Jennette McCurdy Has a 'Homeless Heart'

Jennette McCurdy Has a 'Homeless Heart'

Last month, Jennette McCurdy just released her first single, “So Close,” and now she’s ready to release her second single.

JJJ can exclusively report that the 16-year-old iCarly cutie will release a follow-up single, “Homeless Heart,” on Tuesday, May 19th!!!

20% of all proceeds from the purchase of “Homeless Heart” will go towards The Cody Waters Foundation. Cody was a personal friend of Jennette‘s who recently passed away from brain cancer.

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Lucille @ 9:40 pm on 04/23/2009

Who cares

Amanda @ 9:44 pm on 04/23/2009

she totally has naturally brown eyes…this is starting to bother me how ppl want to change their eye color…

Ryan LaPlaca @ 10:37 pm on 04/23/2009

Jennette is the best. She cares for people, and makes people happy when they’re in the need for a smile. R.I.P. Cody Waters.

keira @ 1:25 am on 04/24/2009

Not only are her eyes not blue. Her hair is naturally dark brown. Fake self promoter.

Rosa @ 2:03 am on 04/24/2009

i didn’t know that she’s SO talented until i heard so close ..
she is really one of the BEST singers i’ve EVER heard ..
she’s got such a GREAT voice .. good luck janette ^^

Meg @ 8:06 am on 04/24/2009

Jennette Rocks ! Shes such an amazing singer and actress if you guys havent heard “so close” or her version of Carole King “so far away ” on youtube do it now lol . Prepare to be blown away ! I cant wait to hear her new single . Its awesome that shes donating to a charity thats close to her heart .Somethng tells me that in five years she will rule hollywood :).

(R.I.P Cody Walters , 9 years old is way too short for your life . I send all my condolences to everyone who knew you ! :( )


daniel @ 10:29 am on 04/24/2009

No Way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

keN @ 11:23 am on 04/24/2009

. . . Love your work Jennette. Sounds like everythings
on track. Keep your core values no matter what.
. . . . . GlideStrong.we’llluvya’allwayz . . . . .

Debbie McCurdy @ 12:31 pm on 04/24/2009

just so ya know….Jennette’s eyes are blue from birth, but go all you brown eyes as well. Maybe if some of you started looking at the good in people you would find it in yourselves instead of the anger you harbour.

Darien @ 1:31 pm on 04/24/2009

Her character on icarly ruins the show for me. She’s just so rude and a bad example. Also she must have a lot of free time because it seems like she’s always trying to promote herself but nobody even knows who she is. Chelsea on that’s so raven annoyed me too haha

Sandy @ 2:55 pm on 04/24/2009

@Meg: Wow! What does MEG stand for, Mommy’s Excellent Girl? Hate to break it to you “mom”, but the only thing she’s going to rule is the “has been” or better yet the “never was” chart.

mike @ 4:11 pm on 04/24/2009

Wow, you people are jerks. She’s an awesome actress and singer. She doesn’t even promote herself that much, and when she does, it’s usually on her own blog. She doesn’t throw herself out there, she counts on those who like her to spread the word. And for heaven’s sake, she like 16 years old! Do you need to bash her like that anyway? Is your life goal to bash children? Seriously, get a life.

tegan @ 5:26 pm on 04/24/2009

jennette is awesome.

princesslizzy @ 6:44 pm on 04/24/2009

Jennette commented about the blue eyes rumor on her twitter! And I think “Debbie McCurdy” is Jennette’s mom! Woah.

Ava @ 6:51 pm on 04/24/2009

her youtube videos are painful to watch

Sami @ 7:04 pm on 04/24/2009

DON’T SAY THAT!!!! how would u feel if you had brain cancer and you were about to DIE and found that comment. yeah. MEANIE!!!!
jennette ROCKS!!!

Anna-wa @ 11:15 pm on 04/24/2009

@Ava: Don’t say something like that. Jennette McCurdy is one of the cleanest celebrities I know about. People just make fun of her because they can’t find any dirt on her. And also, to somebody else: Sam is what makes the show go around. She adds extra comedy to it. And in real life, Sam is like Jennette’s alter ego. But the writers make her do these things, it’s not like Jennette decided she WANTED to be a huge criminal.

Anyway, I can’t wait for her new single. So close was such a great song and I’m glad she’s doing it for such a good cause. :)

keN @ 11:36 pm on 04/24/2009

… “but go all you brown eyes as well”
ha,lol,yeah!*haha*, thx,Debbie. gawd,
I needed that.!
. . ‘browneyes’ we got’em, we’re given ‘em
away, we got a fleet of ‘em. take two,their small.
DebM, Your a Big reason I’m a Jennette Fran.!
I wish you’d com’nt more. thxfor*Everything*.k.

Kayla @ 11:22 pm on 04/26/2009

@Lucille: I DO!

Kayla @ 11:23 pm on 04/26/2009

I agree with mark!

amanda @ 2:56 pm on 04/29/2009

@Amanda: nice name. *rolls eyes* anyways, no, her eyes are naturally blue. she said so herself on a vid.

JS @ 4:02 pm on 04/29/2009


Wrong it’s people like Cosgrove who are helped by the media to get their songs on the charts.

Jennette’s song/songs are different–she writes them herself unlike flashy people like Cosgrove.

Ava @ 11:28 pm on 04/29/2009

@Anna-wa: Hey, I like Jennette, but her youtube videos are awkward and self-conscious, which is why I find them painful to watch. That’s my opinion, and I’m entitled to it.

slay& @ 11:56 pm on 04/29/2009

hello ok miren estoy hablando español puesto q soy de mexico y miren voy al grano tengo 16 años y mi padre es uno de los mas ricos de este mundo y estoy dispuesto a entregar 100 mil dolares
a quien me comuniq con jennette mccurdy bueno hasta luego y es encerio yo lo entregare el dinero hasta pronto…

Anna-wa @ 10:12 am on 05/03/2009

@Lucille: Me.
@Sandy: She has only written one single so far! How can you say she’ll be on the “has been” or “never was” charts when ‘Homeless Heart’ hasn’t even been released yet?!
@Darien: Sam’s character is what makes the show go around. If the show didn’t have Sam, some people would stop watching. Besides, in real life, Sam is Jennette’s alter ego.

You people just make fun of her because you can never find any dirt on her! She’s perfectly clean, and the nicest celebrity I’ve ever heard of. Give her a chance.

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