Ashley Tisdale & Scott Speer: Dating?

Ashley Tisdale & Scott Speer: Dating?

Ashley Tisdale enjoys some quality time with her rumored new boyfriend, music video director Scott Speer, on Saturday (April 18) in Malibu, Calif.

Scott, 26, has directed Ashley, 23, in four of her music videos — “He Said She Said,” “Suddenly,” “Not Like That,” and the upcoming “It’s Alright, It’s OK” (the first single from Ashley‘s upcoming album Guilty Pleasure).

Speer has said, “Ashley is an exceptionally talented artist and a great person to work with.”

The news of Ashley‘s split with V Factory band member Jared Murillo came earlier this month.

Ashley Tisdale & Scott Speer: Dating?

10+ pictures inside of possible-couple Ashley Tisdale and Scott Speer

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Photos: RIV/Fame Pictures
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  • Ashlye

    I want jashley back.

  • kayla

    they’re ok i guess

  • TV

    How does he kiss her? On his knees? lol

    He’s looks good and she looks good but together she looks like his little sister. bad match

  • natasha

    well i think that we should just leave it to ashley to choose who she should be with whether its jarod or scott

  • zanessa/ashnessa

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, ok, hold up, HOLD UP.

    …Ok…now I honestly do not know what to say about this…after seeing the video…I’m not sure what to believe. Either true or a rumor. ..He looks good though, he’s really tall..and he kinda looks like Drew Seeley in pic #6…

    But I miss Jashley. …Jashley sounds so much better than Sashley,
    (i need to get over the fact that Jashley is over, but I can’t…)..either way, I still support Ash. And I might get used to this couple, IF the rumor is true.

  • zanessa

    whoa she looks tiny next to him… how old is this dude? bad match

  • mandy

    Ashcott is the name for them

  • lenize

    They are ok I guess..

    He’s a bit to tall i mean she is wearing heals and still looks really tine..

    but its up to Ashley to decide who she shud date

  • Rosa

    GOSH ..
    she’s really so tiny and he’s so huge ;p
    #6 zanessa .. he’s 26

  • danielle

    Totally agree with #6. If you’re a true Ashley Tisdale fan then you’ll just want her to be happy. If she’s with this guy and happy then good for them. If not then that’s fine also. Best of luck to Ashley with the new album.

  • rissa

    lolz. honestly, they look like really good friends. they don’t look like a couple. but i could be wrong. anyways, he looks WAY better than jared. just saying…haha!

  • lili

    OMFG hes sooooo frkn talllL!!!…
    he looks like a giant next to her…
    they look very cute together though…despite the extreme height difference….sorry….i just cant get over it..ahah

  • Allie

    i love Ashley but, they don’t look THAT good together.

    the dude is a GIANT, i swear….

  • Selena

    the guy looks down at her, and she looks up. HEIGHT DIFFERENCE.

  • Jen

    @zanessa/ashnessa: Let’s wait until Ashley or Scott (or anyone) confirmed it.

    If they are dating then I’m happy for them and if Ashley doesn’t date him, I might fly there to ask him out. ;) lol, JK.

    I like cuz they are very positive about this post. xD You should’ve seen them commenting funny things.:P

  • miLcaheunice

    I’m so happy that ashley got a new bf…

    they’re so cute together…btw height doesn’t matter…and besides the guy is taller not the girl…!!! haha…

    I love u ashley…

  • Jen

    @lili: Lol, I know.xD Hopefully Ashley will get taller.:p

    Btw, the it’s great to see Ashley “dating” an older guy. :)

  • katie

    =( i miss jashley!!!!!!!


    YOU ARE MY QUEEN <3333333

  • Ella

    Ooo la la!! Haha hes tall but I mean she is only like what 5’3″?? Thats pretty short.

    Loved #3 comment haha!

  • http://yahoo e

    I think its better that the guy is older than the girl.They seem to be comfortable with each qther.Good for Ash.Happy for her.

  • crazyi


  • steph

    the guy is hyuuge!!!!!!!
    he looks like drew seeley…

  • mictropical

    at least this one drives.
    she always drove jared.
    now its vise versa.
    and someone more mature.

  • identified

    wow .. that was so fast !!
    she changes boyfriends like outfits !!
    well .. at least this one is older than her .. but WAY much HUGER !!

  • http://jjj miley

    i don’t think ashley will go into another relationship so fast, but… if she’s happy! :)

  • kara

    i hope she’s not dating him or my respect for her is gone for moving on so fast

  • aria

    haha whoa it seems im not the only one who thinks that he’s super tall, yet super hot XD

  • Jannii

    She’s so cute and he’s sooo tall. *lol*
    It looks kinda cute. =D
    Whatever main thing is that they’re happy….

  • headstrongshiho

    OMG, Jen I love the comments at too, they’re just sooo funny and positive

  • Tweet

    oh I love ashley, but i dunno why ahmm i dont like scott for him, haha
    Well, if ashley loves him, then i will be happy for her… =]
    but i hope ashley will be single for a while, I want her to be link with somebody….

  • Megan

    I heard on celebuzz that they were seen in the club h.wood together and she gave him a lapdance. And they left together. But they are an ok couple. He’s really tall though.

  • lara

    My life, Jashley! ♥
    But, if she’s happy with scott, what can I do?
    if she’s happy, I’m happy :D

  • ashnessa fan

    i think the height difference between them is cute LOL, and love how he puts his hand on her back, adorable.

  • twilight__bitch


  • ash rockz

    C’mon Guys!
    Why can’t they just hang out together, without rumors?
    Maybe they’re just friends.
    And if they’re dating I’m happy for Ash when she’s happy (:
    The height difference isn’t a big problem I think.
    Love is Love (:

    btw: She looks super hot <3

  • ELLÄ

    Jared was cuter

  • Nina Caplan

    hope thei’re datiiiing. <3

  • pop86

    He looks like a tall Drew Seeley. LOL

    A music video director is a step up from a back-dancer in a struggling boy-band. At least, the director can afford the trips to Hawaii.

  • dany

    Oddio! scoot is super hot! jared beat him! Ashley is truly beautiful and wonderful as usual and I would be happy to see her with that scoot is really a nice guy … although a bit too loud XD. I hope that if you are really comes together as a picture of you two kissing! hahah

  • att

    I’m happy for Ashley either way…new boyfriend or just friends? I still love Ashley and I can’t wait to see her new music video! But I gotta say the guy is a giant compared to Ashley lol and she’s even in heels! As long as she’s happy then I’m happy!

  • ,elina

    I think ash looks good but she not pretty…definitly not! she ok though….but ohh boyy shes waaay to hin ….and he well hes cute…but damn tall ahahha

    I personally thik ashley turned in one of that hollywood girls with her tan and her new body….shes not the ashley we used to know anymore…&& shes not even friend with her so loved zac and vanessa(Im LOVE them) anymore….

  • erin

    It’s obvious they’re dating. He bought her flowers, she’s holding onto his arm, every time they’ve been pictured together they’ve had huge smiles on their faces.
    I’m happy for her, they’re cute.
    And who cares if she’s moved on fast, it’s been like a month and they can’t help it if they’re attracted to each other.
    Jared seems perfectly happy being single too so I doubt he’s too affected by their dating
    In Touch is even reporting that Scott is supposed to direct VFactory’s new video. I don’t know if that’s true, but if it is, that kind of shows Jared is cool with it.

  • Zanessa Forever–x

    his shirt says “Howe Fast” yeah how fast indeed,
    gosh she has just split up with Jared ! x
    and my god is he huge or what :O ! x

  • palma

    i think they look good together.

  • Jen

    @kara: Oh for the love of god, many people move on “fast”. You don’t know when Jashley broke up. They may broke up months ago.

  • vic

    they look great ^^

    lovely! :D

  • ashley tizz truefan

    i dont think so.. maybe is a rumor !!
    but he is hot !!

    they start to talk in portuguese on the end haha what was that?

  • jane


  • agnes


    I think they are a cute couple!!!

    I just love to see ashley with this beautiful smile that makes everyone smiles. If she is happy, I’ll be happy too… ‘Cause just her happyness matter!!!