The Jonas Brothers are Pizza People

The Jonas Brothers are Pizza People

The Jonas Brothers star in a new “Pizza Girl” music video, promoting their sitcom JONAS, premiering @ 8PM ET/PT on Saturday, May 2, on Disney Channel.

You can prepare for the premiere by having YOUR very own series launch party with Kevin, Joe and Nick. Check out to download your series launch party kit and check out this video to watch the JoBros talk about it!

Earlier today, Joe was spotted hanging out down under with The Veronicas.

The Jonas Brothers are Pizza People
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  • ★katerina★

    oh my god!marilina has not commended yet!!!
    i ‘d like to see the new serie buti dont have the disney channel. =[
    i would rather listen to their music than eating the pizza!
    (marilina if you wont comment soon you are not a faithful fan!!!)



  • eldina

    omg omg omg
    I cannot wait this will be amaazing
    thsi song is pretty sniffy.

  • i love too much joe jonas

    AMAZINGG jobro____=) i love pizza xdxd

  • katie

    I cannot wait at allll! (:

  • i hate Miley

    i hate miley cyrus.

    I miss the old Jonas brothers………..whats going on with them. The show seems great……….but their so different. ITS DEPRESSING.

  • sarah

    This show is going to be pretty good.

  • katie

    I loveeeee this song! :D

  • nicklovesemily:]

    hahahahhahahahahah oh boysss:)
    im so pumped for may 2nd!

  • WhatChoNameiz


    No, more like going to be an epic fail.
    Honestly, HATE the Lucas Brothers songs.
    I mean, hasn’t Disney corrupted all Disney shows enough?
    They would be funnier if they weren’t so cheesy.
    At first I was excited, now I’m not.
    The songs are just awful…
    And the JB can’t act.

  • brosb4hoes


  • Melissa

    I really miss the old Jonas Brothers. The show looks great, but the Jonas Brothers seem different. I really miss them. CANT WAIT FOR THE SHOW THOUGH! :-)

  • Annalise

    OMG Omg! yaya so excited

  • Priyanka


  • Dude die now

    @WhatChoNameiz: Who really cares about your opnion if you hate JONAS then why are you even commenting and clicking on this? Think about it(: and they are not the Lucas brothers it’s JONAS. get your facts right mr.

  • Miley & The JoBros ROCK!

    Aww they’re soooooooooooo
    cute. I want “I fell in love with the pizza
    girl” on my iPod :P
    LOL. This show
    is going to be HUGE
    unlike what the pathetic haters
    say. They obviously
    know nothing.

    JB ROX!
    Cant wait for “JONAS”.

  • cc27

    I LOVE JOE :)

    His Facial Expressions Are Just Priceless :) haha xD

  • sely

    is fun live it jajajaja

  • Gabriela Marjorie

    i love nick jonas ♥♥

    I LOVE JONAS BROTHERS!!!!°°°° ♥♥

  • mae mae

    okay, i for one think the show is gonna be great
    as for the ppl who dont like the songs and think its weird its meant to be that way
    its a comedy show
    hence the funny song lyrics
    they r meant to have humour in them

  • joe girl

    i can’t wait until the jonas show come to disney it is going to be awsome i am like in love with joe he is sooooooooooo hot and is such a cccccuuuuuttttteeeeeyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hhhhoooootttttyyyyyy joe a

  • arra

    nick looks so cute on :28 ! awh man

  • Cals

    this song is so embarrassing!!!!!! but I LOVE them soo much! All I have to say is… They better not sing this song at their coming up concert! haha

  • Amy :)

    hahahaha,I fell in love with the pizza too,and i ate pizza tonight!! :) hahaha,i loved joe’s face ♥

  • chloe

    that was painful to watch haha

  • franc

    #6 I AGREE!
    i miss the old jonas brothers

  • francesca

    okay it cut off my name its francesca not franc! hahahahaha

  • Crazyfor JB

    haha, they are so funny…can’t wait for the show. =)

  • Really now

    look its john mayer’s new girlfriend…

  • Yvonne

    Kevin is so cute

  • oraclebop

    Wow. Kinda like those season 1-2 NBB songs. Cheesy, but cute. :)

  • cat

    haha omg wow

  • Maddie.cullen

    there songs are kinda cheesy, but its cute. i was like ‘woah joe’s playing guitar’ cause thats something that you dont see often lol. can’t wait for JONAS (:

    oh and i hope joe had a good time in sydney :D

  • Millie

    I love the Jonas Brothers and their music, but I don’t like this. They aren’t great actors(sorry), so they should just stick to their music. It also seems like they have the used the idea of The Naked Brothers Band on Nickelodeon: Following the lives of famous band and having a new song in each episode! It is funny though!

  • katie

    That is so hilarious! I’ve watched this about 82490384 times. I have the song MEMORIZED haha! :)

  • elsa

    wooow amusing…….but vote jonas for italian trl awards…… …..please…….thanks

  • katie

    JONAS is my favorite show already- haha!

  • elsa

    @katie: hey katie vote jonas brothers for italian trl awards………….please please please…. or thanks.<3<3<3….

  • anonymous

    okayyyyyyy then

  • marilina

    omg nic videο!!!!!can’t wait to see this show……jonas brothers are so cute…..Ι love jonas brothers!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3

    katerina θα φας ξυλο…..!!!

  • Rachel Ward

    i love the jonas brothers, but they have changed and not in a good way.

    i miss the old jonas brothers :’(


  • Mary96

    I love Joe Jonas The Best of The best!!!!!!!!!!
    JB 4ever in my

  • Vanessa

    They’re trying to sound like the Beatles.

  • padfootcullenblack

    i love the jonas brothers but every clip i see of this show makes me not like them
    im afraid its gonna make me hate them
    its waaaay too immature and just stupid for lack of any other words
    they are above this…this reminds me too much of the wiggles…the show for little kids that my lil brother outgrew when he turned 4.
    i really don’t wanna lose respect for these guys so i might not ever watch the show, as much as i love them….
    its just so VERY disappointing
    they were sooo good with their music, the acting just seems unnecessary
    i loved them as they were, i love the random youtube videos SO much more

    best wishes to them, and hope they don’t lose too many fans through this (many older fans such as myself)

  • ell

    I can wait until your sho on
    staturday. I know it will be aswsome!!!

  • ILovethejobros

    @i hate Miley: I totally agree!!!

  • JonasGirl225

    @Dude die now: Yay but in the show their last name is actually Lucas but they are the Jonas brothers in the band (they so called got the idea because they live on Jonas Street) So you get ur facts strait!

  • francescax3

    ahahahhahaa.. funnyy.. the thing is one of my guy friends birthday is may 2… he tld me he felt gay cus the sh0w came 0ut on his biirthdayy.. i was liikkk awwwwwwww ahahhaha awwwwwwwwww.. i ;l0ve the j0nas br0thersss!!!!!!!!!

  • francescax3

    ahahahhahaha… one of my guy friendss tld me he felt gAy bc the sh0w is coming out on his biirthdayyy may 2… welll im excited… i l0ve j0nas br0thers especially nick!!!! x3

  • francescax3

    @Dude die now: omig0d i totally agree i was thiinkiing the samee exact thiing l0l

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