New Moon Set Sneak Peek!

New Moon Set Sneak Peek!

Robert Pattinson shares a joke with ET as they visit the set of New Moon in Vancouver.

The 22-year-old British actor, along side costars Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart, dished about the set, real-life romance and the constant attention they’re now getting. Check it:

On the rumors of Robert’s relationship with leading lady Kristen Stewart: “It becomes a joke. There was some magazine the other day about me and Kristen and when you look at it and realize it’s on the front of a magazine. You realize that people are actually reading that even though how ridiculous it is. It’s really bizarre.”

On his real-life relationships: “I’m always really worried about ruining their lives. Especially with people that aren’t famous. It’s such a massive change. I’m kind of a paranoid wreck.”

On the constant attention from paps and fans: “You see all these people and you think in one way or another that you have to please them… I’m not entirely sure still how to go about pleasing people. I generally get on with people who come up to me. It’s getting photographed… You have people who analyze your facial expressions to the tiniest degree. So you’re just trying to avoid getting photographed. You’re like, ‘Jesus you can’t win.’”

“New Moon” Set Sneak Peek, Part 1, 04/23

“New Moon” Set Sneak Peek, Part 2, 04/23
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jenny. canada @ 8:57 pm on 04/23/2009

can’t wait

steph @ 9:01 pm on 04/23/2009

” edward’s wealthier”
ohh rpatzz ru a gold digger lol

ivanka @ 9:23 pm on 04/23/2009

i like rob because he is so laid back, kristen is plain boring and strange…
it get on my nerves that people force them as a couple, stop it! No way. They’re just friends, stop trying to make it happen.

daniella @ 9:24 pm on 04/23/2009

rob is hysterical. “edward’s weathier!”
taylor is hotter than ever. does he ditch the wig in this one? YES!!!
kristen is beautiful, as always.
so excited for this movie!

anna @ 9:31 pm on 04/23/2009

omggg i cant not wait till new moon comes outt<3333

Luke @ 9:35 pm on 04/23/2009

Kristen is not plain and boring and although I agree that people should stop publishing things that are not true, they would be great as a couple. Stop judging kristen just because you are into Robert

Flower @ 9:43 pm on 04/23/2009

I can’t wait anymore!!
I want to see this film RIGHT NOW!
It’s going to be sooo good.
ROB :-)

RebecaLOVESROB @ 9:47 pm on 04/23/2009

I LOVE ROOBB!! he’s just so and nioce and funnny and laid back. I ABSOLUTELY ADOREEE HIM!
and i love kristen too.


marissa @ 9:51 pm on 04/23/2009

hey does anyone know when the effin new moon trailer is comming out?

laughs @ 10:02 pm on 04/23/2009

LMAO and he couldn’t just say “no we’re just friends.” Why did he dance around it by going on about how he finds it strange (or in the beautiful mans words) “bizzare” that people pick up and read articles about it? This is the only so called “denial” from both parties? That’s it? Laughable. He’s trying to avoid having to lie when the truth comes out. Good man.

TashPattinson @ 10:03 pm on 04/23/2009

I heart you Rob! He is so laidback and he just brushes off these rumors! He is such a great singer & actor!

I luuurrrrve him!


Alexandra @ 10:08 pm on 04/23/2009

—”edward´s wealthier! (evil laugh)”
LMAO!!!!!! yea i think i did not see that one comming
Taylor´s single!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
—and btw the movie is gonna be GOOD!!!!
i was drooling all over my keyboard while watching this

alexandra @ 10:10 pm on 04/23/2009

rob is SO cool.

“edward’s wealthier” hahahhahah

lucy @ 10:11 pm on 04/23/2009

i’ve known this “relationship rumor” since they were filming twilight and both have said its not true ! so why people keep saying they are in a relationship…get over it.

vampolf17 @ 10:11 pm on 04/23/2009

OMG! I so can’t wait to see the movie or at least some more sneak peaks or a real trailer…*EEEP!*

….on another note….
Taylor is so gorgeous, not Robert gorgeous but really close…

Lisa @ 10:15 pm on 04/23/2009

OMG!! Are they going to have more?! I’m dying to know more about and see more!

arantxa @ 10:21 pm on 04/23/2009

Robert (L)
they are not together !

e @ 10:31 pm on 04/23/2009

hah i lovelovelovelove twilight and all the books
but dude, bellas going to be so depressed in this movie
i hope its not to an annoying point
so excited :)

bertha @ 10:53 pm on 04/23/2009

he is a gentleman

bertha @ 10:53 pm on 04/23/2009

he is a real gentelman

bertha @ 10:54 pm on 04/23/2009

he is very sweet and very discret

bertha @ 10:55 pm on 04/23/2009

he is very discret with his private life and he is a gentelman

cat @ 11:27 pm on 04/23/2009

love it! edwardddddddddddddddddd foreverrr

lia @ 12:12 am on 04/24/2009

hahaha “edward’s wealthier” lmao!

cathy @ 12:48 am on 04/24/2009

ok is it just me or does taylor look absoultly amazing at 1.07 in the second video? i dont really like him but hes quite good looking

and robert ah drool
‘edward’s wealthier’ love it

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