Dakota Fanning Takes a Pretty Picture

Dakota Fanning Takes a Pretty Picture

Dakota Fanning captures a moment on camera as she hangs out at Griffith Park in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (April 25).

Younger sis Elle, 11, was spotted getting her nails done with mom Joy in Studio City on Friday afternoon (April 24).

Dakota, 15, will be shipping out soon to Italy to start filming New Moon. Dakota plays Volturi vampire Jane.

15+ pics inside of The Fanning Sisters having fun…

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  • Bruno

    she looks so hot

  • Emily


  • Emily


  • anna

    i cant wait to see how she does in new moon :)

  • Alison

    Their all grown up…
    Thats their mom?

  • sweethoney

    she looks so hot and all grown up. I think she will be one of the sexiest holywood actress in the future.

  • karli roush

    i’m so excited! dakota is probably the most talented teen ever.

  • Julie from brazill

    she looks great !! cant wait to see her in new moon!

  • Charlotte

    Shes so pretty
    cant wait for New Moon no doubt she is going to be fab like always :D

  • Bianca

    She’s really good, and she’s grown up too hope everything turns out really good for her. I mean I don’t want the Drew Barrymore story to repeat itself with her….except for the last part cause Drew is one of the few actresses out there that beat the whole stardom problem and now she’s doing ok. But we can’t ignore that it did happen and she started out almost like Dakota. So best wishes to Dakota, may the best be yet still to come.

  • twilight__bitch

    she’s sooo pretty but she doesn’t look 15 at all

    to me she looks like 13 or even younger

  • yooo

    dammm look at elle shes sooo big =O

  • http://sradnan.wordpress.com/2009/03/11/zaction-2/ Steffi r

    shes growing up so nicely :)

  • Dakota forever

    Dakota is the hottest teen actress alive today!

  • Crystal

    Cant wait to see how New Moon turns out.
    She’ll do great!:D

  • ZZZ

    American kids grow up so fast!!!
    When I was 11 years old, I looked like some kind of geek (well, to be honest, a NERD!!!)
    When I turned 15: better sense of style, but still not confident at all and in fact, I always felt embarrassed for some reasons (weird thing is, I never felt that embarrassed when I was 11 O_O)
    Of course now it’s all good =))
    Dakota’s pretty for sure, but I don’t like her (don’t know why :P) Still think she’s gonna be a great star :D

  • i.love.twilight

    I love twilight…can’t wait to see dakota’s acting skills in this one….
    She acts sooo beyond her years…
    Mostly can’t wait to see robert….
    Sooo fuggiN HawT….
    this movie can’t come quick enough….

  • Emma


  • Emma

    i hate dakota!

  • http://- Manuel

    Soy el Fan N1 de Dakota Fanning y creo que el mundo que le presta atención a su crecimiento está descubriendo el desarrollo de la actríz mas talentosa que tendrá Hollywood proximamente!!!

    Love Dakota!

  • carol

    I Love Dakota *-* her sister is good, but Dakota is the best u_u I think she deserves an Oscar /o/

  • http://silentnights.roserogue.com Kiara

    For 12 years old, Elle is REALLY tall. Or maybe that’s the way the picture looks. Dakota is so pretty and talented. I can’t wait to see her in New Moon.

  • lisa

    great site, dakota is awesome

  • your fan

    i hope she will be a greaaaaaaaat actress in the future
    coz she is so talented
    and she is going to be so hot 2 :)

  • Annie

    What Camera is that?

  • ady

    i think dakota thinks she’s is awesome, but she’s not, she’s a lil bitch…. her sister elle is better, and prettier

  • d morgan

    Dakota is not that short.
    Elle is just very tall for twelve.

  • http://www.frivtown.com friv

    I love her because she is so beautiful and talented. Pretty and intelligent.

  • http://www.y8car.biz/cat/y8 y88

    I think it is great

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