Vanessa Hudgens & Alyson Michalka: Bandslam Babble

Vanessa Hudgens & Alyson Michalka: Bandslam Babble

Vanessa Hudgens and Alyson Michalka give into some girly chat in this new still from their upcoming flick, Bandslam.

In the movie, a high school outcast (Gaelan Connell) bonds with a popular girl (Michalka) over their shared love of music results in them assembling a rock group that looks to win their school’s upcoming battle of the bands competition.

Bandslam also stars former Friends star Lisa Kudrow. The movie hits theaters on August 14th.

10+ Bandslam stills inside…

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vanessa hudgens aly michalka bandslam stills 01
vanessa hudgens aly michalka bandslam stills 02
vanessa hudgens aly michalka bandslam stills 03
vanessa hudgens aly michalka bandslam stills 04
vanessa hudgens aly michalka bandslam stills 05
vanessa hudgens aly michalka bandslam stills 06
vanessa hudgens aly michalka bandslam stills 07
vanessa hudgens aly michalka bandslam stills 08
vanessa hudgens aly michalka bandslam stills 09
vanessa hudgens aly michalka bandslam stills 10

  • someone

    can’t wait :P

  • dani


  • uein


  • Kami

    im so excited for this movie!!!!

    Jared, i think you got a type-o

    “give into a some girly chat”

  • Beth

    Vanessa is awesome :D

  • luv ya nessa

    did u see vanessa new photo she look soo hot

    i miss zanessa soo much soo much i hope i see them soon

  • http://jjj miley

    everything looks awesome and i really can’t wait! :)
    vanessa rocks!

  • aw

    @luv ya nessa:

    It is an absolutely gorgeous photo shoot.

  • zanessa4-life

    I cant wait for her film to come out!
    I think it will be great.
    Hope that it’ll release in Germany this year and not next.

    ♥Zanessa♥ :)

  • danii

    owwwn vanessa is so cuute, love her more them everything *—————–*
    froooom brazil o/

  • suzy

    can’t wait to see it.

  • danii

    vaaaaaaanessa is really cuuute *-*

  • Bradley

    Vanessa looks beautiful.

  • Rosa

    Aww nessa ..
    she’s so adorable ..

  • Jen

    I love Alyson!:D I can’t wait to see it! I want to see this movie cuz of her! xP

    Vanessa looks like she’s having fun.

  • dani

    for some people banslam isn’t a big movie but in my opinion is a great movie soooo funny

    i like the cast. simple but cool

  • dani

    vanessa and gaelan make a good couple, but I wonder how it would have been with Liam Aiken

  • jackie

    Awsome i cant wait!!!

  • emma
  • berry

    I’m so NOT interested in seeing this movie :O

  • emma
  • http://zanessa NATI

    I’m anxious to see Vanessa in his new
    seems to be a great movie

  • dani

    aly looks like ashley T

  • cc27

    Vanessa and Aly Look Beautiful! <3

  • awurbii


    have you seen it. wow people are stupid. i can’t tell you how dumb you have made yourself look by posting that comment it is ridiculous. at least give criticism constructively instead of running your mouth. if you don’t want to watch it it is fine but don’t post indecent comments.

  • zanessa•lover•2489

    Vanessa looks so adorable (:
    Can’t wait!!

  • = ]

    THIS movie looks DUMB .

  • Lucy

    I’m definetly going to see it

  • kylee.

    i cant see this movie doing very well…looks stupid.

  • mrsefron.

    …EH, i dont know if it’s movie theater worthyy. maybb rent.

  • emma


    17 again was made 1 year and 3 months ago and now they are releasing it and it is Number 1 in the box office. Get your facts right first.

  • peggy


    All you’ve done is show everyone what a jealous insecure chils you are and that’s what really sucks

  • awurbii

    i was originally worried about his movie but from the trailer the movie actuallty looked pretty alright. i don’t want to pass judgment as i have not seen the film but it seems like a pretty fun indie’kinda flick. i know that it tested well with screen audiences so it makes me want to take the time to go and watch it. i’m waiting for the next trailer to be released because the first one didn’t tell much about the storyline.

  • ilovezanessaxo


    HAHA^ I am kinda kidding with that, but Vanessa is definitely going to rock out in this movie, and she will be amazing. She’s so talented, pretty, funny, and sweet. GO V!!!

  • Vfan

    I can’t wait to see this movie I hope it gets enough promotion I know her other movies like SP will.

  • ilovezanessaxo

    comment if you love zanessa

  • Katty

    I’m not sure how this movie will do, because I think Vanessa could have done better in chosing her next movie, but because she is in it I’ll go see it. I hope it’s good, and I will def go see Sucker Punch if she is in it, along with Dead@17!
    Love you V!

  • Cheyenne

    Yes! Ryan Donowho is in it… He plays the drummer. I love him. He’s so talented. :]

  • http://justjaredjr cory

    @Paloma: wtf is your problem

  • http://justjaredjr cory

    @Paloma: what is your problem you didn t saw the movie so why whould it be crap

  • Paloma


    Let me have my own opinion!

  • Paloma


    I hope you don’t expect me to rpely with some nasty comment because I was raised with something called class, something you’ll never have!

  • de

    #41 u have class?! Lmao

    Right honey, of course u do. I can totally see that with the things u write.

    Love u V!! This movie is gonna ROCK!

  • Paloma


    Let me have my own opinion!

  • zanessa4ever.colombia

    wujuuu yup yupp i cnat wait to augustt:)

  • Paloma


    stfu and let me have my own opinion. I am not insecure. You can believe anythign you want but at least i’m not a piec eof crap like you!

  • fan

    Paloma sound like you have very young childish mind and cannot take what you dish out to other. If you insult and disrespect others, you should be able to take insults to yourself back. Remember the old saying “what you do or say to others, in returns, it will happen to you 10 times more”. You already stated your opinion and should have left the this thread and move on to other celebrities threads.

  • mj

    @Paloma: You just another pathetic child who follows every Vanessa thread because you can’t help yourself. Pure jealousy, nothing more. You can’t really have an opinion on a movie that hasn’t been release yet. You even came on one thread and said you saw it, what a loser.

  • Paloma

    i di@mj:

    I never said I saw it bitch! Leave me alone!

  • Bradley

    I can’t wait to see Bandslam.

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