David Archuleta Wants To 'Touch Your Hand'

David Archuleta Wants To 'Touch Your Hand'

David Archuleta reaches out to his fans at one of his concerts in his new music video, “Touch My Hand.”

The 18-year-old American Idol alum dished to PopEater about the vid, saying, “It’s about that moment where you’re up onstage and see someone in the audience. When you start singing to them, it feels like you’re the only two people in the entire room.”

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David Archuleta – “Touch My Hand” Music Video
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  • Miley_Cyrus_Rox

    Hey I have no idea who David Archuleta is….but I do think that is sweet!
    But above this in related posts it says he has met Hannah Montana…….I am a fan of Hannah Montana I would really love to meet her aswell!!!!

  • davidaprincess

    i love it, he looks so cute and the song and video are amazing!!
    woo!! also he is gonna perform this song in idol. don’t miss it!!
    i’m so excited!!



    FIRST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aqua

    archuleta is away better than cook <3

  • Kait

    I love this video — wish I had been there. I love the song but mostly, mostly, I love David. Can’t wait to see him and Demi Lovato this summer.

  • jenny. canada

    great song! Great Work! can’t wait for another one

  • pixiechic

    LOVE IT!!! Best song to open any show…relates well to the audience…pumps the crowd….GOOD JOB, DAVID!!! PROUD OF YOU!!!

  • mishyB

    i saw this music video already…and where can David Archuleta go wrong he is too cute and has a beautiful voice.

  • Soy

    I love this video – it makes the song so personal for both David and his fans :) Can’t wait to see him in June!

  • Bethany

    i love david archuleta
    and this is my favorite song by him
    i don’t like this video as much as his previous videos though
    idk i’m just not completely crazy about it
    but i still think it was pretty good

  • gloria

    oh my gosh I LOVE LOVE david so much!! he is sooooooo awesome!
    n i freaking LOVE TMH soooo much!!
    david is gonna be on AMERICAN IDOL tomorrow

  • kelsy

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this vid so much!! this song rocks!!
    gosh i cant wait to see him this SUMMER!!
    also he is goin to be on AMERICAN IDOL tomorrow

  • dbs

    I love the video! the ending is AWESOME! It is wonderful that David’s fans are an important part of this video too. He really cares for his fans. David is an amazing performer. This song is amazing live! David is beyond amazing when he performs live; he really connects with his audience and that voice! WOW! that heavenly voice. I can’t wait to see him on American Idol tomorrow. I can’t wait to see him on tour this summer. David Archuleta is the best!

  • junee

    I LOVE IT!!!

  • pascalee

    Love it!! Love all things David!

  • violet

    Thanks Jared! Sweet video. I went to one of David solo tour concerts and he and his band sounded great and I had a great time. BTW all – David will be performing Touch My Hand on American Idol Wednesday April 22, guesting on Hannah Montana May 3 (episode Promma Mia), and this summer he is the opening act for Demi Lovato on her summer tour. Tour tickets for most state fairs venues are already on sale, and most of the rest have a Demi fan club presale that started April 21, some have another presale April 24, and by April 25 I think all venues should be available for public sale. Not all venues sell through Ticketmaster, so check fan sites for info on where to buy tickets.

  • songbird70

    I’ve seen David in concert and met him prior at the meet and greet. What I love about this video is that it captures the transformation in David from the sweet guy who loves and appreciates his fans like no other other artist to the hot sexy guy who takes complete command of the stage. If you have not already…see him live. His is just amazing.

  • maverick

    I love it! Look at his smile! :)

  • BIgC0leFan

    At first I did not like the song but, now that I listened to it again and seen the video I like it!! I also like how they start black and while and slowly move to color. Good Job David!!

  • Justme

    WOW!!!!! What’s not to LOVE about this video? David Archuleta is the most talented, kind-hearted human being on this planet:) I will support his career forever!! Thanks for posting such an AMAZING video!!

  • nickj0nas

    i love crush and a little to not over you but this just has like something special about it where i’m like in love with it alot of people just do concert videos but this one was good i love the certain things that were colored and the rest b&w

    AND OMG HIS SMILE it melts your heart i love his jumping up and down and little dances lol:D


  • http://www.yahoo.com mykamicks

    David Archuleta got an award months ago at MYX Award . On his behalf said award was received by the EMI representative. He is coming to the Philiipines for a concert.

    He is invading Asian countries too…. Congrats!

  • louise

    I am seriously in love with this vid! the song is AMAZING, David is AMAZING so put them together and you get this AMAZINGGGG vid!
    i just wish i were in the vid though! lol like those LUCKY fans :D
    Cant wait to see him here in Manila! and watch him perform this song LIVE! it’s def going to be beyond AMAZING!

  • sv18

    i love this video, i think is one of the best and it’s from a concer! ^^

  • gabby

    i love love this vid so much! DAVID is so amazing! i love him so much!!
    yay he will be on AMERICAN IDOL tonight :)

  • ranny

    i love this video and i love daviidddddddd <3

  • helen

    Since the song is about singling out someone while he’s singing a song, I love the way the video singles out individuals in the crowd by adding color to them. Very creative.

    He’s such a great guy. I really hope David goes far in his career and he never changes.

  • i love it

    amazingggggggggggggggggggggggggg!! i bought his album and i love it!!!

  • Lindy

    Can’t wait to see him sing it on idol tonighttt

  • jasmine

    Loved him on American Idol, glad his music career is going well, he deserves it!

  • milly.

    @nickj0nas: I just want to say that David is amazing, and his voice is beautiful, but you shouldn’t need to feel that you have to compare Taylor Swift and David Archuleta. Even though David’s album went gold before hers its not her fault she’s getting more publicity, it’s just what she does, or what her publicist does. David may be trying to go for the more downlow character and Taylor might want to be more in people’s face. So you shouldn’t be the one to say its not fair because you don’t know what they are thinking.

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