Scott Speer To Direct Jared Murillo

Scott Speer To Direct Jared Murillo

Ashley Tisdale‘s current boyfriend will be coming face-to-face with her ex next week!

That’s right, JJJ has learned that Scott Speer (he directed and appears in Ashley‘s “It’s Alright, It’s Ok” video) is directing V Factory‘s video for “Lovestruck!”

Awkward much?

V Factory bandmate Nathaniel recently wrote on their MySpace, “Next week we are finally shooting our video for ‘Lovestruck.’ Finally! It’s gonna be worth the wait because we just got the final treatment in today! It’s gonna be so hot.”

V Factory – “Love Struck” Behind-the-Scenes Live Video
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  • Jessica

    haha totally awkward,
    glad I’m not Scott … Or ashley !! :/

  • jamie

    that is going to be EXTREMELY awkward

  • anna

    HOW COOL IS THAT hahaha ashley

  • V Factory socal

    love the video:) they are all professionals it should be ok.

  • Jess

    Awkward…for both of them obviously, but I love Jared.

    The guys of V Factory seem cute & funny, though.

  • emma


    so it wont be awkward for Jared?

  • zanessa/scashley?/ashnessa awkward will that be ? But either than that, I really can’t wait to watch the music vid. !! ..Scott’s a really good director :D

  • kim

    hehe scashley

    anyways wow how awkward
    but i cant wait for the vid

  • identified

    awkward ;p

  • aw

    Yikes poor Jared. Wonder if he’s seen the made for paparazzi make out yet.

  • lola

    2:45 that was Mandy :) and it will be really awkward!

  • ivanka

    poor jared, look what you are doing , ashley!

  • awurbii

    ok. what??

  • erin

    i don’t think they would hire him if it would be too awkward..
    they’re both professionals so i’m sure it will be fine.
    but if not, and there is some sort of drama on the set, then i can’t wait haha.

  • ashloversbrasil♥


  • ashloversbrasil♥

    scott rules *-*

  • veronica

    I feel bad for Jared. It will be so awkward for him. I am mad at Ashley!!!

  • swac fan

    I’m so glad that they’re both ok with it :)

  • Miley_Cyrus_Rox!!!!!!xxoo_HSM

    Love Struck looks good!!!!

  • alelie

    oh well at least jared has nothing to worry about scott should be the scared one!!!! anyway i love jared and vfactory!!! yeah im so excited!!!

  • Stella

    Wow!! I feel bad for Jared!! Ashley is a big brat!!!

  • cynthia

    They’re both professionals, and its NOT ASHLEY FAULT, jashley grew apart months ago, and now she moved on. That’s it.
    Those who say its ashley faulth, are you trying to say that you should keep dating even when you don’t love your bf anymore?

    If you guys really need to express your anger, its deffo not Scott or ashley or Jared’s fault, ask Warner Bros why they pick Scott, which leads to cause Scott is a great dicrector, which will help V factory.

    Helloooo. wake up people!
    you guys should be ashamed.

  • justme

    bad for Jared though. Scott is the hotter one.

  • OLIVIa

    i think Jared is much hotter then Scott and I love VFactory. Can’t wait for the music video. Go VFACTORY!!!!!

  • Stella

    Scott is a crappy director that just copys other music videos!! Like how he copied Kelly Clarkson since youve been gone video!! Ashley video is the same as hers!!

  • veronica

    i did not like Ashley music video because it was a copy of Kelly Clarkson I hope he does a better Job for VFactory.

  • lara


  • marlene.


  • Francy

    But Man I Loved Jared He Was So Cutee<3333
    I Think Ashley Is Amazing, But Damn She Screwed Up!:/

  • Kk

    haha can please somebody tape it how they gonna meet xD

  • naza

    ajajajaja, muy bueno.