Selena Gomez Has Joey Moments

Selena Gomez Has Joey Moments

Selena Gomez gets a great big hug from her Ramona costar Joey King.

The 16-year-old has been tweeting about her new movie and it’s cast from Canada. She wrote, “Everyday I’m having Joey ‘moments’ I will share with you guys. I’m spending everyday with this little girl who makes me smile, Joey King.”

One of the several moments: “I high-fived Joey and I hit her hand too hard that she yelled in front of our whole crew, ‘Ow your puberty ring hurt me!!’”

The cast wrapped their first week of filming on Friday night and to celebrate, they went to the movies. Wonder which flick they saw — was it 17 Again or Hannah Montana?

Bigger pic inside…

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  • Paloma


  • Paloma

    I loved when Joey King was on a suite life episode! she was incredibly hilarious! i coudln’t stop laughing! definitely watching the movie:)

  • ella1170

    She is soooo adorable!!!!
    I’m sooooo watching the movie.

  • jo

    Joey is TOO cute! I;m not a big Selena fan, but I do like her style.

  • keyla

    omg joey looks like selena there, lol

  • z

    selena said it was 17again.

  • TV

    Wow, Selena’s first feature film in theaters! This is gonna be her year of success.

  • aw

    According to her twitter-17 Again.

  • leigh

    I’m so stoked for this movie.

  • sean84

    well she said they saw 17 agin butt well hannah montana the movie is much better i wanna see it lol

  • Megan

    Woot! Cool this kid is adorable and I love the name joey for a girl now. Canada rockkkksss :D

  • arantxa

    Joeeeeey (L) :)

  • nickj0nas

    17 AGAIN:D

  • Andrea

    omg so cute!

  • sarah

    Aw! She’s so cute!

  • mia14

    Joey looks like a mini Selena, lol!

  • Rachel

    awww….so cute….they went to see 17 again!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sue-Hailey

    Selena and Joey looks like sisters.

  • mochi

    wow. someones jelous! hahaha!
    *cough *cough… #19

  • redspider

    Kevin, you need therapy. you seriously need therapy. Selena doesn’t hate Miley and Miley doesn’t hate Selena. So whats with all the drama you’re talking about? You are sick, go get help!

  • wandaland

    Uh, Kevin you’re stupid.

    1. Selena didn’t say that. Demi did.

    2. Maybe Selena forgot to follow her? There are tons of other possibilities, you just can’t automatically accuse her of being “fake” just because of THAT!

    3. Have you ever thought that maybe Selena usually talks to Miley on the phone or through text messages?

    4. Selena never said that. You can’t believe in everything you read.

    5. Maybe because she already saw the Hannah Montana movie, now she went to see 17 Again.

    You are hating her for stupid, illegitimate reasons. You are so dumb!

  • Zekemaster

    @kevin: What kind of a guy are you lol?… The whole Miley vs. Selena fued is just dumb sh*** and not something us guys should get all worked up for. Just know that Miley and Selena are BOTH cute and stay away from the girl drama dude. seriously :D

  • Adam

    @kevin: STFU you dumbass Miley fanboy! Selena is a lot more real than your queen Miley will ever be. You clearly have no life. So do us all a favor and jump in front of an oncoming truck.

  • TV

    #19, your pretty good at thinking of 5 things that say to defend Miley, your favorite teen queen. Now think of 5 things to defend the your favorite football team. Go! lmfao

  • Meagan

    @TV: Burn lol

  • vanessa

    ahahah kevin so jks!! i agree with sam. i think he won this battle. and i like selena but she does seem to act like a fake at times.

  • Car-lee

    TEAM KEVIN!!! lol selena’s such a fake

  • matt

    i agree with the crazy Miley fanboy lol if Selena was a good friend of Miley’s she wouldn’t have dated nick in the first place.

  • tori

    That’s right Kevin, its your OPINION and you’re allowed to speak your mind. but that’s what it is, an OPINION…not a fact. So why are SO sure that Selena is really as bad as you say? You don’t know Selena, you don’t know what she’s like. But there are other people (Demi, Taylor Swift, FTSK, Drew Seeley, David Henrie, etc. etc,) who personally knows her and they all said great things about her! So I’d rather believe in what they say about Selena, cause they are the ones who truly knows her…unlike you.

  • Mary-Jayne

    @kevin: I’m hoping you realised that you are fighting with a bunch of fans. In your rant you can’t even use proper grammar yet you think you’re so high and mighty compared to everyone else on this post.
    I’m all for freedom of speech but why you need to bring Miley Cyrus into a Selena Gomez post, one where she hasn’t even been mentioned in, is beyond me.
    What are you? 11? You put smiley faces on the end of your “points” and you call Selena a fake? You basically are trying to shred other people to pieces but add a smiley face in the hopes of showing that not only are you smarter and wiser and have done your “research” but you’re also a total ass with a smiley face at the end.
    The other readers also have a right to their posts and maybe they are right. You don’t know who those people are on the other side of the computer. They could be Dwayne Johnson for all we know.
    So why don’t you grow up and do something better in your life than tearing apart not only celebrities but other people.

  • wandaland

    1. I did do my research. It was Demi.
    2. I’m just saying that there are other possibilities.
    3. So maybe they don’t talk that much, so what? That doesn’t mean they hate each other.
    4. And YOU can’t assume that she did.
    5. Selena doesn’t have to mention everything she does in her life. She probably saw the Hannah Montana movie, but didn’t say anything about it.

    I’m sorry, but you hate her for the most stupidest reasons. Jeez…

  • Ashlie

    @Adam: No need to wish death upon someone dear.

    @kevin: You give Miley fans a bad name. Act more mature, damn. And I doubt you’re even a guy. You’re probably like 12 years old. Stop telling people to learn how to spell. You can’t even spell yourself. Yes, I’m a HUGE miley fan but come on seriously. Act more mature.

  • Just Jill

    Kevin’s comments have been removed. Comments like that will not be tolerated on this site.

  • Adam

    @Just Jill: Thank you! I don’t hate Miley, but I do hate her obsessive fanboys.

  • lindze aly-lynn

    i used to love those books! even though i havent read one in probly 6 years i am stoked about the movie! joey is so cute!

  • LMAO

    nd yea i think they look like sistersa
    it’s gonna b a great movie

  • sammy


  • Jerry#1

    Kevin, your father must be so proud. BE A MAN AND LEAVE THOSE GIRLS ALONE!!! Selena and Miley are at an age and in a situation where things are awkward in their life and they are figuring out who they are and who they trust. They don’t need guys (and girls) like you to make it harder for them to grow up. Go watch some football and lay-off the gossip.

  • a.m./p.m.

    @Just Jill:THANK YOU THANK YOU! We don’t need scums to invade this prestigious Just Jared site. Selena is a goddess but she is also human. no one should talk to her like that.

  • vanessa

    wow some one has issues cough cough #39, HAHA a godess? dont even say that, theres only one person here that is a “godess” and its none other then GOD. so dont even bring that girls name and call her a GOD cause that right there should be a sin. and you kids need to grow up and let the freaking kid have his own opinion.


    ahh how cute …. selena looks incredible

  • DemiFan

    You go Kevin ! :D You Go!

  • carmen

    woooow all of you girls are hypocrites saying he’s fighting with you guys and writing stupid messages defending miley, like seriously, let the poor kid give his own opinion. PLUS i bet 9/10 of you have done the same, but are just to afraid to admit it. you guys need to do some serious growing up. and i mean from numbers #19-34. like i think Selena’s talented but like #40 said, we dont know her that well. and im not going to defend some chick that could be a b**ch for all we know. i still love you selena :)

  • carolina

    EXACTLY all you kids need a life, im 16 and i LOVE selena and miley, but seriously leave the poor kid alone (kevin) its his freedom of speech he didn’t ask for none of your suggestions or anything, so all of you need to chill. im not going to lie, i thought it was mean what he wrote, but what if he has a point. all of you kids should get into some school work.

  • carolina

    all you kids need a life, im 16 and i LOVE selena and miley, but seriously leave the poor kid alone (kevin) its his freedome of speech he didnt ask for none of your opinions or anything, so all of you need to chill. im not going to lie, i thought it was mean what he wrote, but what if he has a point. seriously all of you kids should get into some school work.

  • Zekemaster

    @vanessa: There’s a difference between God and a goddess. a goddess is what you call a gorgeous girl you are in love with. God, capitalized, is God. Don’t misinterpret and then go blab your mouth.

  • a.m./p.m.

    @vanessa: I didn’t mean she was GOD. I refer to her as a goddess because, as a guy, I think she is just the perfect girl: cute, talented, and nice (I’m 17 btw). No need to get religion into this. Besides, I’m Christian myself. If you were a good Christian at all you wouldn’t support people who say such sinful things about a person, a person they don’t even know in fact.

  • BillyGoat:)

    @vanessa: Oh STFU!! #39 didn’t mean it like that and you know it. Weren’t you the one that commented a few ours ago that you think Selena is fake? Yeah, that’s not a sin at all. Zip your ass tight cuz you don’t know sh*** about Christianity.

    Grow up yourself…

  • Adam

    @vanessa: Just so you know, there is a right opinion – one that builds upon correct information – and a wrong opinion – based upon ignorance or misinformation. Sorry, but Kevin’s opinion was based upon ignorance and misinformation.

  • Maisie

    Does anybody knows how old is joey king? shes so cute!

>>>>>>> staging1