) he doesn´t said he will never get married or that he will until he´s 40 (then he said maybe when he´s 30) so don´t be like “geez poor vanessa he doesn´t wanna marry her” or “40`s too old to get marry” zac´s point is he´s too young to be married NOW and he´s right there´s so much ahead for him and her and as much i wanna see them married i understand, they´re enjoying their lifes right now and that´s cool. TIME WILL TELL

  • Naomi

    He should get into modeling.

  • aw

    He looks amazing, not that he had to try hard for that. GQ did an excellent job with the photo shoot.

  • BabiiVfanforeva

    jared missed out on the line when he changed it to 30..i think would be perfec age or maybe younger cos geez thats a long time for us zanessa fans to wait :P..well 40 seems wat too far away..if he marries nessa at forty they would have been dating eachother for wat..over 20 yrs..thats just not wierd..
    love zanessa and wish them all the best..hope they’ll get married to eachother when they are both ready :)

  • .

    He looks constipated on that picture….

  • Katty

    Saw his movie, it’s amazing!

  • ilovezanessaxo
  • natasha

    thank god he doesn’t want to get married, especially now with her. that will just screw his life up. LMFAO you can go cry now vanessa.

  • athena

    Thanks for these outtakes JJ…I enjoy seeing how other photographers see Zac in their eyes. He’s definitely a 50′s character and he could easily go into many other characters…after seeing 17Again…his actor capabilities truly showed it…although, I knew this from his televsion characters and other films. GREAT FOR ZAC!!! He’s got some heavy contenders going for him on opening night…I hope 17 Again takes the top slot as a feel good…chillax Friday night movie opener.

  • megan

    wow it was just a rumor he doesnt need to go start cusing and jjj didnt finish they interview when he said 40 if not 40 at least 30

  • zanessafan4ever

    These outakes r awesome!!!!!!
    marry at 40?

    anyways he was lookin awesome on American Idol

  • olrato

    woow…zac z js supa fly..

  • Flora

    he is soooooooo HOT XX

  • Peace Love Miley

    rpattz is hotter than him!

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