Avan Jogia is Caprica Cute

Avan Jogia is Caprica Cute

Avan Jogia gets soaked from head-to-toe in this this new photo shoot to promote Caprica, a new TV series that acts as a prequel to Battlestar Galactica.

Creator Ronald D. Moore told the Winnepeg Sun of the series, “Caprica at its heart is really the story of the creation of the cylon and how the cylons were developed initially. It’s really the beginning of the end.”

An extended version of the pilot premiered exclusively on DVD and digital download earlier this week. In early 2010, the first season, composed of the two-hour pilot and 18 hour-long episodes, is expected to begin airing on Sci Fi Channel. To order it, visit SciFi.com/Caprica.

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  • liveinlove

    You spelt WINNIPEG wrong.

  • latuacantante2

    who is taht FIRST

  • bkingram


  • cassie5214

    OMFG He’s Hot

  • wonderlust

    Dam! Avan is looking sooooo hot. cant wait for the show to start

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  • Tata

    He is really hot, but dont you think that he a kind of resembles brittany murphy, but with black hair)))

  • mishyB

    he looks like the guy that plays the karate kid in the “Karate Kid”… But still he is kinda hot in his FOREIGN AURA… it’s appealing.

  • kissmysass

    It’s WINNIPEG. not winnepeg.

  • marissa

    he is sooo hott

  • victoria

    he is HOT!
    I have no Idea who he is .. but I dont care
    he is hot as heck!

  • http://karoon.tumblr.com karen

    Cutie :):):)

  • Ximena Jonas

    AHAHA joe jonas has that same jacket!!

  • Eben

    anyone have pictures of him at a beach and/or shirtless?

  • dada

    @Eben: lol I wanna know too

  • whitney

    avan jogia is so hot! ♥

  • http://eastmont206@htmail.com Kaila

    Avan Jogia is such a HOTTIE!!!!!!!!!!!! I <3<3<3<3<3

  • http://eastmont206@htmail.com Kai

    Avan Jogia is way tooo HOT! I LOVE his acting! Hes such a HOTTIE!!!!!!!!<3<3<3<3<3


    AVAN JOGIA is SO freakin hot!!!!! I WANT SOME OF THAT!!!!! ^-^
    LOOOVE AT first sight!!!!

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