Hannah Montana Meets Wizards Meets Suite Life

Hannah Montana Meets Wizards Meets Suite Life

Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez are ready to board the S.S. Tipton!

You heard right! Three of Disney Channel’s most popular shows — Hannah Montana, The Wizards Of Waverly Place and The Suite Life On Deck — are teaming up for one giant crossover episode.

JJJ can exclusively report that the Russo family (Wizards) are going to be taking a family vacation to Hawaii on the S.S. Tipton and cross paths with Hannah Montana and the troublesome twins (Suite Life on Deck).

Disney’s first attempt at a crossover episode aired in 2006 titled, “That’s So Suite Life of Hannah Montana” — a cross between That’s So Raven, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and Hannah Montana.

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Photos: Craig Sjodin/Disney Channel, Bob DAmico/Disney Channel
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  • kayla

    so excited about this! mileeeeeey!

    mikayla/alex russo

  • jane

    first! cant wait!

  • jane


  • Sarah

    OMG that’s really smart of Disney!
    To put two best watched Disney shows in one
    and together with TSLOD is even better!
    AMAZING can’t wait to see it!

  • Adam

    @kayla: Don’t forget about Gwen that Selena guest starred as on the Suite Life.

    Mikayla/Alex Russo/Gwen

  • http://www.meebo.com Jen

    so no ashley?

    oh well. btw, sounds awesome!:D

  • jo

    Was this filmed yet??

  • Rachel

    Not so excited…..for obvious reasons!!! love Suite life and wizards!

  • lili

    i loved that’s so suite life of hannah montana, and i’m sure i’ll love this. <3 hannah montana + anything is great, to be honest. i love that show.

  • J

    Should’ve included Sonny with a Chance in this crossover ep.

    I would have loved to see a catfight between Tawni, Lilly/Lola, and London!

  • Alex

    when does this come out im so excited they put all the things i love into 1 show. its like heaven on earth.

  • Alex


    sonny witha chance probably isnt old enough it doesnt even premiere here till the 27th disney channel in NZ is way too slow

  • http://www.meebo.com Jen

    WOWP ~ Magic
    HM ~ Secretive
    TSLOD ~ Wackiness

    Magic+Secretive+Wackiness= Mackiness



    Magic+Secretive+Wackiness= FUN!:D

  • Anonymous

    um.. What character would Selena go as?

  • tina

    aah, this is guna be so good! =D

  • katie

    lol, sounds like a fun episode :) i loved the first crossover, i’m sure i’ll love this one too. wizards isn’t my favorite, but i love hannah and was really pleasantly surprised by suite life on deck (much better than the original imo).

  • http://jjj miley

    can’t wait to see it! :)

  • http://www.youtube.com/UniqueMakis Mkaaa

    I’m gonna share this AMAZING crossover idea for the Disney shows. Disney, feel free to, and please steal it.

    The Lucas Brothers (aka JONAS) have a guest appearance in So Random (SWAC). There, Kevin becomes friends with Tawni, Nick hangs with Nico and Grady and, yes, Joe hangs with Sonny. Which makes Chad jealous, making him invite some girl from the audience to guest star on Mackenzie Falls. This makes Sonny jealous, of course, so they fake-date this girl and Joe. Blah blah, end of the episode.
    The PERFECT time to air this? Right before Camp Rock 2 premieres

    The problem is I can’t have Selena Gomez in there, because she was already on Sonny with a chance. So what do we do? Have the Lucas Brothers, while on tour, stop by Wizards’ Waverly Sub Station. Where you can have Harper swoon over Kevin, Joe become friends with Justin and Nick have the eyes for Alex.
    The PERFECT timing to air this? I don’t really know, but let’s make a wild guess and say before Selena’s second album release.

    So, yes, I know I left Hannah Montana out of it, but I don’t really like that show, and it doesn’t actually need any more publicity than having Miley herself.

    What do you guys think?? I’m pretty proud of my idea!! :D

  • lostinyureyes;;

    Sorry guys, I may be the “party pooper” here but I’d rather not have this. The first crossover, “That’s So Suite Life Of HM” was the best one. The Wish Upon A Star one was okay, but it didn’t feel appealing to me. I mean, sure I’ll watch this one, but none can top TSSLOHM. IMO, of course. :/.

  • saudia

    yay .. love the crossover episodes !!

  • Emilio

    This will be extremely awesome! I can’t wait for this, my 3 favourite shows altogether can only be ridonculously excellent!

  • kirsty



  • http://www.youtube.com/UniqueMakis Mkaaa


  • Lia

    OMG!! Can’t wait to watch this!!

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Cody mistakes Alex for Gwen and Hannah mistakes her for Mikayla lol

    Anyway, this sounds great!! XD

  • kpmd

    yay this should be good. ahah but its gonna be weird seeing selena with hannah montana because she was mikayla first before wizards even came out. lol

  • sam

    well i think since the jonas were on hannah they need put hannah on the jonas brother show now! that would be the most view show of all time!

  • Abi…x

    i dont get it what character would selena b?? as she made apperances on suite life AND hannah montanna???? hmmmmm not sure about this one :s

  • mileyhilaryvanessarf

    Guys, this won’t be cool, cause in HM’s world Selena is already Mikayla, so if Miley Stewart meet Alex, she HAS TO think it’s Mikayla!! And David is the little boy of That’s so Raven, he van’t be Justin!!

  • sean84

    well dats so cool i cant wait 2 see dis nd well they shood hav included sonny wiff a chance cuz i luv dis show lol nd well selena is gunna be alex russow i fink lol?

  • kirsty



  • http://www.youtube.com/user/izabella1992 izabella

    how will that work out, I mean Selena already has a caracter in Hannah Montana, Mikayla! well, it’s probably going to be awesome :)

  • Vìtto;

    can’t waitttt!!

  • http://s290.photobucket.com/albums/ll244/ILoveNickJonas715/ Ms.JoeJonas1989




  • elizabeth (soon to be jonas :)

    nick falling for alex ?!?
    no wayy nick is my mannn
    thats a cool idea though, they should do that!

  • http://missash-missmiley.blogspot.com/ *Pri*

    Oooooh, it’s supeeeeer *-*
    i cant wait!

  • Orls

    OMG i can’t wait for this!
    They’re my 3 favourite Disney shows :]<3

  • mm

    selena’s even going to be on sonny

  • p

    wait the episode of sonny with a chance with selena gomez
    that hasnt aired yet right?

  • nessa

    what about sonny with a chance?

    demi is probably too busy to do it!

  • sam

    two words
    fuck – YES

  • Meagan

    Sonny with a Chance is not as good as Hannah and Wizards. But it is better than SLOD. I miss the original Suite Life. Wow, Selena and Miley together agian? TEEN QUEEN DOMINATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ah…I remembered Disney Channel was really good during summer 2006, especially with the successes of HM and HSM. This year is gonna be another success but with PPP, Wizards, and the Wizards Movie!!!!!!! Wooooo

    So Hot Summer is back!

  • whatever

    wizards of waverly place is the best disney show ever
    i love selena

    suite its funny too

    hannah montana : not so much !! ..well miley is a slut so that doesnt help either way …..

  • Jennifer

    wow cant wait!

  • Zekemaster

    Selena is on Princess Protection Program
    Selena will be on Sonny with a Chance
    Selena will have a crossover with HM and SLOD (SO F****ing excited for this one!)
    Selena is starring Wizards the Movie
    Selena has an album out
    Selena dolls are in stores soon

    #41, It’s not So Hot Summer 2009. It’s Selena Summer 2009.


  • berrypunch

    this is gonna be awesome but what about gwen an mikayla??!?!?

  • Jasmine

    I think it’d be better if it was a HM, TSLOD, and Sonny with a Chance, or JONAS Crossover.
    WOWP and Selena Suck!!

  • Duma

    #44 has said it ALL. lol Selena 09. it is her year. no hater can say otherwise.

  • Victoria

    yay! so excited love HM and wowp

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/VanessaMlieylover Miley

    @Abi…x: I tots agree with you!

    I”ll be super happy when Miley is in the Jonas Show!

  • Duma

    #46 why are you lying to yourself. i love the jonas brothers but JONAS looks like its gonna suck. and sonny with a chance are you serious. haha have you seen the acting in that show. this crossover is gonna be awesome because its gonna have the BEST three disney shows thats on air right now. you can hate selena i dnt care but WOWP is like the top favorite show on disney its first place with HM. so dnt click on a post if it has a show or person you hate on it. simply as that and if it has more than one topic, well comment on the topic you like not the one you dont. mkay.

>>>>>>> staging1