Miley Cyrus is Nobu Nice

Miley Cyrus is Nobu Nice

Miley Cyrus pulls her electric violet Marc Jacobs classic huge hillier hobo over her shoulder as she and big sis Brandi arrive at London’s Nobu restaurant on Thursday night (April 23).

The 16-year-old actress premiered her new flick, Hannah Montana The Movie, tonight in the UK.

Miley recently chatted with JJJ about her favorite scenes to film. Miley shared, “I like the ones where it’s me and Lucas [Till] and we’re riding the horses. We’re basically just ad-libbing and having fun. He’s one of my best friends so it was fun to do that.”

15+ pics inside of Nobu nice Miley Cyrus

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  • mILEYfans

    Miley is soo pretty!

    first hehe!

  • saudia

    I love her bag!

  • ellie

    Shes super stylin! you go girlfriend!


  • jamie

    is that a hobo in one of the pics???

  • will

    dam she’s fine!

  • e

    whos that guy reaching out to her in the 3rd picture
    hes cuteeeee!
    and miley looks great, as usualll!

  • ellie

    the homeless guy looks very delighted to see her!

  • ellie

    shes georgeous. period.

  • ellie

    i hope she comes back from london with a British accent!

  • ellie

    i wish i was a hobo and saw Miley

  • mileyrox

    so pretty!

  • Staci


  • natalie

    wow she is so pretty!
    I love her and I hope lil sofie is okay!

  • Christina

    she looks gorgeous
    i’m addicted to that bag..tbqh
    anyway love her and her outfit!

  • Christina

    @Staci: their is nothing wrong with having more than one bestfriend.Grow up! p.s writing in caps don’t make you look smarter just like an ass imo! Have a Great Day!

  • riana

    she says everyone is her best friend

  • Korinn

    epic picture. homeless man holds out hands for change… miley doesn’t even notice. the world is a funny place. you can be 16 and a billionaire… a sheer powerhouse in this economy… or on the streets.

    so depressing.

  • Jess

    She looks gorg.

  • miley cyrus rocks!!!!!!!!!!

    i like how she acts like a normal girl but it would been nice to give some money to the hobo

  • :)

    I love miley, ALOT. But I thought she was the kind of person who’d give homeless money when they needed it. Im sorta disappointed, but Im sure there’s prob. a reason for it.

    I still love you Mi.

  • rii

    @Korinn: im 17. i once gave a homeless man some money. later i saw him holding a bottle of vodka. never again did i give a homeless man money, plus some of them scare me. i also saw a documentary on welfare and homeless people in my government class. it exposed the “bad” homeless people. the ones who ask for money to use for alcohol and drugs. the ones who hold a sign asking for work but wont work at a fast food restaurant because flipping burgers is beneath them. the ones who take advantage of the welfare system because they dont want to look for a job. the ones who are offered a job to do yard work and 1/10 hobos in the documentary take the offer, but that 1 still didnt keep working later on.

  • rii

    btw, the documentary is by john stossel. go look it up and his other documentaries.

  • andrea

    she is so pretty :)

  • http://jjj miley

    she is awesome! i love her outfit! :)

  • izabella

    yay, in one week the movie premieres here in Sweden!! :D
    I’m so excited :D ♥

  • oraclebop

    Hey you never know, Maybe they didn’t catch a pic of her giving money to said hobo.
    BTW, Love The Top. :)

  • http://. Vic2763

    Giving $$ to the homeless usually just enables them to continue living addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. Many also have mental health issues. All large cities have a variety of social service agencies available that offer real help.

    Miles is lookin fab as usual.

  • zanessa=hearts

    IDKBY but I’m just happy that she hasn’t been out with Justin lately. Those pics sicken me!

  • mileyfan1223

    i never give money to the homeless. if i’m not in a rush, i might go into a store or restaurant and by them something to eat. they usually don’t use the money for food…thats the thing they need to stay alive. and u can’t help every homeless man u see. she tends to give money to organizations that help people, but not indirectly. i think that’s MUCH SMARTER!!

  • jamz

    It’s amazing that this girl cannot do no wrong in your eyes. Oh well as long as she is with Disney she’ll get these comments, wonder what her future holds. Anyway don’t think she can sing or act but Disney has got great material for her and that’s what holding her up only because she’s making them money.

  • ★katerina★

    this outfit is her best!i love her clothes.and her of course! ^^

  • DEE

    maybe miley wasnt carrying any british $$ with her!!!

  • me

    gorgeouss =)