Selena Gomez High-Fives Fans!

Selena Gomez High-Fives Fans!

Selena Gomez gets sandwiched in between JJJ reader Candice‘s cousin Victoria and her friends on the set of Ramona & Beezus in Vancouver on Friday (April 24).

Candice writes to JJJ, “They are filming Ramona & Beezus across from my house. Today, Victoria and her friends came by my house to wait for Selena but girls had been waiting outside my house for two hours. She started filming the movie two weeks ago and since then, there have been small groups of girls appearing on my street waiting for a chance to get a picture of her.”

She continued, “Selena has been extremely friendly and the longest that I’ve seen some girls wait is around 3 hours. Immediately after Selena came outside, my cousin’s friends ran out of my house barefoot and Selena exclaimed that it was way too cold to be barefoot! When my cousin was talking to her, she asked her where she got her top from and when my cousin replied ‘Target,’ Selena gave her a high five and told her she looked adorable.”

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Photos: Candice
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  • mia

    omg, you girls are so cute! your outfits are adorable and i’m glad you got to meet selena…that must’ve been exciting. and your dog looks excited too.

  • anonymous

    love selena!

  • tizzfan

    where the heck is the dog’s head ?

    haha that scares me a little…..

  • http://Justjaredjr Jasmine

    I love selena she’s so pretty

  • susie

    where were they filming it?! i know in vancouver but area-ish?!
    i live here and i want to meet selena so bad, shes amazing!

  • casey

    im dying to know because i live in vancouver ,canda too :)

    TELENA FOR 09 bitchezz(selena gomez+taylor lautner)

  • tara

    wow :) hahha
    wo wow wowo.
    iw anna live in Vancover right now…:P

  • breanna

    that’s so awesome! you girls are so lucky =] selena seems like a really nice girl!

  • maite

    selena is so pretty

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR.COM SELENA fan!!!!!!!!!!!

    wow shes so nice!!!!!!!:)

    TELENA !!!!4 2009!

  • alexis

    i love her. shes so unique

  • Dundies

    LOL @ # 3

  • taylena

    cute :]

  • chuchi

    well i dont like selena’s outfit but she still rocked it! i cant wait for telena!!!!! selena’s awesome :)

  • Jon

    I’ve noticed she never wears hair extensions like some of the other shallow stars in Hollywood. I really like her. she so real. except she is REALLY pretty.

  • jckie

    so sweet :] uhmm if you guys support TAYLENa [selena and
    taylor] do you guys mind sending like a picture or phrase supporting that cuple and send the picture to me on my youtube page: tojialni
    or you can e-mail me at thanks

  • cherise

    Where is the exactly like were in vancouver cause i live in vancouver and really want to go try and meet her

  • jillaphong

    wearing hair extensions doesn’t make you shallow…it’s what’s inside you that counts

  • TV

    @jillaphong: Sorry, but when I think of hair extensions, I think of Paris Hilton :D

  • kc

    Man, she gets all the good guys, Nick and Taylor. Maybe she is as nice as she looks. I’ve always thought she was pretty but I thought she was kinda fake. Now, I’m beginning to really REALLY like her. she doesn’t seem fake anymore.

  • a.m./p.m.

    uh…more pics plz??? she is so pretty

  • holy child

    keep being urself selena . the sky is the limit. many should follow ur footsteps.


    don’t get me wrong…. i LUV LUV SELENA!!!

    but that is the ugliest outfit! ugh! from top to shoe.

    y must she DRESS LIKE AN OLD LADY!!??


  • TV

    @EVERY1ROXX: It is an ugly outfit. Like I said, she one of those girls who don’t dress up or wear hair extentions like other Disney girls. She’s just naturally pretty. But I wished she would dress up and put more makeup on more often. That’s why I’m happy she is getting an album soon because she said she is going to have a new look. Hopefully she won’t totally change and get a fake tan like Demi.

    Selena, improve but don’t ever change. You’re STUNNING. You just need to amplify it.

  • H

    In regards to the comments about Selena’s “ugly outfit”, Selena is in her Ramona “costume” in the picture. You guys are forgetting that Selena was on-set and had come out to greet her fans in between takes. :)



    I KNOW RITE!!!
    yea im not saying i want her to dress sl*tty. or anything or be fake and dress like some one else. but i just wished she would take advantage of her youth! WERE TEENS FOR GODS SAKE! this is the perfect time to experiment with lots of colors, tie-die shirts,flip flops, ya know stuff like that!

    we have the rest of our lives to dress old!!

    she use to dress really cute and funky. like beginning of 2008 then she just went to ….BLAH!

    i truly think someone said or she read something bad about her body that bothered her. because now she wears cloths that are baggy like sweaters or sweat shirts MOST THE TIME ya kno

    but i will support her no matter how outta style she is :) :-) LOL

  • Sarah

    She’s filming a movie!!!
    It’s obvious she wears the outfit in the MOVIE!
    And I think Selena always looks amazing
    And if she wants to wear those beautiful outfits let her,
    it’s her choice
    Btw a lot of times she’s named one of the best dressed people
    and that’s because she can work all those amazing and mature outfits

  • jessie

    taylena taylena taylena taylena taylena taylena taylena taylena taylena!!!

    Selena AND demi are probably the MOST luckiest girls ALIVE

    selena is sooo lucky cause she might be dating taylor, she dated nick!!! she’s working with david henrie AND her BF on WOWP is daniel samonas…..and she knows JB and demi

    demi is sooo lucky cause she worked with JB, knows selena, rumoured to have dated joe and is paired up WITH JOE!!! her “future” BF on SWAC is sterling knight!!!! AND she has dated CODY LINLEY!!!

  • yessica

    Love Selena(L)

  • Toriana

    EVERY1ROXX and TV must be very stupid.

    Are they forgetting the fact that Selena is working on a MOVIE?! Selena didn’t pick out that outfit, the wardrobe department told her to wear it for the CHARACTER that Selena is playing!!!


    oh come on she does usally dress like that! not all the time but usally. and she’s suposed to be much younger in this movie.. y would they have her dressing like that??? LMAO!!!!


    like I said it doesn’t matter I STILL LUV HER! not because of what she wears because who she is! so…..STFU :)

  • chuchi

    i think her outfit looks bad because of her role in the movie.. maybe her outfit was supposed to be like that because beezus dresses like that?

  • ceren

    I don’t know this girl who is she?

  • Wandaland

    Beezus is the smart, sensible, mature, PREPPY one. That’s why Selena is wearing that, because that’s how her character dresses. There’s nothing wrong with that outfit, it’s very preppy and neat. There’s nothing wrong with wearing white, beige and argyle sweaters, those are pretty colors. If you think that outfit looks like it could be for “old ladies”, then you’re seriously dumb. That outfit is perfectly fine for a teenager.

  • mynameisabby

    she is soo cute i love her she seems soo nice

  • Adam

    @ceren: That’s Selena Gomez. She’s the star of Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place and the lead actress in Another Cinderella Story. She’s also a singer.

  • ceren


    Oh okay, thank you..I knew Miley Cyrus she’s huge in our country but never heard of Selena Gomez..

  • maria!

    OMG! you’re so lucky i wish i can take a picture with her! you’re amazing guys!

  • haley

    those girls look sooo freakin happy to be meeting her, how sweet

  • http://google mary

    they look pretty but where is the dogs head

    that looks kreepy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angelina

    OH SELENA U ARE THE BEST BEST IN THE WORLD U ERE ANJELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Selena’s CFans

    ? u selena….!!!

  • Selena’s CFans

    ? u selena….!!!

>>>>>>> staging1