V Factory: Shooting 'Lovestruck' Video!

V Factory: Shooting 'Lovestruck' Video!

V Factory’s Nathaniel Flatt popped in on the band’s official MySpace to let all the bands fans know about the music video for their new single, “Lovestruck.”

He writes, “Next week we are finally shooting our video for ‘Lovestruck.’ Finally! It’s gonna be worth the wait because we just got the final treatment in today! It’s gonna be so hot. Let’s see, what else? We also designed some cool new V Factory tanks for the summer. I wish I had one to wear today because it’s like 1000 degrees in LA right now!”

Nathaniel continued, “Other than that we have been in the studio rehearsing almost everyday for our upcoming radio shows. We have added some new stuff to the line up. You know, always gotta keep it fresh. So look out for us in a city near you because we are doing a lot of traveling in May and June promoting the record. I actually have to go soon because we have a rehearsal with our new vocal coach.”

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  • dgfdgdfg

    can someone tell them boy bands were so 10 years ago…

  • carolline

    maybe, but I don’t think that’s gonna work

  • Alexa

    The music video is gonna be AMAZING.
    I can’t wait.
    Such an amazing song, the video will be even better :)
    The choreography of the song is incredible too.

  • TV

    No, it’s time to bring back boy bands that actually dance instead of doing gymnastic kicks and flips while wearing tight pants and holding guitars, hint hint. We need a 2009 update of Backstreet Boys. Now that Miley is the new Britney and Selena and Demi are like Christina Aguilera or Jessica Simpson.

    2009= 1999

  • a.m./p.m.

    @TV: I agree. Hopefully V Factory will bring back 90′s pop. That was so much better than today’s rock- wannabe pop that Disney is dishing out.

  • zanessa/scashley?/ashnessa

    YES YES YES !! SO excited !! They are all so talented !! ..And cute :D

    @TV: Well put. They are the boy band of 2009 :D LOVE them.

  • lol

    Cant wait guys.its gonna be amazing.Bit like everything you do really :)

  • me

    i like Jared! i wish ashley and him were still together! he is so cute

  • ashley

    ommmmmmmmmggg im sooooooooooooo excitedddd !

  • http://www.vfactorysocal.com V Factory So Cal

    Oh, we are so excited:) Can’t wait!

  • bre

    ahh im so excited!!! they are absolutely amazing and so hott! I hope jared shows up ashley for his video hers sucked it copied kelly clarksons since u been gone..if you don’t believe me watch it but ahh I love vfactory!

  • alelie

    yay!!!!! i love vfatory!!! especially jared!!!!!!!!! ahh

  • veronica

    I can’t wait to see more of VFactory they are the best!!!!!!!
    I love Jared & all the guys!!!! Go VFactory!!!!!

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    i am . !

  • zanessa=

    @me: I agree!!! I love Jared!!! He’s always seemed so incredibly sweet!!! They’re bringing boy bands back! YEAH!!!

  • identified

    i agree with u in all what u said ..
    except that i don’t think any boyband will ever come even close to Backstreet Boys ..
    i mean BSB are REAL talents that might never happen again ..
    gosh .. their music of 90s was the BEST .. wish the music industry still cares about real talent rather than all the crap talentless wanabes of these days .. ¬¬

  • me

    Who is directing their video?

  • taylorlautnerlove

    Now thiss iss gonna rockkkk! (Y) x

  • OLIVIa

    I LOVE V factory!!! They are AMAZING! Can’t Wait for the Music Video Its going to be Awesome! :D

  • Kara

    Yes! I Can’t wait! It’s going to be so awesome!

  • Stella

    They are so talented!! I bet their video will be 100% better than Ashley! I love Jared!!

  • Sarah

    V FACTORY is amazing! Everyone who says boy bands are so ten years ago and stuff are just hating because they don’t have mobs of fans who love them and support them. In my opinion, V FACTORY is BRILLIANT & I know my boys will go far.

  • salina[SMiRNZ]

    OMFG!! V Factorys music is awesomee!! the guys i pretty hott too=) Boy bands need to come back and they are just PERFECT for the job

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