Miley Cyrus is Temperley Terrific

Miley Cyrus is Temperley Terrific

Miley Cyrus snuggles up to her dad Billy Ray as they arrive at the premiere of their new flick, Hannah Montana The Movie, in Munich, Germany on Saturday evening (April 25).

The 16-year-old actress looks lovely in a gray, beaded Temperley London Seraphine dress. She finished off her look with Dsquared heels and Ippolita jewels.

Miley tweeted on the status of her puppy Sofie, saying, “My puppy had her surgery yesterday and i will update you as soon as i get an update on recovery. from what Mammie says it looks like shes.”

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Photos: Miguel Villagran/Getty Images
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  • mileyfan

    has anybody noticed that Miley started wearing hells all the time?and she wears hells even when she goes shopping.Thats not good!

  • mileyfan

    i don`t get why they puted does stars at my last message

  • mileyfan

    i wanted to write heels

  • Anonymous


  • anonymous

    i love her outfit

  • me

    wats *****

  • izabella

    she looks gorgeous as usual!! :D
    but why won’t she come to Sweden?? :(
    I’m going to the premiere of the movie in Sweden this Friday, yay!!

  • me

    does anyone else notice how miley is totally kissing perez hilton’s ass on twitter sending him all these fake wishes on his anger towards miss california and about her puppy-he already said what he thinks of her and she thinks she can win him over-pathethic!



    it’s just somthing she is doing in europe. You will see that she go back to flats and converses when she get back to the states. so please chil!



    She is not kissing is ass, She had a conversation with him about gay marriage. Miley has a good heart, she is nice to people even if they threat her bad. Not everyone is jerks like you, so please just shut up hater. and gtfo out,

  • tooo

    billy ray NEEDS TO SMILE!

  • Kathi

    Yeahhh ,Germany!!^^

  • joecool

    @me: It’s never wrong to try and get somone to like you, but with a user name like (me) you would never understand!!me me me!!!


  • Victoria

    all you ppl need to shut up….miley is being her normal shelf, perez is just now seeing it, and maybe she wanted to mix up her style for a change.

    andwhooo, she looks gorgeous, and that dress is beautiful!
    love her >3

  • http://jjj miley

    miley is awesome! i love her dress! and i’m glad Sophie’s doing well! :)

  • hey

    She looks slammin!!!! I love everything she’s worn while in europe!I think her style has changed- for the better! Keep it up miles.

  • billythekid


    Heh, maybe you accidently was writing h e lls? instead of heels? Makes some sense. Anyhow, it’s a premiere and you can expect her to wear that stuff. In LA, at least in the Hollywood TV stuff I see from time to time, I don’t notice her in that sort of footwear. She is usually wearing either boots or sneakers when she is just out and about.

  • mia

    @me: well would you rather she bash him out?

  • billythekid


    At some point you would expect her to say something. Maybe she is waiting to get back to talk to Justin? Most everyone already knew this was happening anyhow. All the texting and talking as mentioned during her radio tour. The recent lunch with Nick etc. But more importantly were the little signs. Nick and his brothers went to the Dodger game and Miley tweets she wished she was at a baseball game. No tweets at all to Justin in 3 weeks, AND Justin tweets to Miley, “third times the charm”. That was enough for me.

  • hey

    Let’s not jump to conculsions. I think Miley is still w justin. No one assumed they broke up until she hung out with Nick. Let’s just not assume until we hear from her. I doubt they hung out once after a year and are suddenly together again. Esp after being w/ justin for so long. I’m glad they’re friends though, they seem to really care about each other so who knows.

    About the whole perez thing, it seems to me like they’re just getting to know and like each other!! Why hate? I thik its great.

  • billythekid


    See that’s what i don’t get. You say she was sending him fake messages. How can you assume they were fake? The normal thing is to assume they are genuine until proven otherwise. You got it all backwards. Plus, lets get this much straight. She has NOTHING to apologize for whatsoever. He asked her a question and she answered it. Sure, I – along with lots of other people – wish she had just left it at that, but being Miley she has to have her say. She basically said in 5 or 6 tweets what she could have better said in one, but the important thing is she says she really believes in that stuff. I take her word for it. She always says she loves Jesus and maybe she isn’t one of those right-winged hypocrites who absolutely would be against what she said. The real Jesus – if he truly stood for righteousness – would accept everyone on an equal basis. That’s all she was basically saying.

    I don’t doubt she is happy this guy is no longer calling the totally unwarranted, vile crap he was calling her, and maybe he is also happy to get off her case as well. Who knows. He took a lot of bull for his about-face on his site, but he had it coming.

  • nessa

    finally she wears something age appropriate!

    and FYI she is kissing ass to perez.. because she knew he didnt like her..
    he always made fun of her on his blog

  • paola

    Lol cute. Miley is awesomeee

  • hey

    Nessa- honestly, how would u feel if u were in her place? I’d be so upset if I had someone writing grabage about me more than half the time.
    I think perez is now seeing how normal Miley is.

  • Mario

    if u scroll all the way up it looks like Nick is lookinga t the miley picture
    great JONAS background

  • amanda


  • jay!

    @Mario: hahahahah it does! I don’t blame him though, she’s a stunner!

  • Zac F Ron

    @Mario: Do that with the “Taylor Lautner and Selena: New Couple?” article. It’s waaaayy funnier. It’s like Nick is giving them a smirk.

  • Retah

    Why are you guys all over Miley about the Daily News Nick article? The “source” came from Camp Jonas. Why don’t u all who are digging at Milez go and hit up Nick’s myspace or Twitter and ask him to clear it up.

  • jillaphong

    Miley Cyrus…always cute and super-sweet!

  • marya

    @Anonymous: she has denied this in the mirror newspaper during the premiere of his movie

  • chloe

    whaddup with her hair?
    the outfits gorg though!

  • saudia

    she looks great .. I lovee the dress

  • Rochel

    I think she looks great for traveling all over the country,
    and not getting much sleep and worrying over her puppy.
    I dont know about you guys but i dont think i could do what she does.
    So unless you are doing everything she is doing i dont think people should be bashing her.

  • Bella


    Perez was the one who asked her about gay marriage and she simply responded. How is that kissing ass?

  • sofie cyrus

    She looks so Beautiful!

  • loz

    i am soo in love with that dress!!!
    but i still hate miley

  • tara

    HAHAHHA OMG…i hate miley…but wutevs..
    i wa slooking at thses posts..and it was liek “Miley, TEMPERAILY terrific” and i was like HAHAHAH :p

  • katie

    love the dress

  • me

    sooo gorgeousss!!
    love her.
    haters Fu*ck you.

  • Ari

    She looks gorgeous. Wouldn’t you get tired of your own movie though, after seeing it premiere in so many different countries? Haha. She looks great though. Love the dress.

  • you

    whatever happens i wish her the best

  • Peace Love Miley

    @mileyfan: hey! what’s ***** ?

  • meh

    Miley looks HOTT!!

  • MileyPrincess

    Oh, my God, that cute girl … Miley is so beautiful …! Sophie so small and had to do surgery … she will be fine.

  • http://nat natiaaaa

    i love you miley

  • Milley

    Miley Cyrus…always cute and super-sweet! +1