Sabrina Bryan: Bar Deluxe Beauty

Sabrina Bryan: Bar Deluxe Beauty

Sabrina Bryan shows off her pearly whites as she steps out to meet up with some friends at Bar Deluxe in Los Angeles on Thursday night (April 23).

The 24-year-old former Cheetah Girl even matched her jacket to her wallet! How cute!

Sabrina just returned to LA from filming a new movie called If It Ain’t Broke, Break It, also starring Steve Guttenberg. She tweeted, “Hey guys…I feel like my DWTS is w/ me everywhere…look who’s in the movie!”

Sabrina will also be at the LA Times Festival of Books Target Stage Sunday (April 26) @ 2:15PM PST. She and co-writer Julia DeVillers will be on hand to sign copies of their book, “Princess of Gossip.”

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Credit: Greg Tidwell; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, RHS/WENN
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  • http://justjared shamilah

    1st !!!
    she rocks

  • ask

    where is the post of selena and taylor dating, or going on a lunch date.??

  • Donna C

    There she is!! So great to see that pearly white smile! Thanks JJJr for keeping us updated about what Sabrina is doing. Hope you get pics of the book signing this weekend to show us! Sabrina is the best! You can twitter her here: She has answered lots of her fans back, she’s so great to her fans!

  • Steven

    Sabrina is soo beautiful, girl marry me!!

  • melissa

    Always great to see that smiling face !! Follow her on twitter she loves to @ back to her fans!

  • Kat

    JJJ, Thanks for posting about Sabrina. She is amazing. Everyone go follow her on twitter:
    She is very interactive with her fans.

  • jaqui

    It is so good to see our Sabrina having fun with friends! Thank you JJJ, once again for the update. She looks absolutely stunning and her style flawless, as usual. Everyone should follow Sabrina on Twitter, she’s extremely sweet to her fans and takes the time to reply to them, what an amazing girl!

  • SouthernBelle

    Glad to see her back in LA, looking as beautiful as ever!!! Can’t wait till her movie comes out!! Be sure to follow her on twitter, you never know when she’ll respond to you…

  • Michele

    Sabrina is looking fabulous as always! Love the jacket and love that smile! There is NO ONE like her and thanks for giving us such great shots of her!

  • Melanie

    Sabrina is just the best! Such a beautiful and classy girl! Hope she had a great time and spent some time with some gorgeous guys!

  • Esthela

    WOW, she looks AMAZING, thanks JJJr. for keeping track of our favorie cheetah!!!! :D

  • brenda

    She is so cute and can’t wait for her movie!!

  • tiffany

    She rock’s love her jacket. Thanks Sabrina for replying back on me on twitter :)

  • miley

    luv her and she is looking great!!

  • holly

    Thanks Jared for showing more info on Sabrina. I am looking forward to her movie!!!!!!!! She is soooooo pretty :)

  • william

    Goregous gal :P

  • christina


  • isabel

    I hope somoen would post some new pictures of Sabrina. So thank you Jared. She is looking more beautiful everyday I see.

  • billy

    Looking Fine Miss Sabrina Bryan

  • stacey

    So does anyone know if she is dating someone? She is just so beautidul I want her hairstyle..

  • jewel

    Love the way she is looking and so great how she twiters to her fan’s alot.

  • rachel

    Sabrina you look great

  • gina

    YAY, thanks Jared for more pictures on favorite Hollywood star!!! She is looking so much better. Caught on Extra the other day about her PowerMe project/ Hope there is more of her here Jared!!

  • cindy

    OMG I wish I lived in Ca to go to her book signing on Sun. I hope we get pictures from that event. Thanks so much JJJ for posting on Sabrina I missed seeing her on her :) Sabby is so pretty!!

  • Eric

    She’s my girl lookin good Bri

  • casey

    omgish she looking good

  • angela

    Awesome love more information on Sabrina Bryan

  • nicki

    She is seems so coool to hang out. Does anyone else see a little of Mariah Carey i her. Sabrina love you.

  • tonya

    Great seeing her out and about now. I have missed news on Sabrina. Thanks Just Jared Jr.

  • dina

    <3333 her

  • brandi

    I love her outift and I love her in general. Sabrina your are the best.I hope someday I can meet her. She’s just so real and also pretty. I hope soon she finds a great boyfriend who deserves her. thnx jj :)

  • kimberly

    Yes and Yes!! Thanks so much Jared for posting new pictures of Bri Bri. She is always pretty but she seems to be getting more pretty and toned. Go Sabrina!! I can’t wait for more of her projects. The name of her movie is interesting and looking forward to seeing it.

  • mark


  • polvopaw

    So great to see Sabrina back in Cali and having fun with friends,she looks so beautiful!! So great that you mention all her new projects, I cant wait to see her movie!!! :D

    I wish I lived in Cali so I could go to the book fair and meet them, but sadly I dont so I hope someone from TS can make it and tell us all about it!!! ;)

  • johanna

    She looks so cute. Red is a nice color for her she sould wear it more :)

  • kelly

    OMG OMG thanks so so so much Jared for posting on Sabrina Bryan. She is looking better and better and I love how she us the fan’s informed on her twitter page. Her movie looks good based off the pictures she posted on her twitter page. She truley is the best and one of kind person to reach out and talk to her fan’s. I love the DWTS mini blog she did for us lthis week. Sabrina you rox!! :) :)

  • Jesus

    Amo a Sabrina, cada vez esta mas Hermosa!!!!!!

  • nancy

    I do not know how she can look
    every day more beautiful
    beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Sabby :)

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  • jennah

    she is always beautiful
    love u Sabrina!
    Cute that she does match her jacket and wallet. thx Just Jared Jr.

  • Sussy

    I love Sabrina she is my idol, I cant wait to see her movie!!! She looks so beauiful on those pictures, thanks JJJr. for postig this article about my idol Sabrina Bryan!!!!! :D

  • marsha

    I like that Sabrina looks so sweet,happy, and bubbly. Great pictures Just Jared :)

  • travis

    Lookin sexy Sabrina

  • Esthela

    OMG, Sabrina is looking more beautifil everytime I see her. LOVE HER!!!

  • jill

    She looks cute, love the jacket

  • pearl

    she’s STUNNING .. <3

  • henry

    I want her to be my girl.

  • maria

    omg she’s starring in a movie?!?!?! she’s soooooo freakin Awesome!!!! Can’t wait for more information on her movie. Thanks jared and also thank to the people for her twitter page now I will go follow!!! :)

  • Ivette

    I love her so much, she is so great to her fans and such a great role model!!! Love to see her lookin so beautiful and having fun with her friends!!!! Looking foward to see her movie!!!

  • cody

    simply beautiful. love her look