Miranda Cosgrove: Driving Lesson From Dan!

Miranda Cosgrove: Driving Lesson From Dan!

Miranda Cosgrove (in a Wildfox Couture tee) shows off iCarly creator Dan Schneider‘s Dodge Challenger just before her first driving lesson!

Dan tweeted about the experience with the 15-year-old actress throughout the first driving lesson. He wrote, “EPIC! It… has… HAPPENED. I *just* finished giving Miranda her FIRST DRIVING LESSON! She did GREAT! I’m alive!! PICS coming SOOOOON.”

He continued, “Miranda gets IN the car, grabs the steering wheel, and feels joyous! Miranda expertly adjusts the 6-way power seat to make sure her body’s in the ideal driving position. Miranda uses her super-talented finger to start the Challenger (‘cuz it’s too cool to need a key). And Miranda Cosgrove is… DRIVING!!! (Yet not looking where she’s going. Um, yes… we’re idiots).”

Check out his pics from Miranda‘s first driving lesson below…

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miranda cosgrove driving lesson 02
miranda cosgrove driving lesson 03
miranda cosgrove driving lesson 04
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Photos: Dan Schneider
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  • identified

    both Janette and Nathan r way much more talented than she is ..
    yet she is more famous ..
    weird !!

  • Vìtto;

    i like herrr (:

  • Meg

    Lots of pictures…

    My uncle has the same car, except in red. lol

  • ali12345

    what a slut

  • Alannah


    I know!

  • bruno

    is she famous? i didn’t know that.

  • carla

    I really like her! she seems so normal and nice :)))) a talented girl! these pics are super cute!

  • Sandy


    You must be jenette or nathans mother or helen keller. MIRANDA ROCKS!

  • briana

    wtf? who cares…

  • carla


    lol lol lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I heard jenette’s mom posts all the time. sometimes she uses her name and sometimes tons of other names but she always slams miranda. jealous much??

  • cassy

    whats jennettes mom twitter name?

  • http://jjj ryan laplaca

    Miranda looks like a great model for Dodge Challenger SRT. She’s driving american muscle that’s what men love to see. Rock on Miranda!

  • http://justjaredjr stardiva

    does miranda get along with rest of the icarly cast members? i doubt it that jeanette’s mom would come here do that to slam miranda because jeanette’ mom knows her for a long time. i don’t know if this is true but i heard miranda is a fake and she is really not nice in real life??.

  • http://justjaredjr stardiva

    is miranda is dating kevin clark??????. who is that guy?

  • Lucille


    OMG! Where did you hear that? I always thought that jeanette seemed desperate to be famous. What other sidekick do you see trying so hard to outshine the star and even with all that self promotion nobody cares about her HAHA!

  • Meepzy


  • casey

    seriously who cares !

  • http://owner Lianna

    I thought Miranda was only 15 lol i am a idiot

  • amanda

    @identified: i agree COMPLETELY!! jennette and nathan have way better timing and they can really act. she’s cute and all, but has the skills of an…oh…i dunno..maybe a ten year old. don’t get me wrong, i really like miranda, but jen and nate are amazing. plus jennette really can sing.

  • http://owner mika
  • keN

    . . . wOW.! It just occured to me, your first driving
    lesson was in a HEMI. Dang, thats like going on
    a trailride on a Race Horse.! A new Challenger
    also, no less. (looks like the car in iGive Away
    a Car) episode. Dans got good taste in Muscle
    cars. Gotta have a HEMI.
    Sorry Jerry, Ya gotta steer it to qualify as 1st.
    Dan, we need a tire smoke’n, doughnut,
    burnout in this thing, with Jerry as a valet
    in a part time job, in an iCarly ep. !*Do It*!
    . . . . . . . .keepitoniCarly.com . . . . . .

  • mirandacosgroveislove

    @identified: She’s extremely talented, whether you like it or not. Suck it, my darling.

  • mirandacosgroveislove

    @Lianna: Dude, she IS 15.

  • mirandacosgroveislove

    @amanda: Your not a real fan and Miranda does not act like a ten year old. If so, how can she get so many roles? She’s able to play totally different characters: A totally sneaky character first, (Megan) and then become a innocent, preppy girl. (Carly.) Even people who barely watch Nickelodeon but have seen a couple eps of Drake & Josh and iCarly agree she’s a good actress. Live with it.

  • mirandacosgroveislove

    @casey: Uhhh…me? A ton of her fans? Your opnion is certainly not most important.

  • mirandacosgroveislove

    @casey: Uhhh…me? A ton of her fans? Your opnion is certainly not most important.

  • mirandacosgroveislove

    @stardiva: You don’t know for sure, so no reason to hate her, really.

  • mirandacosgroveislove

    @ali12345: Oh please. Give me a break. That is so not attention-w*oring, it’s for her fans to see, so if u don’t like it, don’t comment…don’t you have like better things to do?

  • Sarah

    Jennette gets lots of attention. I don’t see why her fans always have to be so mean about Miranda. it’s no wonder they aren’t such good friends, but I hope Jennette’s mom doesn’t write mean things about miranda. That is so wrong. And I haven’t seen anything to prove how great an actor Nathan is. He has to play it straight on the show just like miranda. She has played lots characters that are a lot different from each other. People just like to pit Nathan and Jennette up against her.
    and that Briana who always posts is obsessed with the Naked Brothers and is jealous because she thinks Miranda is dating one of them. I dont’ like the Naked Brothers but I’m not looking up things about them just so I can say WTF who cares.

  • juan aguilar

    i like Miranda i really want to be her friend but i don’t no where to contact her

  • AnonymousGuy08

    Apparently, the same car was shown in the episode “iGive Away a Car.”

    If Dan Schneider didn’t buy it during the making of that episode, than this is just another silver Dodge Challenger SRT-8.

  • http://robertooliarria@yahoo.com robert

    miranda is really awsome she is the best and she is pretty and she has great music and have a really nice show miranda cosgrove rocks

  • Poncho

    I think that Miranda Cosgrove is coming with janette and lleba fredy … but I also think it is wrong that lleban and seen some videos of janette and in most but not aparese Miranda Cosgrove and give fredy

  • saba

    miranda you ar veri sexy t shat car!!!

  • http://www.org/ Bob Bobson

    Wow, it’s a good thing there were photos to go with the text otherwise one could read too much into it; it’s bursting with innuendo. :|

  • AnonymousGuy08

    @Sarah: The thing is, a lot of people knew what Jennette did before iCarly. Most people who’ve seen Miranda never knew that she was capable of the more dramatic stuff until the episode “iChristmas.”

  • http://Mayra_Rebecca Jennette

    Miranda got the same name as Sam (Jennette)
    I live in the United States nNew Iork and I always love it Icarly ACIST the kisses you want to know the icarly blow a kiss to the Nathan and Jennette tbm .. kiss for you bye

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