Debby Ryan: Once A Wildcat, Always A Wildcat

Debby Ryan: Once A Wildcat, Always A Wildcat

Debby Ryan dances around a floating bubble in The Suite Life on Deck‘s special People magazine.

The 15-year-old actress dished to the mag about her acting idol, being a wildcat and her absolute favorite movies. Check it:

On her favorite and least favorite movies: “I quote Talledega Nights all the time. My favorite quote is, ‘I’m going to come atchu like a spider monkey.’ Indiana Jones, Star Wars? Love them. I don’t like romantic movies. Like The Notebook. As a female you’re supposed to love it. It was good but…ugh!”

On going to mascot camp: “I’m a nerd. I was in chess club. I went to mascot camp. In eighth grade I was the mascot of my school: a wildcat. I still have the old costume in my dressing room. It reminds me every day to go big and have energy.”

On co-star Brenda Song: “Brenda Song is like the Disney queen. She is one of my favorite actresses! I just found a journal from when I was in fifth or sixth grade and I wrote, “If I could be best friends with a celebrity it would be Brenda Song.’ It was hysterical!”

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Photos: Michael Lavine via People
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  • harmonygrace

    aww the brenda song thing was sweet.
    debby’s so awesome!!

  • http://justjaredjr amylee

    i love her her character on the sweet life on deck btw how old is she?

  • rosie

    debby is so amazing! she seems so genuine, and she’s adorable! (:

  • gab

    love heer !!!

  • Michelle

    Aw her and Brenda both rock!

  • Katiie

    vanessa is the disney queen

  • Katiie

    still luv brenda though x

  • cc27

    I Love Her Character On Suite Life on Deck, But it has Been a while I Havent seen her :(

    I Hope I Get to See her More :)

  • Madison

    Katie, you are absolutely wrong. Vanessa’s only in HSM, wow, how does that make her a disney queen?

    Brenda’s been in so many disney movies, Wendy Wu, Suite Life, Stuck in the suburbs, Phil of the Future, Get a clue, Like Mike, and so many more movies in disney! SO SHE IS THE DISNEY QUEEN.

    Anyways, Debby’s sweet.

  • tina

    debby is so adorable (: you can tell her dream was to be on disney just like so many other kids and she like genuinely LOVES doing it (: ilherrrr.

  • berrypunch

    @amylee: shes 15… it says that in the article, lol..

  • miLcaheunice

    brenda song is not the disney queen…It’s miley…

    because miley is the highest paid among them all…not brenda!!!

    btw vanessa can be also called as a disney queen..not brenda!!!

  • Melaniee

    I agree Brenda is a Disney Queen. Miley only has Hannah Montana, Vanessa only has HSM. Brenda’s been in allot of Disney stuff.

    To Me it doesn’t matter how much they get paid, Its how much Disney stuff there attached to and therefor Brenda wins.

  • http://justjaredjr cory

    she looks younger than 15

  • http://justjaredjr cory

    @berrypunch: ithink she meant how old like bcause she looks younger than 15

  • Jen

    @Katiie: Pfft, yea rite. Brenda had been in Disney for a long time. Vanessa just been in 1 movie and one special guest as a dumb girl. I mean I like vanessa but Brenda is truly the Disney Queen. I call Vanessa the Sweet Girl in HSM.

  • miLcaheunice

    oh yeah…maybe you’re right guys…brenda has more projects in disney than vanessa or miley.

    but it doesn’t mean she’s the disney queen…I mean come on, her movies is not as big as high school musical and her music is not as good as miley’s music…

    so explain it to me guys…what makes her a disney queen…???

    she’s a moron…Disney should dump her..

    btw…no one has the rights to get mad of me bec. of this comment…i have the rights to say anything I want…

  • mine

    @miLcaheunice: Brenda’s movies broke records at the time of the release. They were ”big” for Disney’s average ratings. I am talking about Stuck in the Suburbs which was sensational for Disney’s ratings at the time before the Musical series. Wendy Wu did not receive out of this world ratings in the US but broke records in the Europe and Pacific Asia according to Neilsen. Wendy Wu is actually really popular in Eastern Asia and South Eastern Asia. When calculating the ”ratings” this does not include the Worldwide rating for the movie, it only includes the USA’s rating. Which is quite unfair considering WW’s ratings worldwide were higher than Camp Rock’s worldwide rating.

    Brenda is the Disney queen, and Brenda hasn’t released any real music, she doesn’t want a music career, she CAN sing but she doesn’t want the career. So how on earth is her music not as good as Miley’s? she hasn’t released any official music.

    Brenda is the queen, miley has only done hannah montana and she doesn’t have the experience and talent, and Brenda’s movies are fairly sensational in the Pacific Asian countries mainly Wendy Wu. Wendy Wu was sensational in Asia, and BTW Wendy Wu never got the promotion HSM got so no wonder it didn’t get 7.7 million viewers. Brenda is strong, passionate, beautiful and amazing! She has a unique lovely and divine personality.

    Anyway Debby is so cute and perky in a good way. I LOVE DEBBY!

  • lolo

    debby is by far the most gorgeous gal ever!!! and i agree brenda is the queen she rox! TEAM DEBBY/BRENDA

  • Lizzie

    I love Debby! :D

  • BB

    Brenda is my acting idol too… lol Debby is great!!!!!

  • SOS

    Awww!!! debby’s so so so cute

  • jorenda

    @amylee: She is 15, it says in the article ”the 15 year-old actress” she is 2 years younger than miley.. nearly 2 years if you calculate it right.

  • Roory


  • jorendaluvver


  • Hannah

    debby is really cute and sweet!!! xD i love her i think that bren is the queen too

  • SLODfanatic

    debby is so gorgeous!

  • Sandy

    Debby is really greatt I heard she was going on tour? anything about dat? CAN’T WAIT

  • de

    vanessa is the Disney queen so SHUT UP!!!!

    Brenda sucks!

  • mine

    @de: Brenda is the queen so SHUT UP!
    vanessa sucks! she has only done HSM, and has 2 failing albums/flops.

  • luna

    she doesnt look tha cute, she is cute but not as cute as a baby! lol

  • Haley


  • la la land

    @de: who is vanessa?

  • la la land

    debby looks awesome!!!! I love her!!! so gorgeous!

  • love

    @miLcaheunice: you are a moron not brenda, and debby rocks!

  • iwanna

    I love debby =)

  • Katiie

    @Madison: i wasnt trying to say a fact that is just my opinion

  • Karma Couture

    deb rox

  • Katiie

    yayy most people agree with me
    v is the disney queen cos hsm made disney channel huge!! And she is really famous
    her and zac are kingand queen of disney :) xx

  • amy

    she is really adorable >3

  • ana.

    i’m a big fan of Debby. I used to be just like her, I mean, being a huuuge Disney fan and everything. I wish I could live her life, I always wanted to be an actress…*.*

  • de

    Mine: vanessa is known wordwide, and brenda isn’t
    vanessa has won A LOT of awards, how many awards has brenda even gotten nominated for??? NONE!!

    So shut up!

  • de

    katie: I AGREE 100% with u!!

    V is the queen and Z is the king!!!

    La la land: Do u live under a rock? Why r u even asking this question?
    EVERYBODY knows who Vanessa Hudgens is. Stupid

  • http://deleted maya


  • http://deleted WANDA

    I love Debby, she’s so sweet
    And i love Bren, she’s Disney Queen

  • dana

    she is so cute!

  • Karma Couture

    LUV DEBBY :)))

  • Sidra

    @Katiie: v is really pretty. Debby is really pretty too, I wish them all the best!

  • blair

    I love you, Debby

  • mine

    he he

>>>>>>> staging1