Vanessa Hudgens & Nikki Reed: Fred Segal Friends

Vanessa Hudgens & Nikki Reed: Fred Segal Friends

Vanessa Hudgens and pal Nikki Reed get their shop on as they stop off at Fred Segal Feet boutique in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon (April 23).

The duo, who co-starred in Thirteen together, shopped around Melrose Avenue before grabbing some lunch at Lala’s Argentinian Grill with Sage Dill.

After parting ways, Vanessa headed off to Diesel once more to pick up a few more things. Guess she forgot some things on Tuesday!

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10+ pics inside of Vanessa and Nikki shopping…

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Credit: Gabo; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • pink sugar

    Like Vanessa’s long dress. She looks very springlike.

  • Brittany

    Vanessa is so pretty, haha.

  • Jaylor

    Wow Vanessa lokks very good
    Love her style!!<3

  • kimi xx

    Her dress is made for spring! I like it, would have been better if she got a shorter cardigan, but it’s still nice looking on her. I want a maxi dress now. :[

  • aw

    Cute dress, it’s nice they stayed friends.

  • jane

    beautiful and springy vanessa :)
    its sweet how she still keeps in touch with her old friends
    ‘its like a thirteen reunion! :D
    they’re all so grown up now, doing new projects.
    i love vanessa!

  • http://jjj miley

    i love vanessa’s dress! she always looks awesome! :)

  • jennicagarcia

    lovely lovely girls. vanessa is mestisa like me! yay. she’s beautiful person inside & out, peeople!

  • lana

    i like her spring floral look, but maybe the cardigan should’ve been more smaller and tight-fitted , maybeee. but hey no matter what she wears, even without makeup, nessa is unbelievably beautiful.
    its so nice she keeps in touch w/ old friends.

  • starryeyed

    BABY V

  • starryeyed

    BABY V! shes soo cute. i notice they have the same chin! awww. nikki looks older than she is! but is prettyyyyY!

  • JessiCA

    thirteen reunion orwhattttt! how sweeeet to see old friends reunited, both are beautifull

  • troy

    lol. that dress looks really bad on vanessa…it’s just a weird cut or something. i don’t know. that and she looks so awkward.

    typical, though. latch on to anybody who has a career thats acctually getting somewhere.

    (don’t give me any about how she has her 2 albums and hsm. cause they all suck. and bandslam or whatever looks terrible, too).

  • Annabel

    Oh, I forgot Vanessa was in that movie. I didn’t even know they were friends.

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    Vanessa looks gorgeous as usual ♥

  • Someone

    Who is Sage Dill?

  • troy

    in all fairness, though, nikki looks like cra.p too. so whatever.

  • ivanka

    TWILIGHT CONNECTIONS? im happy she hangs out with them, we saw her with robert at the oscars too..
    vanessa looks very beautiful..

  • aw


    lol Moron they’ve known each other for a long time.

  • lala

    uhhhhhhhhh i didnt know they were friends
    i dono why i dont like nikki i guess its from her character lol

  • awurbii


    wow you’re a jerk!! if you don’t like vanessa, why are you here?? seriously. i don’t understand people like you. if i’m not interested in that celebrity i don’t say anything about them. that’s my point. you are obvioulsy interested in her in some particular way otherwise you wouldn’t have wasted your time commenting.

    p.s nikki reed has more of a career than vanessa?? i am laughing. seriously. i am laughing so hard it is ridiculous. no one outside of the states knows who she is. i do because i have interest in twilight. i have nothing aginst nikki reed, she doesn’t look crap.she’s a good actress but she is definitely not more famous than vanessa.

    p.p.s vanessa career is going places. there are great projects she’s about to work on but it doesn’t matter. nothing needs to be proved to people like you. you’ll hate her anyway.

  • gracemarie

    Maybe she ordered somethings and went back to Diesel to pick them up–I’ve done that and I’m sure others have too.

  • biggest vanessa hudgens fan!

    she looks so amazing, i love her so much
    love the dress

  • zane

    simply beautiful

  • amber

    Thats cool they are still friends! Nikki Reed has the worst fashion sense! She has such a cute figure I wish she would dress better! Vanessa always looks amazing!

  • Rosa

    ooooo ..
    lovely dress .. lovely girl **

  • liz

    yay! vanessa looks gorgeous =] glad to see her hanging out with friends ♥

  • Laura

    V looks gorgeous as always, promise ring, check :D

  • riana

    thats nice theyre friends- awesome!

  • susan

    oh she’s really cute that long dress printed design’

  • cutie

    she is beautiful is great hanging out with Nikki Reed

  • mj

    The fact that she not only makes friends but keeps them is a tribute to her as a person. That alone should shoot down all the rumors about her being stuck on herself. The one who are like that are the ones you see bouncing from friend to friend, claiming everyone is their best friend.

  • Thamina

    Vanessa looks gorgeous!
    i love her soo much
    i love her dress
    i wish i meet her!
    love uuuuuuuu vanessa!
    i’m a big FAN

  • suzy

    v looks so cute. i love that she and nikki are friends.

  • berry

    ugly dress V!

  • arantxa

    Vanessa was on Thirteen
    Nikki ! :)

    dont say ” if you dont like Vanessa why are you here ”
    because im here for Nikki not Ew Vanessa

  • troy

    #21: i’m laughing out loud even harder at you trying to pick a fight with me online. it was my opinion. you have yours and i have mine. i’m expressing it.

  • zanessahsmxoxo

    omgª! she looks soo gorgeuss! her makeup,the dress..her hair! everyhting about her is amazingg!! I LOVE HERRRR

  • emmie

    wow they are total opposites in a style sense! lol

  • danica

    Ohh, ‘troy’, yes we all have our opinions but opinions are looked down on and can be very ignorant especially when backed up with nothing at all…so troy yes, if you dont like her, just just make opinions about things that matter, okay? LOL! your wrong in thinking shes latching on someone w/ a career when VANESSA has more on her resume and MORE projects and endorsements…she has sucker punch and beastly coming up…so please no comparisons and no ‘omg latching on someone w/ a career’..come on…dont make assumptions! dont judge anyone! dont make comments that make you sound like an idiot! if youre gonna come to a gossip site lol at least say something nice! or smart! be a better person! vanessa is sweet person! you dont know her at all!

  • Miley_Cyrus_Rox!!!!!!xxoo_HSM

    I absolutely love Vanessa!!!!!

  • emma

    love Vanessa style and every thing but i dnt lyk nikki reed bad influnce check it out

  • Megan

    I like Vanessa’s dress:) She looks sweet and feminine. Can’t really say that about Nikki. That actually looks like a dress she would have worn in HSM3 (LOL). I love it and I’m glad she wore a dress out on a nice spring day. So it doesn’t make her look like a slutty supermodel, but it does make her look like a beautiful woman.

    Go Nessa!

  • janiece

    wow its strange to think that nikki and vanessa are the same age. nikki seems so much more mature. they are like two different tpyes of people in the sense that nikki is more chill. its good to see that they keep in touch now and then.

  • margarita

    if you cant say something nice about someone then don’t say anything at all because that’s not an opinion..that’s hypocrisy..everyone of us does something that we regret in our lives but that does not mean she’s a bad person..if you can’t stand her then don’t read her threads,its that simple…vanessa will still have her career and her man in her life …deal with it! God bless zanessa!

  • jessica

    @awurbii: If Troy looks like a jerk, you look like a moron. Laugh all you want, dumbass, but Nikki’s career is far more respected than Vanessa’s. What has Vanessa done outside of HSM?? I live in Australia and I can assure you, Nikki is well known here, and the world. Take your head out of your ass.

  • aw


    You are no better.

  • brenda


    I didn’t watch thirteen movie…so I didn’t know they were co-stars

    Vanessa is waiting for eclipse movie!!!!!!!!

  • ashnessa fan

    omg i freaking love her dress<3

  • zanessa/scashley?/ashnessa

    ..Huh, I never knew that that they know each other. But whatev, they both look really pretty !! :D I am so loving Nikki’s hat. And Vanessa’s dress looks so cuuute !!

    Now, now, let’s not start something here. Yeah, people DO have their own opinions (speak your mind) but it gets really annoying when there’s always bad comments on here…I am getting sick of it. If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t come on here..go somewhere else where you can talk trash all you want.

    @jessica: ..I only know Nikki from ‘Twilight’ and that’s it (and apparently she was in ‘Thirteen’). ..What else is she known for ? And Vanessa..soon, she’ll be in ‘Suckerpunch’ and ‘Beastly’, which I think are non musicals.