Aly Michalka: New Music On The Way!

Aly Michalka: New Music On The Way!

Alyson Michalka waves to the camera as she catches up with Tiger Beat magazine today (April 24).

The 20-year-old singer got the chance to update all her fans on upcoming music from her and sister AJ. She shared, “AJ and I have been in the studio for the last year writing, recording and laying down instrumental tracks for our new record which I’m really excited about. It’s going to be coming out later this year, so don’t worry. I know it’s been a while, but it’s going to be worth it.”

Aly Michalka – New Music On The Way
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  • Meagan

    She just reminded me how pretty Disney Channel stars used to be. Now, they let anybody in. I mean Demi Lovato is like Disney Channel’s Susan Boyle, except Susan Boyle is more entertaining.

  • Anamaria

    FIRST!!?? watever but wow she looks gorgeous!!

  • Zac F Ron

    She belongs on one of those Gossip Girls/90210 type of shows cause she is GORGEOUSSSS and HAWTTT! LEAVE DISNEY ALY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can’t wait for the new record




  • katiecrawford

    Aly’s gorgeous! Love her and AJ!

    Can’t wait for the new album!

  • ilovejoenas

    Ive been waiting for this new album for AGES And it better like have 20 songs or somthing, lol like come on for the time we’ve waited for this album. And I agree with Zac F Fron – go to Gossip Girl : ) haha lol

  • Someone

    Can’t wait!!
    she looks beautiful

  • Steffi r

    @Meagan: umm first of all demi lovato is gorgeous, just not in your stereotypical blonde american sense.
    Why does it have to be that stars have to be pretty anyway? what kind of example does that set for younger girls who aspire to be like the people they see on tv if they are all stunning, blonde hair, blue eyes, etc etc. It’s good to see that they have people of all different appearances representing disney so that youths out there have a broader understanding of beauty.

  • Steffi r

    @Meagan: not to mention that these girls are actually talented. not just being hired for their looks. you know that thing people do when they can actually sing and act. I know its a rare find these days, but why should those talents be limited to the people who are just pretty?

  • angie

    i think Demi is pretty and talented but i am starting to dislike Disney its all all of the stars of Disney all evantually branch out into music.and its stupid to me its like fo once can you have ONE successful star who just sticks to acting!
    ugh bring back the days of Hillary Duff and Shia LabOuf

  • elizabeth marinas

    aly looks very beautiful i love her top i can’t wait for the new record and for the movie

  • giuseppe

    she look amazing!
    love youuu!

  • Zac F Ron

    In a guy’s point of view, Demi is unattractive. Her music is good though, it’s less Disney-ish. But like Aly, Ashley, Selena, Brenda, Vanessa are way more hotter than Demi and not all of them are blonde or have blue eyes.

  • Steffi r

    @Zac F Ron: why should it matter how attractive they are though? cant you just appreciate their talented?

  • jo

    to steffi R
    Aly and aj have more talent in there fingernails than demi lovato has in her entrie body, So maybe you should stop “worshipping” Demi for her untalented, anorexic butt and learn to like real music, like aly and aj, Raven-symone, ashley tisdale or even vanessa hudgens. Demi is just a wannabe and a loser who sings through her nose anyway.

  • hihkbhhjb

    I never like aly or aj they just seem to stuck up and kinda snobby. like i the vibe from them that they think they’re way better than any other artist outthere. but again what do i know?!

  • Steffi r

    @jo: yeah no your defs right demi lovato is crap house singer and can’t sing live at all. in fact im sure considering her music career is bigger world wide than any of those singers you have just mentioned and she’s been around for the shortest amount of time thats a pretty clear indication of how shit she is.

  • HIH

    She’s cool XD

>>>>>>> staging1