Ashley Tisdale is Free People Pretty

Ashley Tisdale is Free People Pretty

Ashley Tisdale is in a happy mood as she leaves a hair salon in West Hollywood on Wednesday afternoon (April 22).

The 23-year-old actress/singer wore a flowery Free People dress and toted around her new fave Givenchy “Nightingale” bag. Ashley‘s BFF Vanessa Hudgens wore the same dress back in January while out to lunch with boyfriend Zac Efron and gal pal Brittany Snow. Looks like BFFs really do share everything!

This afternoon, Ashley just released the track listing for her new album, Guilty Pleasure.

Inside the Studio with Ashley Tisdale

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Credit: Richard Beetham; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • lara

    I loooove yooou ashley! I loooved your new music viedo. I don’t be disrespect but I have to say this: PLEASE. come back to Jared D:

  • lol

    seriously if your an ashley fan. you should respect her wishes. Not that her private life and who she dates is anyones business but hers!


    She looks good. Vanessa has the same dress…

  • Natalie

    Wow she is so pretty and I love her dress.

  • aw

    lol What a frequent occurrence the hair salon and the clothes deal. But no – the dress, not for her at all.

  • Jessica

    shes soooo pretty! love her dark hair

  • Just Jono

    Very very pretty. (:

  • ashnessa fan


    AGREED. lol and she looks pretty. Doesnt V have that dress?that is cute that she share stuff like that lol

  • ashnessa fan


  • Miley_Cyrus_Rox!!!!!!xxoo_HSM

    Ashley totally rocks!!!!!!
    her hair is gorgeous her dress……I want 1
    I would lov 2 see a pic with Vanessa Hudgens wearing it
    it would suit her 2!!!!!!
    I m not saying it does not suit Ash……Because it totally does……but I think it would suit Vanessa aswell!!!!!!

  • ha

    Vanessa looks better in it, no doubt.

  • ivanka

    vanessa works it better… proof that vanessa is still her friend, maybe she borrowed her the dress

  • jamie

    it looks more pretty on vanessa
    but it looks pretty on her too :]

  • funny

    it looks pretty on Both
    everyone is different

    “i love ashley thats all…”

  • Miley_Cyrus_Rox!!!!!!xxoo_HSM

    Does any1 know where I could see Vanessa wearing it???

  • jumba

    My god this girl is constantly in and out of salons. There has to be something wrong with her head. ukus. Vanessa wore the dress better BTW.

  • Miley Cyrus


  • Miley_Cyrus_Rox!!!!!!xxoo_HSM

    I think I like her hair a bit better blonde……It really suited sharpay in HSM but she still looks gorgeous with brown!!!!!!I loooooove I want it all!!!!!!(Sharpay and Ryans song)…….In High School Musical 3……Ash you are totally awesome!!!!!!!
    Does any1 know if Miley and Ashley being close friends is true???
    Hope so they would make gr8 friends!!!!!

  • ladysdsandiego


    there you go.

    i think ashley looks cute in it but i like it better on vanessa.

  • saudia

    she looks great .. I love the dress!

  • zanesssa/scashley?/ashnessa

    Aw, I think she looks cute in that dress !! Just like Vanessa :D I think the dress looks great on BOTH of them. They either borrow the dress from each other or they bought the same one together !! :D So cute.

  • Miley_Cyrus_Rox!!!!!!xxoo_HSM

    Thank u ladysdsandiego!!!!!
    Yup i agree Vanessa looks way better it suiits her more

  • Rashley24

    The dress is so pretty coz ashley is wearing it… =]]

  • Rashley24

    @Miley_Cyrus_Rox!!!!!!xxoo_HSM: Yes, they even say iluvu on twitter…

  • funny

    miley and ashley are BFFs <3

  • erin

    this is actually the first time she’s been to the salon in a while isn’t it?

  • Miley_Cyrus_Rox!!!!!!xxoo_HSM


    Yeah I thought so but i could be wrong…….i think it was like the first time in about a month……..not 2 sure though!!!!

  • PaulinhoO

    No coments…
    She’s awsome and really pretty in this dress ;D

    I love³ Ashley Michelle Tisdale 4ever <3

  • Rashley24

    of course, you will say that nessa is much better coz ur a fan of nessa

  • lucia

    she looks so good!!!!!!!!

    beautiful as always

  • Lara

    The dress looked sooooooo much better on Vanessa!!!!

    A billion times!! Cause V rox!!
    but I like Ashley too. V and Ash are BFFs, so I have to like Ash.

  • Miley_Cyrus_Rox!!!!!!xxoo_HSM

    Is any1 on this page at the moment?

  • v`xa

    that’s Vanessa with the same dress on. i’m getting tired of Ashley doing this; whenever I see vanessa with something ashley always has the same. Don’t they also have the same fringe boots and cardigan?

  • ladysdsandiego
  • Miley_Cyrus_Rox!!!!!!xxoo_HSM
  • colee

    Vanessa wears it better.

  • ladysdsandiego
  • anonymous

    pretty :]

  • vannie

    She looks gorgeous! Dress looks better on her

  • Andy


  • swac fan

    Why does it matter who wears it better? I think they both look great in it.

    How do we know this dress wasn’t Ashley’s to begin with? How do we know they both don’t own the same dress? Just because Vanessa wore it first doesn’t mean it’s hers. Even if it were, I think it’s great that they share their clothes, because it proves what great friends they are. :)

  • Jazmin

    They both look great and I miss ashnessa… :0(

  • Miley_Cyrus_Rox!!!!!!xxoo_HSM


    bye(i m going off the internet now)

  • identified

    she should stop wearing the same as Vanessa ..
    coz V always looks a million times better than her ..
    when will this girl learn to wear her own way??

  • blackberry

    First of all, who cares who wore it better? I think they both look great in it.

    I don’t get what the big deal is. They are best friends, they probably share clothes or went shopping together and bought the same things. They aren’t coppying each other or anything, they did it on purpose. Me and my best friend have the same shirt and purse, its not that big of a deal. Its what friends do.

  • crazyi


  • att

    I think Ashley looks fantastic and I love to see her happy when she’s out and about, instead of hiding from all the paps.

  • jenna

    looks ALOT ALOT ALOT better on ashley! i didnt actually like it on vanessa at all, it fits ashley better in the chest area

  • Solange

    Ashley totally pulled it off better than Vanessa!

  • Nina caplan

    aaaaw she looks soo cute