Legally Blondes on DVD April 28!

Legally Blondes on DVD April 28!

Milly and Becky Rosso hold on to their identical smooth-coat chihuahuas in this new still from their straight-to-DVD flick, Legally Blondes.

The 14-year-old twins star as Annabelle and Isabelle Woods who move from England to California. The duo thought their pink clothes, small dogs and street smarts would make them instantly fit in and feel at home. However, they find they are miles away from the uniform fashions and money-focused power structure of their new prep school. When the school�’s reigning forces turn on the girls and try to frame them for a crime, Izzy and Annie must use their cleverness and charm to clear their names and show the school that in the classroom or the courtroom, they should never underestimate the power of blondes!

Legally Blondes will hit stores on April 28 and premiere on ABC Family this fall.

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Photos: Twentieth Century-Fox
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  • Jen

    Cool! I can’t believe they have their own movie!:D I think being in TSL really made them known. ;)

  • mine


  • BB

    i luv them, the russo twins are so cute! they aren’t paris hilton wannabes in real life. they’re really down to earth and talented. They rocked on the suite life! SLOD rox but its different without them.

  • Sel

    they are cute

  • jessie

    seriously can someone tell me who they are?
    i’m not saying they’re not famous but just i’m from Hong Kong and i don’t know all the star.
    thanks guys

  • !!!

    AWESOME! me and my friends cant wait to watch the movie…i love milly and becky! btw, you guys should check out

    anywayz, those dogs r soo cute!

  • dundies

    way to bastardize the franchise

  • annaaaa

    cool! im so gonna buy the dvd! also, i read that Reese Witherspoon is producing and presenting it and that’s so awesome…like i wanna be on suite life and then the third legally blonde movie with an oscar winner lol

  • annaaaa

    ps. i went on and its cool! i watched the trailer on there….it looks really funny and sweet:) and theres a bunch of other stuff on the site

  • Zanessa Forever–x

    my dad showed me the film review for this and the said it was a……
    lmao … but i don’t know cos i have not seen it but that what the reviewers said tee hee ! x3

  • !

    yeah i saw that bad review but the guy reviewing the movie was like 50 years old!! no wonder he doesnt like a 12 year old girlie movie lol!

    i saw another review and they loved it so idk lol…i saw the trailer and i think it looks awesome!

  • ivanka

    @jessie: they are from the suite life of zack & cody remember the ballroom dancing episode if you ever watch the show

  • Jen

    @ivanka: Is this a Miley update? No. Go to hell.

  • jenicagarcia

    *neighhh* horsies

  • JBfan


    Meeeoooww!! Someone has issues! you poor sad thing LOL!

  • Ashley

    eww, they’re ugy =/

  • http://MYSPACE IZZY


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