Demi Lovato Takes Over Radio Disney

Demi Lovato Takes Over Radio Disney

Demi Lovato is all ready to perform a few songs for Radio Disney listeners in this new shot from her takeover this afternoon (April 24).

The 16-year-old singer dished to radio host Ernie D about working with BFF Selena Gomez, her upcoming album and David Archuleta. Check it:

On doing another movie with BFF Selena: “I think it would be really funny to do a comedy with her. We’d have so much fun doing a comedy together. But yes, hopefully. Princess Protection Program turned out great — I got to see the first copy of it and so excited. If you guys like it, maybe we’ll do another one.”

On her favorite song on her new album: “I have a lot of favorite songs, actually. One of my favorites is called ‘Remember December.’ It’s still rock but it’s mixed with sort of a Metro Station-ish feeling and a little bit more dance. The others are soulful and jazzy.”

On hearing that David Archuleta wants to learn from her on their tour together: “He is so sweet! I’m so excited. We were both at Miley’s [Cyrus 16th] birthday party and I didn’t get to say hi then, because it was just a crazy party and everyone was everywhere. I saw him for like five seconds and he’s the nicest guy. You barely come across people who are that genuine and that nice in this industry, that no matter how big they get are still that sweet. It’s awesome.”

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Photos: Adam Larkey/Disney Channel
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  • casey

    Via Lainey Gossip:

    “My sources tell me exclusively that she and Taylor Lautner, of ‘Twilight’ of course, have had dinner 3 times now, and that he’s been visiting her onset at her lunch hour when he’s not shooting. Are you overloading on the cute? Let me take it one step further: One night they went to the Spaghetti Factory!”

    The two were also spotted yesterday leaving a coffee shop and getting into the same SUV with a bodyguard…and Selena’s mom who came along to chaperone! Seriously guys, I am so excited about this relationship, though I have no idea why. The two of them together make my teeth hurt, they’re so sweet. It’s like I have died on gone to tween heaven.

    Maybe I just dislike the Jonas Brothers so much, that I love it when their ex’s move on to bigger and brighter things. You all remember that Selena dated Nick Jonas not too long ago. And we must admit, Taylor Lautner + The ‘Twilight’ Franchise is way bigger than any of the Brothers Jonas.

    Have fun kids.

  • Dundies

    i LOVE demi but i dislike it when artists compare their body of work with another ie. metro station, john mayer

  • 23s4e

    hey ddlovato

  • thais

    i didn’t like her so much but now i got to see how talented she is..
    she has a beautiful voice and her songs are really cool..

    demi and miley are the best!!
    they are the real talented people at disney channel.

  • anna

    who cares?


  • nessa

    @anna: uh noo miley is not the best!
    demi lovato is going to get nominated for a grammy for best new artist..
    and miley cyrus is not!!!

    demi lovato is soo pretty :]

  • nessa

    demi is the best!
    so pretty and veryy talented!!!!

  • anon

    #4 if you don’t care, why do you click on the post and comment on it? GROW UP! anyway love demi she’s so talented and adorable and can’t wait to hear her new soulful/jazzy songs!

  • Joy

    hun’ grow up.
    demi is so strong. i love that girl . (;

  • marissa

    i love demi she is awesome.

  • http://jjj miley

    demi is awesome! i love her! :)

  • kara

    Careful Demi, David is a charmer! I know the two of you will have a BLAST this summer – how could you not?

    I look forward to seeing you on tour after hearing David talk about you. He has introduced me to some of the most amazing artists in the past and I trust his musical suggestions! I’ll be seeing you and DAVID on tour – WOOT!! Already have my tickets!

  • ckyble

    Miley.Deni,Miley,Demi, Blah, blah, blah.
    They are both so lucky to have David as one of their sidekicks.
    David is the BEST! Of everything.

  • Janel Constanza

    demi is so talented and you people can’t see that then to bad.
    she has a powerful voice. In my opinion she’s one of the best disney channel stars there is (:
    please sop hating. THANK YOU!!

    *besides JB and Selena Gomez lol

  • marissa

    #8 you’re the one who needs to grow up. stop fighting with strangers over the computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! |:

    anyway, i like both demi lovato and miley cyrus!!! but i personally like demi lovato better. even thogh she might not have had so much experience, she is so talented. i love her music. it’s so touching and believe it or not, most people love that kind of music. anyway they’re both my favorite and i wish them both luck in the future! bye. :)

  • happysinger

    How do u get Radio Disney to play new artists songs?..
    Demi is Great but newcomer Emily Harder has the most amazing songs and sings Demis songs live better than Demi sings them live. (you cant beat Demis recordings, but theyre not live theyre engineered)

    So anyway how do we get Emilys songs on Radio Disney?

  • http://beautygirls zeinprin

    I am your biggest fan. i really love you so much and i say that you are so pretty. i read about you in the magazine and i always watch you on disney channel. i love your show sonny with a chance its so nice.

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