Joe Jonas is a Potato Chip!

Joe Jonas is a Potato Chip!

Joe Jonas holds up a look-a-like potato chip in this new still from JONAS.

In the upcoming episode “Band’s Best Friend,” Kevin, Joe and Nick’s childhood best friend, Carl (guest star Nate Hartley), tries to use their fame to his advantage. Meanwhile, Stella (Chelsea Staub) is upset with Macy (Nicole Anderson) for using the money she loaned her to buy a collectors’ potato chip that looks like Joe.

“Band’s Best Friend” airs Saturday, May 23 @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

10+ JONAS stills inside…

JONAS Sneak Peek – Joe Lucas

JONAS Sneak Peek – Macy Misa
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Photos: Eric McCandless/Disney Channel
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  • jennyJONAS

    he is sooo CUTE/HOT
    hehe i want that potato chip lol

  • casey

    this show is going to suck

  • MeenuD

    Joe is so hott!
    I would totally get that potato chip and save it for forever!
    Can’t wait til May 2nd!

  • tara

    LOL :) i wnt a jonas look a like chip!! hahah :) but nick…perferably ;P i would never eat it…never ever ever! hhaha

    Thanks Jared for posting :)


    G’night guys :)

  • Rachel

    omgosh i wish i had that chip! :)
    i loveeeee joe!
    he isss sooo good loooking!

  • De De De

    there only staying and doing shows on disney so they can keep there little TWEENY fans, so they dont go old cuz they know if they do grow out of it they wont have teenager or 16 year olds and up as fans!!!!!

  • mrsefron.

    This show sounds awesome! <3


  • kylee.

    im 18! I dont give a crap! I LOVE JONAS.

    they are NOT only for “little kids” they are for all the age ranges.

  • = ]

    yeah JB is for everyone expecelly because they are 16-21.


    yoooooooooooou rock!

  • bleh

    disneys becoming too desperate…the trio cant even act..except kevin. nick and joe aren’t so good…theyre just doing this to get more viewers..sadnesS!

  • rii

    idk why but that nate hartley dood makes the jb seem so short to me. joe has to look up to him in the locker pic.. and he has hella longer legs than all the jb. i know its only a couple inches but it just seems weird! lol

  • Miley_Cyrus_Rox!!!!!!xxoo_HSM

    Jonas Brothers are an all age thing
    I know heaps of people who r over 20 who like them……

  • Naomi

    EEWWWWWWWW Nate looks anorexic! skinny, skinny. Very unhealthy.

  • http://www.bondgirlproductions dorothea

    Love you JONAS BROTHERS.
    Please call me: 678-596-1727

  • Casey


  • Diane

    Joe Jonas is mine. Called it! Yeeeee…

  • Andrea

    haha i love that picture :)

  • gabi

    joe is hot!

  • Yvonne

    You can have Joe, Diane. I want Kevin for myself

  • jessica

    I’m incredibly sad right now.
    I live in Australia, and just last week I was in Sydney.
    Then Joe shows up five days later in the EXACT same Starbucks I went to in Darling Harbour.
    I think I’m gonna cry now.

  • brooke

    OOo! Two sets of JONAS promo’s in one night?! That is something I can DEFINITELY work with lolz! I love Nick! He looks hot in every episode! That dude is freakishly tall…. like wow.

    Can’t wait! May 2nd is coming! YaYy!

  • cat


  • Joanne

    OMG !
    He’s SO HOT and soo CUTE !
    The JBs is sooo good to looking !!

  • chloe

    i’m a fan of the jonas bros. music,
    but this show is really going to be awful…they can’t act..they should just stick with their music.
    they’re in the “over exposure” phase of their careers
    the concert tickets in my hometown have been on sale for a month and are still not sold out! yikeesss

  • cc27

    Joe is sooo CUTE YET HOT!! <3 So Dreamy! :)

  • Miley & The JoBros ROCK!

    JONAS is going to ROCK!!!
    I <3 JB sooooooooooooooooooo

    To chloe.
    Its good that you’re a fan
    of one of their talents
    but like me I love them
    for everything wich
    makes me a true Jonas fanatic.
    And also just cause
    your hometown tickets
    havent sold out yet doesnt mean
    the Jonas Brothers are
    turning into a lame. I live near
    Fresno and even fanclub
    tickets arent even sold
    out yet. Thats just because
    they’re not really known
    here its probably
    the same with you town too.

  • sarah

    i bet that chip doesnt taste as good as the real thing ;) haha

  • http://yahoo yenibb8

    HAHA:))so cute!! Joe is soooo HOT! :D i’m so excited for JONAS!!!

  • elisabet

    son tan lindos los jonas brothers en especial nick y haora una serie de jonas es lo mas geneil en el mundo

  • stella

    i love you Joe call me at (229-3221)

  • Alina

    @Rachel: why do you wish u had the potato chip??i wish i had the real thing!!!haha.

  • http://zane zuz

    JoE ♥♥♥ LOEVE

    Is so funny hot perfect :* :D

  • sam


  • sarah

    i love the joebros joe is mine so back of lades

  • elaiinnee


    u shuldnt b putting ur number on a public comment page

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