Demi Lovato is BBC Beautiful

Demi Lovato is BBC Beautiful

Demi Lovato stops to sign a few autographs for fans as she leaves BBC Radio One studios in London on Sunday night (April 26).

The 16-year-old actress/singer wore a pretty Petites Rose Print Prom Dress, a recent purchase from Miss Selfridge.

After she left BBC, Demi tweeted, “I’ve never heard Girls Aloud but I have somehow ended up at their concert! Should be fun. Back at the hotel. Those girls were sooo pretty. Not fair. Haha about to take a bubble bath and relax from this CRAZY week!”

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Photos: WENN
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  • kristina

    omg first she looks amazing

  • nessaa

    love the outfitt!!!

    she’s the best!

  • Cindy
  • LJ

    She’s so gorgeous !
    I freakin love her, no joke : )

  • mari m.

    she’s so perfect *-*

  • lo

    I like the jacket but the dress is horrible. This is not the 80′s nor should any clothing from the 80′s come back in style. I have had enough of 80′s clothing.

  • Christina

    ahhh she’s so beautiful. I love the dress :D I love her and I hope I get to see her on tour!

  • jena

    miley 2.0
    where did my bb girl go
    i misses her so much :(

  • ivanka

    she looks like a …..
    well in soft words like a tranny

  • josephine m

    she beautiful go demi do your thing girl

  • kenny


  • brit

    ivanka are you blind? she is the most beautiful person in the world inside and out…… I love you Demi keep on rocking you are such an inspiration!!
    P.S. Where is Demi performing in Dallas on Tuesday? I really wanna go!!!!

  • romina

    looks so pretty!!! go girl!

  • eww demi!

    What happend! she looks so old for a 16 years old! her face looks ugly but everything else is okay!

  • anon

    she’s so hot! i love her!

  • Andrea

    Demi looks so pretty, wow,, she´s soo nice and talented

  • Amyyyy

    she’s so different now

  • aw

    she’s cute.

  • heide

    DEMI ! she sort of changed .

  • heide

    she talented anyways.

  • katerina

    demi lovato is fantastic!!!! :)

  • kamilah


    i love the dress with the leather jacket but im not really feelin the shoes. she looks cute though. just wondering, what does 40 euros equal in u.s dollars?

  • http://jjj miley

    i love her outfit! :) demi rocks!

  • bridgette

    i love that dress

  • .

    does anyone else miss the old demi?? u know b4 the spray tan && black hair?? i miss the rockishness…i mean i love how shes dressing now…much better than before but…idk she seems weird now n all miley obsessed ya know? i love miley to death though idk it just seems to me that demi belongs with selena it just all seems fake how theyre(miley & demi) tweeting “i miss u” n blah blah “best friend” n im like wait a minute demi…what about selena? idk i bet selena feels a little pressure n awkward now since she doesnt seem so close to miley just dont forget the people that were there before all this, demi….dont forget

  • .

    and those shades most definitely have to go!

  • bridgette

    i lov that dress go to my twitter

  • awurbii


    i totally agree but i think demi is just going through the transformations that any teenager goes through. she probably feels more mature since turning 16 and wants people to see her that way. that may not be it, this may just be the way she actually is, but that’s the way it’s coming across to me.

  • loz

    gosh way to insult girls aloud
    sorry to demi, but england have probably never heard of you either!!

  • gosh

    whatttt nice outfit seriously that is the most eeekeee eeeewwww dress i’ve ever seen sory demi but i hve to tell this

  • shannon


    Well, I’ve heard of her, I’m a big fan, and I’m from England. But only, like, 2% of English adults will know who Demi is, probably.

    Still, that kinda suprised me. What she said about GA, I mean. Cause Cheryl Cole keeps getting voted worlds best women etc, and she’s so incredibly famous here, as are the rest of the band. I guess I never thought they weren’t known elsewhere.

    I love that store! I shop at Miss Selfridge and Topshop all the time, Englands two best shops, and now the Disney stars are all over both of them :) But she should really take the sunglasses of. They ruin the outfit… and isn’t it nightime in that pic…?

  • Peace Love Miley

    I think Demi’s hanging out with the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus just to get famous….don’t be mad at me….that’s my opinion…

  • emily


    £40 is roughly $58

  • http://justjared shamilah


    Yeah i agree with u! i mean england have never heard of her either lmao! way to insult ‘girls aloud’ 1st demi your not so big here so dont bother say that! [ = ppl who have watched ‘camp rock’ only know who she is. but i dont like her ”NEW LOOK” now she’s just soo rocked up i mean i liked her b4 now she’s just soo different & thinks soo BIG of her self. Gosh.

    BTW PPL DONT BOTHER HATING ON ME! CUZ IM JUST SAYING FROM MY POINT OF VIEW. *-* i mean i like her music but im just saying what i think.

  • Myrmmr

    where are her shoes from? :D :D

  • You



    what kind of fans are you (the others)!?

    and WTF is that? demi? very sad … that has nothing to do with maturing, it’s changing demi. you broke your promise. i’ll always be a huge fan. but the old demi rocked, and that one …

    the dress is SCARY

  • courtney

    Good thing a lot of people have seen camp rock seeing though the british premere was bigger than the U.S one so a lot of people know who she is. She is getting older that is why she is changing. Do you think the older people we know are the same as they were when they were 15-16?…nope

    anyway i think she looks adorable


    me want her dress !

  • steph

    @.: i know exactly what you mean.

  • http://justjared shamilah

    what british premiere was she on she was only on the disney channel for god sake. does NOT make her some BIG star in the UK.
    she should go back to the US where she is more known.
    & i dont really care! Actually yes i do know people who where 15/16 still look the same.

  • nessa

    seriously what kind of fans are you????

    you’re supposed to love an artist for their talent.. not for what she chooses to wear!!

    besides.. demi has an awesome sense of fashion!!!!

    haters, are sad.

  • http://justjared shamilah

    urm i dont really care lmao!! im not a FAN of her!!! hahaha
    didn’t u get that ?
    btw im not sad i write what i THINK so SHut IT!

  • http://justjared Kate


    Yeah i agree with you big time! i mean i liked demi lovato before but now it’s like she’s taking other. selena,miley,ashley rock!! demi is just nothing! hate her now. her dress is just soo gross & Eww & the shades like WTF it’s dark girl you really need to wake up demi.

  • anon

    you guys are all retarted lol and low lives!

  • riley

    I love you Demetria Devonne Lovato!

  • haha

    She is not as pretty as she was before. And YES! she is using Miley and Jonas Brothers for fame, it’s really obvious. Selena and Demi aren’t really the best of friends right now. Disney channel played up the whole “BFFS!!!! Sel and Demi” thing. and now it’s fading.

  • roxanne

    so unfair! i love girls aloud but i can’t see the because i’m in America. she’s in England for a second and she gets to see them even though she’s never heard of them! :(

  • sophie

    that outfit is lovelly, really lovely in fact its the best thing ive seen her wear and she wears some pretty amazing things

  • katerina

    old new….anything newer???

  • Christinitza

    she awesome…she looks a bit like katy perry…doesnt she?..I think that ashley has the same sunglasses…she and selena are still BFF…but i think that selena hates miley…and U?