Demi Lovato is a London Lover

Demi Lovato is a London Lover

On her way to the BBC studios, Demi Lovato stops and snaps a pic with a fan in London on Wednesday afternoon (April 22).

The 16-year-old actress/singer will be performing a private concert at the iTunes store tonight. Demi is setting out on her first headlining tour with David Archuleta and Jordan Pruitt starting in June. Have you purchased your tickets yet?

Demi tweeted, “My throat is on fiiiiiire. Anyone wanna bring throat stuff to the show tonight? I’ll love you forever.” She got her wish — a waiting fan brought her some throat sweets.

10+ pics inside of London lover Demi Lovato

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Credit: Earl/Clements; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • billythekid

    So she has a concert today and then Miley later this week at this itunes store. How big is this itunes store??

  • HannaLovato

    LOVE HER!!! MY IDOL :)
    i live in liverpool and wont get to see her :(
    Hope She Duz A World Tour One Day Hehehe

    LOVEYOUDEMIII Xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • flowerpower

    she looks awesome!
    plus she has a blue peter badge on i didnt know she was going to be on that! =]
    excited for her album to come out in the uk!

  • Sarah

    If it’s the one on Oxford Street, then that one is huge.

  • hey

    I don’t usually like her style, but she looks great here!

    Yay for she and Miley meeting up there!! They’re too cute.

  • saudia

    she looks fab

  • Joe

    Whoa! She’s been looking so gorgeous lately. I’ve always thought she was pretty, but now she’s HOT.

  • Joe

    P.S. Her bodyguard (?) looks scary as hell O_o

  • Charley

    Haha sorry had to say that.
    I’m hyper
    I wish I lived in London and could see her.
    If it wasn’t during the school year, I’d go up and see her.

  • sean84

    shes so beautifull lol

  • tasha

    I have the same necklace that fan has =]

  • Christina

    I love her, she looks amazing. And I love that dress! Can I borrow it Demi? hehe

  • jenna

    shes got great style and shes super adorable. but why is archuleta opening for her when he has sold twice the amount of cds than she has…

  • Bradley

    Demi Lovato looks beautiful.

  • anonymous

    She looks beautiful but so old like 28.

  • Lyss

    I love her! so Gorgeous!

  • sarah

    She’s a cutey.

  • Meggg

    i am soo jealous of whoever is going to see the concert. i entered for tickets but obviously i didnt win haha.

  • brunela

    Ownnn, love her!
    She looks so fashionable!
    as usual, duh!

  • cyrus

    lol, she looks Ashley Tisdale in these candids, but Ashley is even much more beautiful than her.

  • josephine m

    she gets more beautiful everyday my older brother saw these pics and freaked out he thinks she is so sexy he is in love with her and he is 19 years old ,one time he said joe better grab her quick before i snatched her up i said yea in your dreams hahaaaaaaa anyways love her cant wait for the stop to chicago on her tour in july

  • duddeee:]

    danng look at those papparzzi reaching over the fans to get a picture of her. that’s crazy. love her.

  • Courtney

    My best friend, Dan loves her…between him and my brother they never shut up about her…you should hear them when they are in the same room…it never really gets much deeper than “she is hott” but that one thing is said like a trillion times. She does look very pretty here though

  • http://jjj miley

    i love demi! she is awesome! xoxo :)

  • ALYSON Langley

    I think demi is soooo awesome

  • lin

    I love demi, shes so beautiful!
    love the dress

  • eldina

    Shes extremely beautiful
    and i am very jealous of her beauty but
    she just seems so fake to me
    like after camp rock she was so down to earth and cool
    and i like how she was darker because i felt like tht was who she really is now shes all weird n fake tanish

  • jess

    Demi and Miley appearances in UK

    Demi will be on Radio 1 BBC Switch on Sunday & Blue Peter on ???
    Miley will be on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross & GMTV tomorrow!

    That is all i know for sure so far :)

  • alyssa

    she looks lovely.
    did she go on blue peter?! :)
    that show’s rubbish now, but it used to be so good back in the day.

    anyway, i like demi lovato, even though i prefferd her old look

  • anon

    she looks hot as always and im loving her new look…she used to be cute and hot but now she’s sexy as hell! i’m geting tickets…i have to see her no matter what!

  • Bri


    0.o *runs away*

  • LJ

    WOOHOO ! Bought my tickets for July 17 yesterday :D
    She’s so gorgeous, I freakin love her : )

  • Andrea

    Demi is sooo beautiful,, i lover her hair and the outfit really cute

  • naturaniczo

    what kinda phone does she have?

  • p

    i love her
    how awkward is that guy in the blue creepin in the backgroundd


    kool…man, disney queens and kings (jonas brothers) always get me through the skool year, especially this year
    lol, mileys prettier and taylor swift
    but demis really pretty too…
    no offence to demi
    i love her
    i love la la land especially
    man, disney queens and kings (jonas brothers) always get me through the skool year, especially this year

    that was so random… im always random…

  • Molliee

    @billythekid: very big loll, i live in london but dont go there often because its always busy but its about 3 or 4 floors :) xoxo

  • Alex