Joe Jonas: Repeat Outfit Offender

Joe Jonas: Repeat Outfit Offender

A solo Joe Jonas arrives at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Sunday (April 19).

Last Tuesday, the 19-year-old Jonas brother wore the same exact outfit to support pal Zac Efron at the 17 Again premiereNeil Barrett leather jacket, LNA v-neck tee, Acne jeans and All Saints UK boots.

On Saturday, Joe also wore the same jacket and jeans while performing at the Bahamas concert.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of celebrities wears the same clothes more than once?

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  • kim-kim

    who cares! anyone who cares about this really needs to get a life. so what he wore the same clothes again. he’s human.

  • jesssssss

    lol – who cares ive done it.. at least he washed it ???

    gorg anyways ;D

  • crzymayyoo


  • LYnnie

    that doesnt even look like joe ):
    i still love him though <3 and who cares if celebs wear the same outfit more than once or twice? it shows that they dont waste money to buy something they may never wear and plus he looks hot in that (:
    i love the jonas brothers <3
    cant wait for may 2nd

  • rosie

    whether he wore the same outfit or not, he’s still perfect.

  • dancedance

    i would say ‘leave him alone’ if I didn’t really hate his washed out jeans. i hate them and his boots. with soooo many nice shoes he has.

    he still looks good, though :)

  • Just Jono

    It’s better wearing an outfit more than once than getting a new outfit each day.


    And??? whatever…he’s soooooo handsome….and look great…

  • b.mofasho

    leave him alone hes human!

  • Rachel

    i think its great that stars are outfit repeaters it makes them more human and not divas. :)
    like i hate those pages in the tabloids where it says “STARS ARE JUST LIKE US !” they go grociery shopping, they pump their own gas, they walk their dog.” like.. i dont care. =P lol

  • Victoria

    i dont think its that big a deal, because normal people like us do it, and since celebs would like to be treated like normal, i think it fine!

    i sure know i do it A LOT haha!

  • shae

    Who cares, hes a guy, its known to happen lol. I love his glasses!

  • elise – aussie girl

    how about it meaning that he’s normal like the rest of us, celebs are normal ppl to jus in the spotlight!
    he looks tired and drawn out though

  • jb fanaticc

    who cares,
    i do that, i mean if i find an outfit that i really like, then i might end up wearing it for like, a week…lol
    anyyway, i dont really like his new hair a lot…but he can change if he wants, but his old hair was better
    love u joe, nick and kevin
    (and btw nick is ma fave jobro, even though i love all of them)

  • annie

    joe jonas used to be so much cuter when he was 18.
    now i don’t see what girls see in him, i really don’t.
    the jobros are really not that big of a deal,
    well nick IS cute but that’s it.

  • Tiffany

    wearing the same clothes more than once, only shows that they’re human, just like the rest of us.

  • stacy

    this only makes me think more of him, everyone who is human wears an outfit more than one time and why do you care do you not have anything better to do.

  • Becca


    ahhh good old lizzie mcguire

  • Faith

    Who cares if they wear the same outfit twice!
    It just shows that they are human and they have
    better things to do then spend their hard earned money
    on clothes!

  • shawn

    he’s human.
    people wear the same clothes all the time.
    I don’t think joe actually cares.

  • Montse

    I think it’s normal. They ARE humans you know? Plus it just lets people know that they don’t really care what people think of their clothing habits.

  • anonymous

    as long as its clean and washed, who cares….

    and he coul’ve changed a couple things like jacket or a diif shirt. but doesn’t matter

  • KarlaCULLEN

    Who cares? It’s clothes!!! Get over it. Seriously.


    maybe he’s pulling a dan radclif, wearing he same outfit so the paparazzi can’t get any ‘new’ shots. it would be a pretty smart idea. and it seems like something joe would do.

  • zanessa/ashnessa

    ..I’m pretty sure all of us have repeated our own outfits. I know I have. And yeah…who really does care ? Joe manages to look cute in it. I like those sunglasses that Joe’s wearing too..

    @Becca: LOL.

  • S

    Who cares, just once he washes it. Celebrities can wear the same clothes whenever they like except at awards shows.

  • dania

    As long as he washed it (:

  • priyanka

    I say you shouldn’t judge people on what they wear. I know so many people who should be famous for the work they do and THEY wear the same clothes. A person isn’t created by what they wear, it’s by how they act. I also think it’s a smarter moving and showing fans that you don’t have to spend and waste your money on clothes that you’ll wear once…wear them again. I agree with others…leave Joe alone. It’s his choice weather or not he cares about what he wears. If he does, I’m happy for him, if he doesn’t I’m cool with that.

  • alee

    Who cares? Joe don’t. ;)

  • Chelsea

    i’m cool with it.
    he just needs to get rid of those ugly man boots.
    they dont go well with skinny jeans.
    haha, just my opinion.

  • melanie

    Simon Cowell probably makes 10x what the Jonas Brothers make, and he wears the same outfit all the time! =) lol

    I don’t know about Joe’s new hair style though . . . I think the curly-hair-look looks better on his brothers than it does on him. =/

  • Kristina

    Who cares really? just because he is a star he cant wear something more then once? I am sure you guys wear something more then once and I am sure he washed it. I think it is cool when celebs wear something more then once it shows that they arent stuck up rich people because only stuck up people only wear their clothes once then throw them out. So yeah who cares that he wore it more then once if you guys stop stalking celebs you wouldnt even notice

  • kelsi


  • jonas

    who cares!?!
    We all do it. Just because they’re
    celebs doesn’t mean they need new
    outfits everyday.

  • Kate b

    it proves that he’s normal like everyone else!! seriously?!?!?! EVERYONE wears the same outfit more than once. How the hell is this “news”?!?!?!

    Get a life!

  • kaka

    i think its cool he’s wearing the same thing :)

  • andrea JONAS(:

    if he didn’t wear the jacket I wouldn’t even have noticed& that dosnt even look like the reall joe:( ugh

  • Courtzzz

    um… who cares! ily joe!!!

  • katie

    i think it is cool…it shows that they dont have to have a diffrent outfit everyday…it shows that they are actually normal people that dont care what people think about them.

  • rii

    i think its fine wearing the same clothes. but even as an average person myself i have some fashion rules. i dont buy a new outfit everyday but i do cycle my clothes like the average person. like you can wear the same pants/shoes more than once a week cuz they dont really stand out, but i dont wear the same tops in the same week. jeans or idk a pair of black pants basically all look the same so its fine to repeat that, but tops are noticeable. i only wear the same top every other 1-3 weeks depending on what it is. i actually do think this repeat outfit offender is pretty bad because hes basically wearing the same outfit only a couple days later. the average person should have enough clothes not to do that let alone a celebrity.

  • ashley

    i think it’s weird when they DON’T wear the same clothes! i would go crazy if i could only wear an outfit once b/c ‘the public’ has seen it. who cares, they’re clothes.

  • Lucia

    he doesn’t throw away his clothes after wearing them just once !


  • monique

    damn that boy can wear whatever he wants;)

  • harvey

    If he likes that outfit why shouldn’t he wear it more than once. Why should they be expected to wear a different outfit every time they walk out the door!!!

  • cath

    holy crap i wouldn’t care less! I FRIGGEN LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS

  • Shannon

    Why not? I agree with ashley, it IS weird if they don’t…they have so much to last them. haha.
    Cut them some slack. (:

  • shaykrz

    Seriously? He is a normal person. It shows that he is not stuck up and can wear clothes more than once. Everyone else does why can’t celebrities?

  • helen

    how cares if he wears the same clothes more than once i mean we all doit

  • Lily

    Wearing clothes more than once isn’t an offense. It may seem like it when the celebrities do so in the public eye, but then again.. their every move is scrutinized. Props to Joe for recycling his outfit/s.

  • Jen

    I think it’s great to know that at least someone in Hollywood wears the same clothes twice.