Joe Jonas Visits The Veronicas

Joe Jonas Visits The Veronicas

A scruffy Joe Jonas takes in the sights of Sydney, Australia with good pals The Veronicas on Saturday afternoon (April 25).

The 19-year-old musician took in a few shows down Sydney’s nightclub strip in Kings Cross. The paparazzi that were lurking spooked Joe and he wouldn’t come out of the taxi they came in. Joe seems to like the local treats — he was seen at Pancakes On the Rocks restaurant every morning this week!

The Veronicas recently covered the JoBros‘ “Burnin’ Up‘” on Pepsi Smash’s Cover Art. They’ll also appear on the season finale of 90210.

10+ pics inside of Joe Jonas visiting The Veronicas

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  • joana

    why are the veronicas in jjj???

  • joana

    first :D

  • mariana a. jonas

    what happened to the old joe !!
    not that i dont like the knew one!
    they are so hot !! LOL
    but i still think joe shouldnt have the

  • SOnya

    I wonder if Camilla is there too JK JK
    I’m not loving all the facial hair… but his normal his is HOTT

  • listen to mayday parade

    Must be nice to have the spare time and money to just jump on a plane and go to austrailia for the day… Yeah I’m jealous lol

    The veronicas don’t do anything for me. Untouched was good but that’s all.. They are getting a lot more fans now that they have toured with the jobros.

    Note to self: touring with the jobros = fame and money no matter what! I’ll get on it… Except I would spend the whole tour trying to seduce joe and or nick

  • Clive Sacco

    4th! don’t care!

  • yay

    lol. knew the rumors were true
    yay! they’re in sydney!!!
    Sydney’s gr8. live here and love it

  • jerseygirl

    Wow! I’m loving Joe’s look! Just gorgeous! :D

    Glad to see he’s enjoying his vacation with friends. I hope the paps back off – the guy does deserve a break .

  • c

    joe is MINEEEE[:♥

  • m

    i am glad he took a break and just enjoy life cuz they r working so hard and soon they will be going on tour,so yeah…he probably needed to escape from all…:)

  • brigget

    Via Lainey Gossip:
    “My sources tell me exclusively that she and Taylor Lautner, of ‘Twilight’ of course, have had dinner 3 times now, and that he’s been visiting her onset at her lunch hour when he’s not shooting. Are you overloading on the cute? Let me take it one step further: One night they went to the Spaghetti Factory!”
    The two were also spotted yesterday leaving a coffee shop and getting into the same SUV with a bodyguard…and Selena’s mom who came along to chaperone! Seriously guys, I am so excited about this relationship, though I have no idea why. The two of them together make my teeth hurt, they’re so sweet. It’s like I have died on gone to tween heaven.
    Maybe I just dislike the Jonas Brothers so much, that I love it when their ex’s move on to bigger and brighter things. You all remember that Selena dated Nick Jonas not too long ago. And we must admit, Taylor Lautner + The ‘Twilight’ Franchise is way bigger than any of the Brothers Jonas.
    Have fun kids.

  • jessie

    i like the veronicas, but i’m not a die hard fan!!! they’re cool… i have to say, i wouldn’t care if joe dated any of the veronicas, cause they will be much better than camilla….come to think of it, ANY girl (except miley) will be better for joe than camilla!!!!

  • boyd

    @brigget: haha right.

  • duddeee:]

    Love the Veronicas. JOE…..UGHHHH. bleqq.

  • sara

    I love the Veronicas they are unique

  • Jonas 4 Canada

    EW. I hate biased bloggers (JJ you are awesome).
    Aw Joe looks so hot!
    Although he looks tired, I like how he can relax and not shave though!

  • DemiFan

    Joe looks really old in these pix.

  • Cynthiaa

    Joe looks scruffy! He needs to shave lol

  • bruno

    omg joe is so ugly!

  • Britney

    I wish Joe was..the old Joe :/ I guess if you know what I mean.

  • lynee

    Everybody hates the bearded, i love it man!
    He looks soo manly! its hott ;]

  • Anonymous

    I think he took a break probably to get away from Camilla, or they broke up. I mean i get that they are close to the Veronicas but not close enough to fly to Australia to hang out.

  • ivanka

    i miss old joe, the joe of the first cd you know hold on, sos etc… camilla is a bad influece, and why is he alone with the veronicas? what about his brothers?

  • Crazyfor JB

    looks like Joe is a bad boy now… lol
    but i like the old one!!!

  • identified

    what happened to u joe? T_T

  • eLLa

    and i thought joes normal look was BLAHHHH
    now he’s just even more ICK!

  • Emily

    ew, he looks AWFUL.
    just disgusting.

  • sjs

    I swear, I really don’t get how some of you crackheads can say things like “Camilla is a bad influence,” and “He probably took a break to get away from Camilla.” His relationship with her has last over 6 months, so get over it. And the main thing that has changed since last year is that he hasn’t been on the road touring & promoting an album.

    I’m not a huge fan of this particular look on him, but he’s still a good looking guy. I just wish stupidly obsessive chicks would get off his back about who he chooses to date.

  • jennyJONAS

    why do you people hate the beared i think its HOT!!
    yeah you may hate the new joe but people change its only human jeez
    joe is growing,we all do LET HIM BE!!
    love ya joe :)
    oh yeah i agree #24 woo hes a bad boy ;)

  • cc27

    My My Joe is Growing UP :( lol… xD
    I Don’t Care How He Looks xD
    Im Sure, On The Inside Joe si Amazing <3

  • patty

    ew :|
    he should clean up a bit.
    that dirty look does nothing for him.

  • Mariia

    it doesnt look like he’s wearing the necklace camilla gave him.
    oh well, still love him :)

  • Sarah Jonas

    yeah cuz the jonases are such horrible people. yeah right. you make them seem like their horrible guys when their not! man, i hate it when people do that

  • Cals

    LOVE no matter what!

  • Tracy

    Joe looks great. He’s an adult people. He grew up and you’ll have to learn to deal with it. And he amd Camilla have not broken up. He has his necklace on in these pics.

  • arielle

    ahhhh yay, finally some proof!
    he looks amazing!
    anyone notice how he’s not wearing the necklace from camilla that he’d been wearing all the time??

  • arielle

    oh i see it now. crap.

  • badhabit

    kinda looks like Joe is turning into Nick or Kevin (without the facial hair) with the curly hair. He’s not that good looking as he used to be, but that’s just all a part of growing up.

  • zanessa=hearts

    that creepy little boy-stache is sickening.

  • Felicia

    omg yay! in sydney awesome.. i live here in sydney and im in high hopes to catch a glimpse of him.. its like 5:18am here kinda syked n pulling an all nighter.

  • me


  • jj

    maybe joe bought the necklace himself.

  • Karenscool

    are they all there or just joe?

  • DoMejoseph joe looks AMAZING..

    seriously, was he clubbing? like drinking and stuff? that would be epic. hes 19 after all.

    i just fell for him all over again


    GROSS! he looks terible i wish he would go back to normal( i mean better looking and things like that)

  • Lauren

    he’s wearing it
    it is not seen in the pictures

  • Gabriellelovesjoseph

    OMJ he’s in the same country as me finally!!!!!!!

  • Chelsea

    His pants are highwaters. wayyyy tooooo short!

  • Jess

    awe how exciting! i LOV Joe i hope he is having fun here in Australia xx

  • katie

    I wish the old Joe would come back…