Ashley Tisdale: Guilty Pleasure Tracklisting Revealed!

Ashley Tisdale: Guilty Pleasure Tracklisting Revealed!

Ashley Tisdale just released the official tracklisting for her new album, Guilty Pleasure.

Yesterday, the 23-year-old singer/actress premiered the music video for her first single, “It’s Alright, It’s OK.”

Some of the hot tracks mentioned: “Hot Mess,” “Masquerade,” and “How Do You Love Someone.” Be sure to pre-order your copy of her album today!

Click inside to peep the full tracklisting…

Ashley Tisdale – Guilty Pleasure

1. Acting Out
2. It’s Alright, It’s OK
3. Masquerade
4. Overrated
5. Hot Mess
6. How Do You Love Someone
7. Tell Me Lies
8. What If
9. Erase & Rewind
10. Hair
11. Delete You
12. Me Without You
13. Crank It Up
14. Switch
15. I’m Back *
16. Watcha Waiting For *

* only available on the Limited Edition version of “Guilty Pleasure”

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  • Britney

    Lots of tracks =D Can’t wait!

  • biggest vanessa hudgens fan!

    can’t wait, its gonna be awsome

  • Lucy

    oo can’t wait I am so buying that

  • kim

    they sound so hot
    cant wait for the album
    totally buying

  • lay

    they all sound like AGAIN she’s trying way too hard to be a “bad girl”. just be yourself.

  • troy

    i agree with “lay” she is pushing this whole bad girl image way too hard, it should be more natural.

    plus, she’s making a really bad transition from disney. efron’s was much…smoother.

  • ♥ashleytizzy♥isthebest♥

    CAN’T WAIT …seriously can’t wait :D
    i need to buy it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://jjj miley

    the names look really awesome and i’m sure the songs are great, so can’t wair for the album to come out! :)

  • zac


  • trish

    suck! too many effect on her

  • megan

    shes not trying to be a bad girl!! she’s just shower the more sexy side of her…lol….she said in an interview, its much different than her first album, and you will she a sexier side of her…..anyway, cant wait for the album ash!! looks awesome<33

  • megan

    showing* i said shower for some reason…sryy

  • PaulinhoO

    Oooooh ;D
    I can’t wait *-*
    I want the limited edition version of Guilty Pleasure, I really want it !

    I love³ Ashley Michelle Tisdale 4ever <3

  • lu zanessa luvr

    megan: she has no sexy side!!
    she is just stupid!! ugh!! hate her!! thanks God jared got rid of her, he deserves someone so much better.

  • zashleyroxzanessasox

    the song im back is on youtube and its great!!!!
    LOVE HER!!!!

  • lizzie

    plzz she is a ‘hot mess’

  • funny

    ashley rocks
    dont be jealous haters….
    i feel SO bad for jared
    cuz hes not with her anymore. jared sucks
    and she is not trying to hard dumbies
    shes 23 Gosh shes a grown girl let her do
    whatever she wants NOBODY is
    i love ashley M Tisdale!




  • CARL

    OMG!! i can’t wait!!

  • Kris

    no offence but this album is not going to do well.

  • britney

    @lu zanessa luvr:

    grow up
    obviously u dont know wat sexy means !!
    cuz shes banging

  • funny

    kris shutup Plz
    how do you no
    huh…. are you looking
    though your crystal ball!!



    WOO WOO there!! haha

    she said “no offence” she wants TRYING to be mean ….it was just her opinion

    no need to have a ASH attack

  • Zanessa Forever–x

    i agree with ley , troy and lu znessa luvr ……………………………….. lmao !! x

    from hsm i think she has gone the wrong way, weather i think Zac and Vanessa have gone the right way, maybe she will turn back i dunno !! x



  • zanessahater

    how is she a bad girl?
    she doesn’t smoke or drink (Y)

    shes just uping her game and showing the sexier side no way is she a bad girl you thick idiots should wake up ;)

  • barney, o dinossauro

    all the songs basically talk about break ups… but i like the soundtrack (:

  • ivanka

    @zanessahater: obiously you are a zashley fan and that’s the reason you hate zanessa, people like you that dont accept the reality are lame…

    i agree with a lot of comments that she is trying to hard to be “sexy”or a “bad girl” i mean she keeps singing tweeny songs and doing her wannabe sexy voice.. she is a fail

  • http://netlog zanessahasmyheart

    the album looks so good an the songs that are out are real good i love im bac an the video for its alright its ok is so awsome cant wait for the album

  • plb

    if you don’t know, Ashley is not from Disney anymore. She wants to do different things. So don’t say stupid things without knowing nothing about her. Get a life, you know.

  • ashley tizz truefan

    omg it will be awesome!!
    cant wait anymore!!

    ashley rocks!! im so in love with its alright its ok music video!! :P

    i ♥ u ash <3

  • Caro

    ¬¬’ aburrido

  • amina


  • de

    LOL #32 I said the same thing.

    Don’t like her or her songs, when will she realize that she is not Hot?!

    Damnit, she has chicken legs, does not have boobs nor a behind.

    Stop trying to be sexy Ashley, cause UR NOT!!

  • de

    I meant # 33 btw

  • teteu

    love it!

  • swac fan


    When does “sexy” only mean having breasts, great legs, and a behind? Obviously you don’t even know what sexy implies.
    There is no universal meaning for “hot”, so therefore, your statement is completely false.

  • swac fan

    And sure Ashley isn’t the greatest singer, but she’s at least doing what she likes to do.
    People have their own opinions, some of us may like her voice, some of us may not. I, for one, don’t prefer her voice, but I admire her for her morals. She has a better image than most of the stars who started out at an early age.


    why it’s called gulty pleasure if there isn’t a music called guilty pleasure?

  • Helen

    I kinda like Ashley KINDA atleast i try to but then she trys to be sexy which hey if she wants to o right on ahead! but atleast do it clsyy like i mean the album cover i thought she was a pussycat doll gone solo.
    And then how shes saying that she wants to get away from disney yet i hear shes in talks to produce a new disney show her new movie is G rated and is about ANIMATED ALIENS which is primarily a kid based movies
    Then i dont understand who she is as an artist like Katy perry you think popstar Rihaana you think princess of R&B ashley tisdale_ i dont understand her fisrt single he said she said i liked it better when i heard someonelse singing it she tried to do like jazzy hip hop beats and she sounded extremely cheesy now she wants to do pop rock and surprse surprise she sounds like a karaoke knock off i think she has a great shot at being succesful shes just nnot going about it the right way like zac and vanessa who are focusing on their acting careers with eachof them having about 3 new movies lined up But i mean if ashley wants to do music go ahead ill support her just PLEASE be yourself dont be sexy dont be disney be ASHLEY who can be both or relaxed and chill.

  • mark

    sounds great!
    but wtf?
    what kind of a song title is THAT? xD
    still cant wait tho! :)

  • zanessa/scashley?/ashnessa

    ‘Masquerade’ and ‘Delete You’ !! :D Sounds very exciting. Can’t wait !!

  • Tizzfan

    People, just back off the girl. U DON’T EVEN KNOW HER! She’s 23, almost 24. Leave her alone! She can do whatever she wants and u ALL look like idiots for dissing her cuz u all know on anyday anyone would perfer her over you. Time to just get a life and move on!

    And if u don’t like her…WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT THIS?!?! oR COMMENTING!? GET A LIFE!

  • Emily

    I’m not gonna lie. But reading some of these comments made me feel like I lost IQ points. Honestly, all these comments are either obsessed fan girls [or guys?], Ashley haters, or people who are trying to be neutral, yet are obviously on one side or the other (or they’re just obsessed with Zac and/or Vanessa, and keep comparing Ashley to the both of them). Yes, some of the comments actually didn’t hurt my brain, but seriously. There is a such thing as punctuation, so if you’re going to type a paragraph, why not try using it? Also, caps shouldn’t be used all in one reply. Ouch, it hurts.

    Of course, that’s really rude of me, but I said, I’m not gonna lie to you all. Moving on, however, back to Ashley. To be perfectly honest with you, I am a fan of Ashley. I’m not a fan of Vanessa’s, and I’m not the biggest fan of Zac’s. Just getting that out there. I don’t know, I’m not hugely impressed by Vanessa or even Zac’s acting skills, and their singing is mediocre. Ashley, well I’ve watched Ashley act for some time now, and I think I’ve just gotten used to her. She’s a pretty decent actor, and her voice has a unique edge to it.

    I’ll definitely buy the album, and I think the track listings sound pretty good. It’s obvious some of the songs we’re just going to have to wait to see about before we make decisions, like for instance, Hair. But yeah, I really like some of the titles, like Acting Out and Erase & Rewind.

    As for the whole “Ashley-trying-to-be-sexy” thing… What’s your definition of the word? There are so many different ways to use that word. We have to realize that she’s 23. She’s not a little kid, and she’s not that young Disney star anymore. Yes, I understand she’s working on producing a new show for Disney, however, that doesn’t mean she’s still a Disney kid. It’s obvious she wants to do something for herself and for her fans, and it just so happens that a lot of those fans watch Disney. And? Yes, her new movie is G-rated. So what? There are so many movies, like Wall-E, HSM (which I may mention, Zac & Vanessa are in), and such, that are rated G. And no, not all G-rated movies are by Disney.

    What I’m saying is, until Ashley is seen drinking, partying like a Lohan girl, or doing drugs or something rediculous and crazy like that, I’m not going to judge her and say she’s trying too hard. She’s doing what she loves to do, and what she wants to do. She’s a great rolemodel. And she’s doing it for herself and the fans. She’s not trying too hard to impress anybody.

  • Et

    I totally agree with you.
    All these comments are horrible, because most of you don’t even know what you’re saying. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, and wait until the album comes out to see how the tracks sound.

    & “I’m Back” is NOT the same version as the leaked one. The other one was a demo, so this is a new track that might be similar.

    I REALLY can’t wait for this album! :)

  • swac fan


    Absolutely well said. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • tizzfan


    there are many definitions of sexy or if I correctly implied from ashley : she merely want to show that she’s grown up …

    right or wrong method ? I am not a judge here…..

    if your definition of sexy is like what you just wrote up there, then wow,… you’re so shallow

    never once you or hater think that we like ashley not because we think she’s sexy or we believe she thinks herself as sexy.. ????

    and the tizzfan before was not me though I agreee with her.

  • ashnessa fan

    @Emily: i seriously cudnt agree more!!

  • crazyi


  • awurbii


    i agree with everything you said except for the fact that her voice is unique. i know i’ll be attacked for this but neither ashley, zac or vanessa have unique voices. I am a huge fan of all of them so i am being totally honest. ashley sounds very ordinary. she doesn’t sing very well the only person that did in the enitre HSM cast was lucas grabeel. that’s why her music isn’t very effective. they all can sing i agree but their voices aren’t special. think about it??

    i think the reason you don’t see zac and vanessa in the same light is because you haven’t seen them as often. ashley was on the suite life for 4 years so we saw more of her but no one can doubt that zac and vanessa are just as talented. ashley’s acting to me is on point though. i was hoping to see her in more roles but i can see she’s really passionate about her music. in the end, its what she wants to bring through to her fans and i don’t think she should be crticised for it.

>>>>>>> staging1