Miley Cyrus is Apple Amazing

Miley Cyrus is Apple Amazing

Miley Cyrus rocks out on stage at the Apple Store on Regent Street as part of iTunes LIVE From London on Friday evening (April 24).

The 16-year-old actress also made a brief stop at the Disney Store in Covent Garden for a fan meet-and-greet.

Miley has been promoting her new flick, Hannah Montana The Movie, around Europe this week. The film hits the UK on May 1.

20+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus at the Apple Store…

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Photos: Tim Whitby/Getty Images
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    she really is talented and so real and sweet!!!!!!!!!

  • sofie cyrus


  • fernanda

    cuuuute s2

  • b

    first! :-)

  • b

    lol or 3rd!!!!

  • anna


  • lisa

    She looks amazing!

  • mm

    i love the coments on just jared :)

  • Victoria

    I loveeeeeeee her!

  • mimsi

    She was soo mean to us
    she didnt even want to sign an autograph or take a pic

  • heather

    holy crap shes sooooooooo unbeleivebeably beatiful. i have a serious girl crush and her interview was hilarious!

  • casey

    “My sources tell me exclusively that she and Taylor Lautner, of ‘Twilight’ of course, have had dinner 3 times now, and that he’s been visiting her onset at her lunch hour when he’s not shooting. Are you overloading on the cute? Let me take it one step further: One night they went to the Spaghetti Factory!”

    The two were also spotted yesterday leaving a coffee shop and getting into the same SUV with a bodyguard…and Selena’s mom who came along to chaperone! Seriously guys, I am so excited about this relationship, though I have no idea why. The two of them together make my teeth hurt, they’re so sweet. It’s like I have died on gone to tween heaven.

    Maybe I just dislike the Jonas Brothers so much, that I love it when their ex’s move on to bigger and brighter things. You all remember that Selena dated Nick Jonas not too long ago. And we must admit, Taylor Lautner + The ‘Twilight’ Franchise is way bigger than any of the Brothers Jonas.

    Have fun kids.

  • billythekid


    And how many people were there? Expect her to come and sign an autograph for every person she encounters in Europe? She isn’t a robot, so have a little sympathy. I seen some video of some of these premieres and it’s hundreds of people standing along a line hoping for her to sign this or take a picture. She did no more or any less than any other celeb does. Relax

  • Anna

    iii loveee her outfits !!!!!
    she has an amaziing stylee !! <3
    miley looks stunning !!! :)

  • Casey


    or 5th! lol

  • Anna

    wat do u expect?? her to SIGN EVERYONE’s stuff??
    do u know how many people there are?
    she IS humannn !!!

  • thais

    she’s amazing! awesome singer, great actress and seems to be a really nice person.
    i’m hoping some day you’re coming to brazil and doing a concert here!!!! brazilians love you so much! i’m mean not just the brazilians but the rest people of the world loves you!

  • jimmy


    Better luck next time. At least you see her in person..

  • nessa

    she’s sad.

    she tries too hard.

  • joecool

    Just watched two songs of this on you tube, she did great!!


  • me

    omg i hope she and nick are dating again.



  • http://justjaredjr simone

    I went to the premiere and had a good time.I think what mimsi above means is that anyone who arrived 1 hour and a half before had no chance of meeting herAnyone that arrived then was put down the side well away from the front entrance.There were not that many people there when you think how many people there are in london I was quite surprised.The cars all arrived in and shot past everyone who was standing down the side they got out .After a few minutes miley came down the side which was not a very long line of people.As soon as they were out of camera view [which was about half way down the line]she turned round and went back to the front entrance of the cinema were all the cameras were.A few moments later her father came down and did exactly the same thing.It was in a very small area and I think that all stars should at least do one circle round and sign a few autographs.If fans have gone all the way to see you the least they could do is go past them and have a wave.A lot of children were left very disapointed and as I said earlier it was not a large crowd to have walked around once.I do really like miley and she seems a nice girl and I know her puppy was unwell at the time and she must have been in a terrible state about that. .Everyone that arrived at 10.00 am in the morning got the best view and miley and her father spent the whole time nearly with them.I do appreciate that the fans had been standing there all day and deserved to have most of the time but please miley next time if the crowd is not that large please walk past everyone and that goes for any star out there..I heard george sampson went and demi they did not even come down the side to meet the fans they only stayed round the front of the cinema as well.As I said I enjoyed myself but I dont think I will be going to any more premieres I think it would have been easier meeting her in top shop as that it seems is where she spent a good lot of her free time.I do understand it would be impossible to sign autographs for every fan standing there .I think it would be a good idea for signed photos that have already been prepared to be hannded out by stars at premieres that way a lot more people would get autographs.They were giving away sticker albums stickers and tissues all with hannah montana on which I thought was good of them to do.I do feel a lot of children went home very upset having not even seen her.The 3 children I was standing next to who were all aged about 8-9 years old told me miley loves her fans and there is no way she will not come down here and meet us.Well she did not and there mother had rushed them from school by public transport and she said it had been a nightmare to get them to the event in time.After all that none of the stars even walked past them.

  • tasha

    Love those shoes or what I can see of them!
    I sooo can’t wait till december when she comes back here.. so long to wait :(

  • http://jjj miley

    miley is awesome and so talented! :)

  • nay

    She’s awesome ! xo

  • rivivere. x3


  • billythekid


    What’s really sad is you making this sad comment without explaining exactly what you mean. She is trying hard to do what? Being more successful and popular than your favorite idol? Is that your malfunction in life? Why are girls so jealous of other girls? I certainly like Miley most as a celeb, but I don’t dislike any of the other girls this site focus’ on. Now Paris Hilton – that is a totally different matter!

  • G

    just jared u soo have to get her on the jonothin ross show she was amazing she was soo funny

  • Dunya

    i like miley cyrus, she’s very cool and those pics she looks good.
    but i miss jiley ;)

    kisses from germany, mannheim!

  • Dunya

    i like miley cyrus, she’s sooo pretty !!
    but i miss jiley =)

    kisses from germany, mannheim

  • billythekid


    I saw it, or I saw it on youtube. Very funny, though some people don’t understand her and thought she was rude to Helen Mirron (spelled right?). Anyhow, I thought she was just going with the craziness that is the Jonathan Ross show, and she flowed with it well. Aside from maybe one or two comments, I would say it was the best interview she ever had. The US interviews are ridiculously scripted and feel wooden by comparison to the one mentioned above. Actually, I should say her US tv interviews seem wooden, the radio interviews are more carefree, and sometimes funny.

  • katie

    i REALLYYYY want her wardrobe

  • aishley herinton cyrus

    miley is really genuine.and yep! she is know i too sing.i’m first i was envious of her coz i believed why does she have that life even if i too deserve it.then i realised i never tried for it.i just kept that as a secret popstar dream.people used to talk stuff that she is’nt a self made person.well it’s half true that her dad has helped and supported her as every fathe r does in this world.but it’s she who sings on the stage in front of millions of people watching her ,not her dad.she really is talented.but i must admit she has a problem with hitting high notes ,her genuine voice turns a little fake,but somehow she figures it know at the beginning i too used to change my voice and i too got problem with hitting high notes then my friend payal (she is a really good classical singer)told me keep my voice genuine while singing.and i’m still working on it.i miley cyrus is really beautiful she is really cute but the words ‘hot’ and’sexy’ are not for her.i really hope she gets to read my comment and ponder over.bye.i talk a lot no………..bye bye hannah/miley you rock

  • hannah rules!

    i think miley is awsome!
    shes the best
    i think she never should have broke up with nick [jonas]
    they were sooooooo cute together!

  • hannah rules

    @sofie cyrus:
    love her clothes there sooooooooooo cool!
    : ]