Nicole Anderson: 'The JoBros Got Kickball Skills'

Nicole Anderson: 'The JoBros Got Kickball Skills'

Number one JONAS fan Nicole Anderson called into WZAP Radio last night (April 23).

The 18-year-old actress dished on BFF Chelsea Staub, quilting, and those famous Jonas Brothers.

Nicole shared of the JoBros, “They’re all super sporty. I thought, okay, they’re musicians, they’re actors, and then they pull out all these amazing skills at kickball!”

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Nicole Anderson, WZAP Radio, 04/23
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Photos: Bob DAmico/Disney Channel
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  • Christina

    Whoa, I love how the site is JONASfied :) haha awesome! I can’t wait for the show!

  • staci

    Via Lainey Gossip:
    “My sources tell me exclusively that she and Taylor Lautner, of ‘Twilight’ of course, have had dinner 3 times now, and that he’s been visiting her onset at her lunch hour when he’s not shooting. Are you overloading on the cute? Let me take it one step further: One night they went to the Spaghetti Factory!”
    The two were also spotted yesterday leaving a coffee shop and getting into the same SUV with a bodyguard…and Selena’s mom who came along to chaperone! Seriously guys, I am so excited about this relationship, though I have no idea why. The two of them together make my teeth hurt, they’re so sweet. It’s like I have died on gone to tween heaven.
    Maybe I just dislike the Jonas Brothers so much, that I love it when their ex’s move on to bigger and brighter things. You all remember that Selena dated Nick Jonas not too long ago. And we must admit, Taylor Lautner + The ‘Twilight’ Franchise is way bigger than any of the Brothers Jonas.
    Have fun kids.

  • dianalovesjb

    wow love it cause it has to do with the jonas brothers they roooxxzz i love yahhh THIS IS FOR MY GURL TAYLOR SWIFT LOVE YAHHH GURL MISS YAH HPEFULLY WE SEE EACH OTHER SOON BYE YEAH HI DEMI&SELENA LOVE YYYYAHHHHHH 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEE YAHH GUYS SOON

  • brigget


  • danica

    she looks like rihanna a little if you see her other pics!

  • Rosie

    Hey you should visit my Nicole website!

    Click my name =D

    I’m listening to the interview right now!

    xx Rosie

  • jo

    @staci: Wtf you posting that here for! wrong post dummy

  • jo

    she’s pretty

  • Diane

    Can’t wait for the show! I mean I noe I’m not the only one. Haha

  • katie

    I love the new JONAS background JJJ! (:
    I cannot wait for….. MAY 2ND!!!

  • CheeselikeJonas

    @brigget: Tayolr is not buff he was forced to be by the directors of the movie. It wasn’t his choice. The JoBris are way more naturally buff than the fake buff Taylor Lautener

  • Miley & The JoBros ROCK!

    Aw I’d loooove
    to play kickball
    with the JBs. I think
    I know who’d win ;)
    JB of
    course! They’re
    taller and well lets
    just say they’re
    bigger than I.
    I <3 JB 4 life.

  • Arianna

    I love you so much jbs love nick and joe

  • jacqg

    i never played kickball before

>>>>>>> staging1